Black Pepper Burgers

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Black Pepper Burgers | Real Food RN

If you are coming over from The Confident Mom’s awesome Meatloaf Recipe that uses oregano oil and basil oil, then welcome!

I have been using essential oils in my home and on my family for a while now. But, the final frontier for me seems to be using them in my cooking. It always made me leery. But, ever since joining Young Living I have been excited to try using them in my cooking. So, naturally I wanted to add them to some fun summer recipes. What better than some good ‘ol fashioned grilling recipes. Enter: Black Pepper Burgers. Sounds kind of Wyatt Earp doesn’t it? My husband prefers to call them “Man Burgers”. You decide.



  • Mix ingredients together in a large bowl, it’s best when you use your hands
  • Form the burger into patties
  • Grill burgers until done to your desired doneness
  • Enjoy with a gluten free bun, grilled portobello mushroom cap, or however you prefer your burgers!

Are you ready to jump into this wonderful world of caring for your family with therapeutic grade essential oils? The time is now! Click HERE to learn more, or contact the person who introduced you to the “Essentially Summer” blog recipe series. 

 Up next, Know Your Produce is sharing a delicious recipe for “Pita Pockets stuffed with Shrimp & Israeli Pepper Salad” that uses lemon oil! You should definitely check it out. Be sure to check out all 35 posts in the “Essentially Summer” blogger recipe series.


How to Get Started with Essential Oils

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