Chocolate Ganache {dairy-free}

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Chocolate Ganache {dairy-free} | Real Food RN

When I turned 21 my Mom made me a Rum Cake for my birthday. Yep, a cake made with rum and soaked in rum. She lit it on fire, and I blew out the cake. Pretty cool huh? Well, once the fire was out we ate the cake. It was tasty indeed, but a bit dry. I brought the remaining cake home with me and really wanted to eat it…but it needed something. I though about smothering it with whipped cream. But, alas I had no cream in the fridge. I did have some coconut cream however, and I also had some chocolate in the freezer. Chocolate ganache anyone? Oh yeah, rum cake and chocolate ganache are a match made in heaven!



  • Using a sharp knife, cut up the chocolate bar
  • In a double boiler, melt the chocolate and coconut cream
  • Stir until melted and well combined

Chocolate Ganache {dairy-free} | Real Food RN

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Chocolate Ganache {dairy-free} | Real Food RN

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