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What I Eat Postpartum | Real Food RN

Since the birth of my first child I have been super passionate about finding the perfect pregnancy and postpartum diet. Through lots of research and trial and error I have come up with a diet routine that fits my busy schedule and nourishes my body so I can properly nourish my baby. I am currently 5 weeks postpartum as I write this. With two toddlers and a baby, I seem to have less and less time to prepare meals for myself these days! The methods and recipes that I have listed here fit a busy schedule, while being very nutrient dense. In a perfect world I would create 3 square meals every day and have time to sit and eat them mindfully and with gratitude. Well, these days I am happy to get a shower and a hot meal! So, here is what works for this busy working Mom….

What I Eat Postpartum

Morning “Supplements” (they really are just superfoods):

  • Prenatal Vitamin: I always chose a “whole food” prenatal, but often times I change up the brands
  • Coconut oil: A study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition has shown that lactating mothers who eat coconut oil and other coconut products, have significantly increased levels of lauric acid and capric acid in their breast milk, creating milk rich in health promoting nutrients. Coconut oil is easy for an infant’s immature digestive system to absorb and utilize. It also provides energy in the form of medium chain fatty acids to help the baby grow and develop properly. (source)
  • Fermented Cod Liver Oil/High-vitamin Butter Oil: for Vitamins A, D and K2 — where to find
  • Lactogenic supplements: I go over these in the video below. To learn more about lactogenic foods, pick up a copy of this awesome book
  • Sardine and Liver Cubes: read this post and watch the video to learn more
  • Ningxia Red: this is a product from Young Living Essential Oils that we all take daily and absolutely LOVE! To learn more about where we get it, please go to this page
  • Elderberry Syrup: I take this during cold and flu season, or when I feel a cold coming on. Here is my recipe
  • Dandy Blend: a great coffee substitute that gently detoxifies the liver and has also been shown to be lactogenic — where to find
  • Kombucha: a wonderful probiotic beverage that we brew up every week. Here is my recipe and a video of how I make it
  • Others that I mention in my video below: Marshmallow Root, Spirulina, Evening Primrose OilNordic Naturals, Mother’s Milk Tea, Nettle Tea


I always keep breakfast easy because it is one of the busiest times of the day. I pretty much eat either eggs prepared however I like them, or my no-oatmeal with either raw milk or whatever milk we have around. I recently tried it with coconut hemp milk! If I have a little extra time I will whip up a batch of my quick and easy homemade hollandaise sauce because it is loaded with healthy fats in the butter and egg yolks. I pour that over the eggs that I prepared. Fat is good for you! Oh and I also try to have pastured bacon every chance that I get!


I often snack and graze during lunch because it is a time when I can get stuff done around the house! The kids are occupied eating their lunch and the baby is often sleeping at that time. So, I graze while I clean or fold laundry. Its what works for me right now. I would love to prepare a big lunch and sit and enjoy it, but time is money and that laundry pile will NOT fold itself. So, snacks it is — healthy, nutrient dense snacks of course.

My favorite grazing foods are:

  • Sauerkraut: full of probiotics to help establish and maintain a healthy gut flora — here is my recipe and a video of how I make it
  • Grass-fed and Pastured Meats: We get our pork, beef and chicken from our family farms. If you want to find local farms in your area go here. I just heat up whatever meat we have in the fridge and eat it with some of my sauerkraut.
  • Yogurt and Granola (I forgot to mention these in my video): another probiotic food topped with healthy protein and fats. Here is my granola recipe plus a video of how I make it. Here is my yogurt recipe and a video of how I make it
  • My Healthy Hot Chocolate Squares (recipe here). These are FULL of healthy fats and give me energy to keep on keeping on.


I almost always have a huge salad for dinner! It is a great way to pack a TON of nutrients into one meal. I start with a leafy green base and add: sliced vegetables, nuts and seeds, meat, cheese, eggs, sauerkraut, and a dressing. You can make it however you would like. I have even done things like slicing up an eggbake into cubes and using that on top of my salad. You can put a meal right on top of the greens. I make my dressing my putting a scoop of homemade mayo in a jar, and topping it with vinegar and spices — then shake and pour.

About my salads:

Other meals that we have often: 

  • Crockpot meals: chicken, beef roasts, pork roasts
  • Sausage and sauerkraut — so easy!
  • Detox Salad — I make a huge batch and keep it in jars in the fridge for individual meals
  • You can find all of my recipes HERE
  • Smoothies: throw a ton of organic vegetables and greens into a high powered blender. Sometimes I am so busy that I just drink my dinner!


I consume bone broth and turmeric tea to help heal my body and reduce inflammation. It also helps me sleep like a log! Here is my bone broth recipe. Here is how I make my turmeric milk. I just add the turmeric mixture into the bone broth and warm it up. Voila — nighty, night!

That pretty much sums up my days as they are right now. As more time opens up in my day, like when the baby starts to take longer and more regular naps, I will start making different meals again. But for now its all about quick and easy, while keeping it nutrient dense! Please share this post with anyone that you know who is looking to become pregnant, is pregnant, or just had a baby. Keeping our moms and babies healthy is the most important thing that we can do to ensure a healthy future! I am so so so passionate about getting the word out about this! If you want to find more healthy recipe ideas, please follow me on Pinterest.

Again, to read more, please pick up a copy of this awesome book — I seriously can’t put it down!

Watch my video below where I go over these in more detail

P.S. I have had a few inquiries about the necklace that I am wearing in the video. You can find them HERE

P.P.S. If you want to find the best gluten free items online (best prices around, believe me I have checked!) with free shipping, I highly recommend Thrive Market, they even have a special Gluten Free section. CLICK HERE to check them out!

What foods did you consume before, during and after your pregnancy? I would love to hear about them in the comments below!

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