10-Minute Homemade Ice Cream (no-cook method)

Nothing better than ready-to-eat homemade ice cream! And you can make it in just 10 minutes.
10-Minute Homemade Ice Cream | Real Food RN

Have you ever had an ice cream emergency? Where you were craving it so bad that you were ready to get into the car to drive to the store just to buy a pint?

When I was pregnant, I had a four-alarm emergency almost daily! I wasn’t the biggest fan of the ingredients in many of the kinds that you find at the store. So, I started to make my own.

Well, when you have to cook it and then cool it, and then process it, you can’t really satisfy that emergency urgency. I decided to do some experimentation and came up with a recipe that does not require any of those steps and can be ready to eat in around 10 minutes! Nothing better than ready-to-eat homemade ice cream!

10-Minute Homemade Ice Cream | Real Food RN

10-Minute Homemade Ice Cream

Nothing better than ready-to-eat homemade ice cream! And you can make it in just 10 minutes.


  • 2 cups organic whole milk (we use raw milk)
  • 2 cups organic heavy cream (we use raw cream)
  • 3/4 cup organic sugar
  • 1 Tbsp vanilla
  • Pinch sea salt
  • Optional: if you want chocolate, then add in 2 Tbsp cocoa powder. We also add in chocolate chips, fruit chunks, or homemade caramel swirl.


1. Throw everything into a bowl and whisk together until well combined.

2. Process according to your ice cream makers directions.

3. We store our ice cream in these containers because they freeze it well and make serving it up really easy!

4. If you eat the ice cream right away it will be more like soft-serve, but still delicious. Put it into the freezer for several hours to get more solid ice cream, pictured below.


Make your own homemade macadamia nut caramel here.

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10-Minute Homemade Ice Cream | Real Food RN
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15 Replies to “10-Minute Homemade Ice Cream (no-cook method)”

  1. Your ice cream cake looks wonderful . Seeing the pictures makes me want to make it right now. You said you live in Minnesota as I do. Where do you get raw organic milk and cream? I would love to find a source for that.

  2. Hi Kate ~ I found this recipe because I’m on keto and wanted an easier way to have fresh ice cream. Working with what was in the house, I came up with something delicious, but with problems.

    Here’s what I did: I only had 1 cup of HWC, so I used it with 3 cups of Fairlife whole milk (it has more protein, so if I need to buy milk, that’s what I get.) I used Monk Fruit to sweeten, almond extract instead of vanilla, and some good salt. I popped it into my ice cream churn & it wouldn’t freeze! I put it in the fridge overnight, re-froze my ice cream maker insert & tried again the next day. Still liquid 🙁 So I got desperate & cooked-in 2 egg yolks & let it refrigerate a third night & then it finally made ice cream. Do you think it didn’t freeze the first time because I didn’t put in enough HWC? I can’t wait to try again, but don’t want the same process as last time. Thanks for your help!
    Oh, and another thing: After it was finally ice cream and I left it in the freezer, it got so hard I couldn’t scoop it out. Because of the HWC, do you think? I’ve yet to make a homemade ice cream that doesn’t freeze like a rock. Advice?

    1. Hmm. I am not sure on that one actually. I have never had problems with it not freezing, but I have had issues with it freezing too hard. Maybe it was the monk fruit, perhaps it acts like salt does and lowers the freezing point? That’s just a guess.

  3. Hey, I was reading this post and it looks super EASY and Im sure it turns out great. I was wondering if, was it necessary to use organic ingredients? Like can I use normal skim milk?

  4. Can I make this without the ice cream machine? Or does the machine add air to it? Im not sure if whipping some of the cream and folding it into the rest would help or not? Thanks.

  5. Made this, double batch.one I made just vanilla, other I added blackberry poured. I changed up the directions a little and warmed to make sure sugar was melted.

    It was wonderful, loved both.

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