Healthy Homemade Hollandaise Sauce in the Blender

A rich buttery sauce that goes good on just about everything.

Growing up my Mom had a good friend who knew how to make homemade eggs benedict. Every time she was over I would BEG her to make it. Mostly I just liked the hollandaise sauce, I could seriously drink the stuff. A rich and buttery sauce that goes good on just about everything, in my opinion.

When I became pregnant with my third child, I craved the stuff! The best part? It’s a great food for pregnant women to consume because if you make it with the right kind of eggs and butter it will be full of healthy brain-building fats and vitamins — perfect for a developing baby. Yeah, I ate a LOT of it during my pregnancy — and I continue to do so while breastfeeding. Fat is good, eat up! Enjoy this Homemade Hollandaise Sauce on everything!

Homemade Hollandaise Sauce

Homemade Hollandaise Sauce

A rich and buttery sauce that goes good on just about everything.


  • 3 pastured egg yolks
  • Pinch of pepper (I use a small pinch of cayenne)
  • 1-2 tbsp fresh lemon juice (I use closer to 2 tbsp)
  • 1/2 cup salted grass-fed butter


1. Prepare immediately before serving, it only takes a few minutes to make, and you want to serve it up fresh.

2. Place the eggs yolks, pepper, and lemon juice in your high-powered blender.

3. Heat butter over a medium-high burner until it's hot and foamy.

4. Put the cover on the blender and blend yolks until beaten, only a few seconds.

5. Then, with the blender on med-high speed, slowly pour in the hot butter -- very slowly, so it emulsifies.

6. Watch out for splatter out the top of the blender; it is very hot!

7. Continue until the butter is all gone; your mixture should be thick and creamy.

8. Serve immediately, I love it over poached eggs and dusted with paprika.

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Homemade Hollandaise Sauce in the Blender | Real Food RN

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Homemade Hollandaise Sauce in the Blender | Real Food RN
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8 Replies to “Healthy Homemade Hollandaise Sauce in the Blender”

    1. Glad you like the recipe. I have been working on perfecting it forever! I am so glad to have figured it out because now I want to eat it on everything. A great thing to have on hand for the holiday brunches. Hope you enjoy it too 🙂

  1. Great recipe. What about those of us who are lactose intorerant? Is there a recommended oil or fat that would work? I like safflower oil as it is light and has little taste.

    1. Use Ghee….it is just butter with the milk solids removed. I am lactose intolerant and have no problems with ghee.

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