125 Summer Potluck Primal & Paleo BBQ Recipes

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125 Summer Potluck Primal & Paleo BBQ Recipes | Real Food RN

I am pretty sure that Minnesota invented the word “potluck” because we love us some potlucks, especially in the summer! After our winter hibernation, we seem to take every single warm weekend as a chance to have a potluck party in the backyard!

What could be more fun than coming together with family and friends, being outside, and enjoying some amazing food?! Oh, and the best part is: you only have to bring one dish to share! Heck, I can certainly whip up my Famous Kale Salad, sit in a lawn chair, and watch my husband grill while the kids play. Throw in some Tequila Gummies (adults only) and I will show up every weekend! 

But, I have had many people email me asking what they can do when going to potlucks and family gatherings when they are following a Paleo, Primal, AIP, gluten free, allergen free, M&M and things that are orange colored free (kidding about the last one ?) diet. Well, you need to show up prepared and with a game plan. Here are the steps we take:

  1. Call the person hosting the potluck to find out what you should bring along. Then OWN IT. Bring something that you CAN eat, and if that’s the only thing you eat at the potluck, at least it will be within your personal guidelines. Do not, I repeat DO NOT fall into peer pressure and make something that you think everyone else will like, that you can’t eat. Ain’t nobody got time for that. Take care of yourself first, always! They have other stuff to eat if they don’t like kale salad.
  2. Don’t show up hungry. Eat before you go. If you show up hungry then you will be more likely to fall off the wagon and fall face first into Snicker Bar salad. Don’t go there. Just don’t! We both know that the end result is not pretty.
  3. Stay hydrated. Yep, it’s pretty important. When you get thirsty, you will have strange cravings. Just go with this one. Bring a large water bottle. Bottoms up! If you decide to have some alcoholic beverages with your meal, then drink even more water. They dehydrate you. Rehydrate.
  4. Relax and enjoy yourself. Don’t get all caught up in restrictions or it will never stick. Do not overthink this. I personally love to throw a pile of lettuce on a plate, top with a side that I can eat (that I usually bring) and then have something off the grill with it. Example: greens, paleo coleslaw, a burger cut up, olive oil, hot sauce. Pile it high. YUM! #thatwaseasy

So, here is a compilation of Primal & Paleo BBQ recipes that you can pick and choose from to make sure you are eating delicious food at those summer potlucks, while not feeling deprived! Believe me, these are goooood! Impress your friends, don’t tell them that these foods are healthy. Then surprise them with all of this deliciousness. Game on!

Summer Potluck Primal & Paleo BBQ Recipes

(Click on the photo to get the recipe)

Appetizers & Snacks: (let’s get this party started!)


BBQ Sauces & Condiments:

Main Dishes – Pork:

Main Dishes – Beef & Lamb:

Main Dishes – Chicken:

Main Dishes – Seafood:

Side Dishes:


If you have any favorite Primal or Paleo BBQ recipes, I would love to hear about them in the comments below! 

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125 Summer Potluck Primal & Paleo BBQ Recipes | Real Food RN

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