Easy Homemade Ice Cream Cake

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Homemade Ice Cream Cake | Real Food RN

When I was a kid, I wanted to change my birth date. My birthday is December 19th, so it’s pretty much eclipsed by Christmas. But, that’s not why I wanted to change it. I wanted to change it to a summer date so I could have Dairy Queen ice cream cake for my party. The DQ in our town was closed in the winter, so I never got to have the birthday cake that I really wanted. My brother, who’s birthday is in August, always got one.

Well, I came up with a recipe so now I can make my own ice cream cake! Plus, my version uses much healthier ingredients and I think it tastes even better!

Homemade Ice Cream Cake

Homemade Ice Cream Cake

Now you can enjoy an ice cream cake any time of year that tastes so much better than any store-bought cake and has healthier ingredients.


  • 2 batches of ice cream -- follow this homemade ice cream recipe
  • If you want to do chocolate ice cream, simply add a few Tablespoons of cocoa powder to the vanilla recipe
  • Gluten-free brownies, you can either follow THIS RECIPE or (cheat) and use a gluten-free brownie mix


1. Make two batches of ice cream and freeze them in 9" round cake pans, I use the "easy release cake pans" for this recipe because its the easiest way to get the ice cream out of the pan.

2. Bake brownies.

3. Once the ice cream is frozen, invert cake pan onto a cake stand.

4. Mash up the brownies in a bowl (I used my hands) until you get a "brownie playdough" -- if you need to make it stick together more, you can add some melted chocolate.

5. Put the brownie on top of the first ice cream cake and press firmly. Shape it to fit the cake.

6. Invert the second ice cream pan on top of the brownie. Voila! Ice cream cake.

7. Top with homemade whipped cream, homemade frosting, or melted chocolate ganache.

8. Store in the freezer until ready to eat. To slice, dip a sharp knife into hot water and then use that to cut the cake.


Make your own 10-minute homemade ice cream here.

Make your own homemade whipped cream here.

Make your own homemade frosting here.

Make your own homemade chocolate ganache here.

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Homemade Ice Cream Cake | Real Food RN

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