The Best Paleo Frosting Ever

You'll love this dairy-free paleo frosting. Perfect for cakes, cupcakes, brownies, and any other sweet treats.
The Best Paleo Frosting Ever | Real Food RN

We have been eating paleo for a few years now, and I will have to say that baking has been the biggest hurdle. It’s just not the same without all of the gluten and sugar! The textures are not what we are used to and the taste is not so hyper-palatable!

But, this is actually a good thing. We are not designed to have so much system overload when we eat. We are designed to just eat real food. That’s why I really wanted to find the perfect frosting recipe for my daughter’s birthday cake. Turns out that I came up with the best paleo frosting ever!

The Best Paleo Frosting Ever | Real Food RN

The Best Paleo Frosting Ever

You'll love this dairy-free paleo frosting. Perfect for cakes, cupcakes, brownies, and any other sweet treats.



    1. In a mixing bowl, combine everything except the coconut oil.
    2. Blend with a hand mixer until well combined.
    3. Drizzle coconut oil in slowly while mixing on high.
    4. Mix until whipped together.
    5. Frost cake immediately or store in the fridge (if you store in the fridge, re-whip before using).
    6. If you want to pipe this frosting, put it into the fridge until firm, and then use a cake decorator and pipe the frosting into beautiful designs. It’s best to take it out of the fridge and let sit at room temperature for a few minutes before piping.
    7. Enjoy your paleo frosting! My daughter loved it on her Barbie cake!!!


Tip from a Reader: You can also use coconut milk powder for a smoother consistency. I tried this and it was awesome, but I used 5 tablespoons instead of 4.

Note: I colored it pink using 1 Tbsp of beet juice.

Check out my video below, I was making up some paleo frosting for my husband’s birthday cake

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The Best Paleo Frosting Ever | Real Food RN
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161 Replies to “The Best Paleo Frosting Ever”

    1. Hi Kate, I was wondering have you ever subbed in some cocoa powder to make it chocolate frosting? Just wondering how that would turn out. Thanks!

    1. Palm oil shortening is solid at room temp, that it what gives the frosting its body. You could try coconut oil, but I think it would melt pretty easy and not set as well. You should be able to order palm oil on Amazon.

      1. Hi and thanks so much. My palm shortening is a mix with coconut oil. Would I still need to add the coconut oil? Would this work good for cookies and will it keep its hold at room temperature?

  1. Looks great! I am trying to make “healthy cupcakes” for church Wednesday. I wasn’t sure if I was going to do frosting, but after seeing this recipe, I may. If I add more beet juice do you think I could make the frosting red? Also, can I just use the juice from a jar of beets, do you buy beet juice, etc? Thanks!

    1. I think if you add too much it will give it a beet flavor, so be cautious. I juiced some beets at home. You could also use natural food colorings. I linked to them above.

  2. yummy!

    i may try it with butter, i don’t have time to wait on shipping for the palm oil. season’s cheating! πŸ˜‰

  3. Hi there,

    I made the frosting last night for cupcakes but ran in to some difficulties so I wanted to give you the feedback. I did wonder if 2tbsp was a lot of vanilla extract, but I went ahead and added it in anyway – it was far too much! The frosting tasted alcoholic. I checked other recipes and they tend to use teaspoons of vanilla not tablespoons. So, to salvage it I had to add more palm shortening and flour.

    Also, I’m not sure if the next problem was down to the brand of coconut flour (I used Let’s Do Organic) but the frosting did come out a bit gritty even with lots of mixing. I think next time I will just use tapioca flour as that is very very fine. Or, I know some people sift coconut flour before using it.

    For novice bakers like myself, can you include something in the notes to indicate how much of this frosting would be needed for different things, eg. a cake or 12 cupcakes as I had no idea and now I have a lot of leftover frosting.

    Hopefully my feedback doesn’t sound too negative as I know I will be using this recipe again for sure – it was a big hit once I fixed the vanilla issue πŸ™‚ Absolutely deliciious. Thank you for sharing it with us πŸ™‚

    1. Allison,
      Ahh thank you so much. That was a typo. 2T is way too much. I will fix it right now. I am surprised that no-one else mentioned it to me. Thank you so much πŸ™‚

    2. The coconut flour left a very unpleasant texture and taste. Is there something else (accessible) that can thicken it? More arrow root possibly? Tapioca starch? Coconut milk powder isn’t sold in our stores in WA. I just made this frosting for my 8 year olds bday cupcakes and it wasn’t a win πŸ™ and we’re used to GF SF DF baking.

      1. You can use coconut milk powder in place of coconut flour, but that is often hard to find locally for most people. That’s why I used coconut flour.

  4. I am so excited to try this recipe! Finding a good icing recipe has been a challenge for me:/ I follow the SCD diet and wonder if I can sub anything for the arrowroot powder?

        1. Did you find anything else that works for the SCD? My son needs to follow that diet as well. Even without the arrowroot, it might work better than anything else I’ve tried, so I might just experiment….

  5. Looks awesome, can’t wait to try this! I will try with coconut butter instead of palm shortening. I think my recipe is for 12 cupcakes, will this be enough? Thanks!

  6. I think rasberries or strawberrys would give you a better pink, an if you put in too much it would just taste fruity as opposed to beety.

  7. This sounds excellent and I can’t wait to try it, so thank you! I’ve been searching high and low for a great Paleo frosting recipe. A question I have is… If I frost cupcakes immediately after making the frosting, then refrigerate them overnight and they are served in the next day or two, do you know if the frosting will keep it’s form (like a cream cheese frosting would) or would it fall apart, melt, or turn too hard?

    1. They will keep their shape in the fridge, this is actually a very thick frosting so it does not melt and run much. I guess I haven’t made it in the middle of summer yet though, so I have not tried all temperatures πŸ™‚

  8. Hello! This frosting looks so delicious, but I’m worried if the coconut flour makes it a bit grainy? When I have used coconut flour as a gravy thickener, it doesn’t make completely smooth result. I would still like to try this recipe!

    1. It is not completely as smooth as when you use powdered sugar, but I think it’s close enough. Worked perfectly for a Barbie cake πŸ™‚

  9. I am making this for my 1yr olds birthday and don’t want it too be too sweet. Could I reduce the amount of honey or would that compromise the structure of the frosting? Thanks! πŸ™‚

  10. I'm wondering about palm shortening, I've never used it and just curious why you like it, it's benefits? I also made your homemade pizza sauce which you call for coconut sugar (which I used), it was sooooo good. Just wondering the benefits of the palm shortening (how is it not like regular shortening) and coconut sugar? Thank you so much, I'm getting so much from your blog!

    1. Palm shortening is a more stable high heat oil and is great when used in baking and cooking. It is full of healthy fats (MCFA’s). But in addition to MCFA’s, palm oil is also loaded with the following phytonutrients: Carotenoids (alpha-,beta-,and gamma-carotenes), Sterols (sitosterol, stigmasterol and campesterol), Vitamin E (tocopherols and tocotrienols), Water-soluble powerful antioxidants, phenolic acids and flavonoids. You can read more here:

      Coconut sugar is a more “nutritious” sugar that has a lesser effect on blood sugar.
      You can read more here:

  11. Oh this is the perfect icing. I plan on making a Disney Frozen cake for my daughter’s birthday. I wonder if I just place some blue or icicle type decos on the dress. I don’t think i could make blue icing in a healthy way. πŸ™ Thanks for the recipe!

    1. You can use the recipe if you don’t post the entire recipe word for word. Just use the beginning and link to the directions. You could try coconut oil, but I have not done that and can’t say if it would work or not

  12. Does this have a coconut flavor? A friend made cookies using coconut flour and it had a definite coconut taste. I don’t care for coconut. Thanks!

  13. Is there a substitute for the arrowroot flour as I am on SCD can arrowroot is on the illegal list. Thanks

  14. Ay-yai-yai! This is not a commentary on this recipe, only a cautionary tale: I used red palm shortening (all I had) which gave the icing an orange color and an, ahem, earthy flavor. I then added cocoa powder and some stevia extract. It turned the whole mixture a nasty shade of yellow. /sigh
    I shall need to get some regular palm shortening to try the recipe as written. Thanks for sharing!

  15. I’m grateful to read about your creation and excited about trying it. I’m surprised nobody has said this, but it’s extremely important, so I’m going to. The use of palm oil in so many food products is resulting in deforestation and the devastation of the rainforest habitat of endangered species, particularly the orangutans. If you’re going to buy it, please be sure that it bears a Rainforest Alliance certification. Thank you.

  16. By the way, I just ordered some Rainforest Alliance Certified Red Palm Oil from a website, and then noticed the comment about the coloring problem. Oh well, so much for vanilla! I’m just going to add it a tiny bit of strawberry and that should be fine. πŸ™‚

  17. Does the frosting have to be refridgerated? It looks to me like none of the ingredients require rwfridgeration so if I make it weeks in advance and then chilled and rewhipped it right before frosting would that be alright?

    1. I would keep it in the fridge if you plan to store it for a while. If its overnight, you should be fine with it in the cabinet

  18. Wow, this looks delicious! I have been trying to find a gluten, dairy, egg and Candida friendly frosting that uses honey but can’t find any good ones. This one looks like it will the fit the bill nicely. One question though since my daughter can’t really handle the taste/texture of coconut flour is there anything I could substitute it with? Maybe millet, almond, or quinoa flour?

    Rebekah – Naturally Blessed Mama

  19. Hi, I was so excited to try this recipe! But, i think i must have done something wrong, because it didn’t really have any flavor to it at all…. it just tasted like “tasteless fat”. What did I do wrong?? Would love some help! I’m wanting to make my own wedding cake with frosting.

    1. It definitely does not have the shockingly sweet flavor of traditional frosting recipes, but it should still taste good. You might want to try adding more sweetener. We love it!

  20. I absolutely love this frosting! However, I would like to try to make it in another flavour than vanilla, lite chocolate or strawberry. Any idea how much chocolate or fruit juice/puree I should add to the mixture? And should I omit the vanilla entirely or would it still be needed for sweetness?

    1. I would keep the vanilla and maybe add 2-3 Tbsp cocoa powder. For strawberry, I would not use juice. I would instead buy those freeze dried strawberries from the health food store or Trader Joes. I would either pulverize them in a blender or coffee grinder to get a pink powder. Then add that to the frosting. I think I will have to give that a try too! πŸ™‚

    1. I don’t think it would hold as well with butter. You could certainly try it and keep it chilled until you eat it. I am afraid that the butter would cause it to melt quicker. Give it a try and let me know if it turns out. Everything certainly tastes better with butter, in my opinion πŸ™‚

      1. YES, butter worked good for this recipe. It was a tad too firm when left in the fridge, but during the fall it was fine to keep out.

  21. I LOVED this frosting! By far the best I have made. I used maple syrup instead of honey, and I didn’t need any coconut oil. I also added pumpkin pie seasoning and I want to eat it straight from the bag. Holy moly, it’s yummy!

    1. Maple syrup works well too and the pumpkin spice idea is brilliant. I bet that was tasty! I love this frosting, I need to hide any extra that I have or we will eat it all up right away!

  22. im
    Really excited about trying this for the littlest’s 1st birthday. Have you had any feedback from anyone about using coconut oil or butter instead of palm oil yet? πŸ™‚ x

    1. I have not tried it with only coconut oil or butter. I think the texture would be different, not as firm. You could certainly give it a try. Let me know how it turns out!

  23. This first time I made this, I didn’t care for the coconut flour in it because it made the frosting taste gritty. The second time around I just omitted the coconut flour and coconut oil and it tasted great and has become my staple buttercream frosting. It’s not too sweet, but my kids and their friends like it.

    1. Donna did you substitute with anything? adjust the recipe at all ? or just totally omit the coconut flour and oil? I would like to not have to make more than 1 batch and also avoid a gritty texture. especially because only a few guests will actually be Paleo.

  24. I’m trying to make a gluten free low sugar cake for my birthday and maybe my Dad’s (he’s a diabetic) and this frosting looks like it fits the bill! Do we know what the diabetic exchange might be for this? I’m assuming since honey is the only sugar, the taste is not overpoweringly sweet. Great blog!

    1. Hi Irene, it is definitely not overpoweringly sweet. You can always lessen the amount of sweetener. I am not sure of the diabetic exchange though.

  25. Hi! I’m wondering if this frosting would freeze ok? I want to freeze the iced cake in advance and hoping to defrost it in fridge the night before the party.
    Thanks ??

  26. Emily, I just completely omitted the coconut flour and coconut oil. I was making if for for an outdoors birthday party in summer, so that’s why I omitted the coconut oil. Held up in the heat just fine.

  27. I just made this and although I loved the flavor and consistency, it was gritty I’m assuming from the coconut flour?
    I whipped it up with my hand blender for a while and tried another batch using half the amount of coconut flour and still gritty?
    Does it matter what brand of coconut flour is used?

  28. I made this frosting just tonight and I love it! My son, on the other hand, did not like it. So I tried embellishing it with some powdered sugar and than added some coconut sugar to give it a bit of a different flavor. I love how this whips up so well…it has a lot of body to it! Thanks for the great recipe. I added peanut butter to half of it. That stuff is awesome!

  29. Was initially excited to find this recipe but then saw it uses palm shortening (solidified palm oil) so the lady in Australia where I am also from, that’s what it is. Sadly, it’s the worst oil for human consumption, it’s the oil the world is trying not to use. Unless it is certified as safe in it’s sourcing then it is the major cause of deforest ideation in many countries and is what is causing the destruction of habitat and the extinction of many animals. Orangutans are high on the endangered list because of palm oil production. Is there another solidified oil that can replace this in the recipe? It would be great to have great frosting for birthday cakes. Any ideas?

  30. Hi there! I just made this frosting for a paleo cake I made my sister for her bday. Thank you so much for a recipe without using any confectioners sugar/ or cane sugar. ? it was my first time using palm shortening and some of the other ingredients. One thing I noticed is the frosting tastes mostly all of honey… Did I do something wrong? I bought an organic raw honey. I’m wondering if maybe maple syrup would be a better choice for flavor purposes. The texture and everything is great and I also added in fresh vanilla beans. Please let me know if there’s anything I can do to make it taste less overpowering honey!? Thank you so much!

    1. Hi Deanna, is it possible that you have a strong flavored honey? I know there are some that are more mild. I have never found it to be overpowering. You could try maple syrup instead.

  31. Loved it! But…the texture was a little off for me. I could tell there was coconut flour in it. A little gritty. Should it be sifted?

    1. It is a little grittier due to the coconut flour. I have blended the flour in the vitamix and sifted it in the past, that changes the texture

  32. I made this frosting today almost as written, except instead of coconut flour I used powdered coconut milk. to stabilize it I ended up using quite a bit of the powdered coconut milk (3/4cup) but the result was only a tiny bit gritty, and completely unnoticeable once it was on my vegan/grain-free/paleo carrot-pineapple cake. So delicious! I haven’t had frosting in years and was so excited to make one that wasn’t too bad.

  33. I have a lot of starches and flours for bread…potato, tapioca, rice. Can I sub in one of those for arrowroot? I am trying desperately to find a good recipe for piping and decorating. Nothing extremely detailed, but something other than just a plain frosted cake. Thanks πŸ™‚

  34. Yum! I added a little bit of fresh squeezed lemon juice and zest (about 2tbs juice & 1/2tbs zest) and it was AMAZING!!! I put a little less coconut oil in at the end to compensate for the added liquid. And also subbed cassava flour for coconut to make it less grainy.

  35. I would like to try butter instead of palm oil in this recipe. Should I use salted or unsalted? And 1 cup for 1 cup?

  36. I made this last night. I only added about 2 T. of the coconut oil and then I added 1 Tablespoon of “flax egg” and extra soy milk. Otherwise, the batter was way too stiff. I didn’t really like it right away: I put it on a GF chocolate cake I had baked (and cooled), and it was really pretty oily. So, I put it in the refrig overnight and it stiffened up and was pretty good in the morning, I did have some for breakfast :).

  37. If you want to color it blue, boil red cabbage until you have a thick purple liquid. Add baking soda to the liquid in small pinches until it goes blue. Too much and it goes green.

  38. This has to be THE BEST frosting I have tasted. And so easy to make. Thanks so much for sharing this recipe.

  39. Hi! I used the coconut flour and maple syrup and the frosting turned out a beigey color. Any tips for making the frosting look more white in color?

  40. Hi, I enjoyed this recipe, (I used 1/2 honey and 1/2 monk fruit maple syrup!) could you please include the nutritional data. Thanks

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