Healthy Kid Snacks: Must-Have Pantry Items

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Healthy Kid Snacks: Must-Have Pantry Items| Real Food RN

Keeping my kids healthy and happy is my number one priority.

I try my best to make every single meal for them. But let’s be honest, some days you just want to throw a box of Lara bars at them and hide in the bathroom with some cookies. Am I right?

So, just in case those days happen, I always have a few select items in my cabinet. Then I feel confident that I can give something that they like, without having to resort to junk food. Plus, some of these make great bribes! They also work well when out and about!

Having three kids and two adults in the house can make for some hefty grocery bills. Regardless, our family has made our health and wellness a top priority, so we happily purchase only nourishing, raw foods, knowing that nothing is more important than our family’s health.

We are also super busy, so shopping for these whole foods needs to be easy and convenient. Trouble is, how do you get both cost-saving natural foods and shopping convenience at the same time? I mean, isn’t that asking a bit too much?

Nope! I found the answer to the money and time crunch in one location…Thrive Market. I know what you are thinking: “here comes the sales pitch!” Nope, this place is legit. I have shopped around and price compared. It beats out Amazon, Target and Costso for most of the items that I need!

I rarely shop around anymore. 

I order online at my convenience, and it shows up on my doorstep without me having to think of it again. It’s like the wholesale prices of Costco meets the convenience of Amazon Prime (hello free shipping!)…..for health minded people! Oh, and don’t forget the fact that I save up to 50% on everything I buy! With that kind of deal, I can keep my pantry fully-stocked to keep my family healthy and happily fed with all of my favorite must-have pantry items!

Attention holiday shoppers: right now Thrive is offering a special for my readers only. Check it out HERE

Take a peek at these healthy kids snacks which are must-have pantry items that I always have on-hand from Thrive:

Epic BarsEpic Bars

These Paleo-friendly, gluten-free bars make it easy to eat healthy on the go. They are loaded with protein that comes from grass-fed meat, including beef, lamb, Bison and chicken. Perfect when out running errands with the kids! My one-year-old LOVES them. They are soft enough that I can just mush them up a bit and I have a quick and easy baby lunch!

PaleoWrapsPaleo Wraps

We have several favorite Paleo wraps, and Thrive Market has them all! We love the spicy, turmeric and original. I keep several different flavors in the house so that they are always handy. Seriously, these make picky eaters eat their food. Just make up a quick egg salad, tuna salad, or salmon salad and put it into a wrap. The kids think it’s a taco and they eat it right up!

CoconutOilCoconut Oil

No healthy kitchen can be complete without coconut oil, right? Thrive has several different brands so everyone can find their favorite, including mine, Nutiva. Here are a couple of my famous family favorite recipes that I use this coconut oil with: Healthy Hot Chocolate SquaresCoconut Oil Chicken Glaze and  Coconut Snowballs. I also use coconut oil to wash my face, in my homemade face cream, and even to shave! It’s that versatile. I would say that this might be the number one item that we always have in the cabinet! 

I also use it as a diaper cream, in my homemade baby shampoo, and to moisturize my kids skin. Let’s not forget about my Sweet Dreams Cream (you can thank me later for this one)

LaughingGiraffeLaughing Giraffe Chocolate Snakaroons

Who doesn’t love chocolate?! Well, I have to admit that I’m addicted to these little morsels of chocolatey goodness. But that’s okay because they are nutritious! They are full of protein and healthy fats so I can give into my chocolate craving whenever I want to.

I CAN’T. STOP. EATING. these once I start. They might be the best cookie every made. I will let you decide. Give them a try.

Want your kids to do their homework or chores? Just dangle one of these in front of them!

PinkSalmonWild Planet Pink Salmon

My kids are crazy about salmon, so I always keep several cans of this in the pantry so I don’t run out. Their favorite (easy!) recipes are salmon nuggets and salmon salad. This salmon is  sustainably caught by local fishing families in the deep, clean Alaskan sea. Plus, it’s boneless and skinless too, so it’s easy to pop open and prepare!

ChiaSeedsChia Seeds

These are a must-have item in our house because they are so versatile. They are full of protein, omega-3, fiber and antioxidants, and a breeze to add to all types of recipes. You can toss them into a salad and add them to smoothies too, just to pack more nutrition into foods you eat every day. Quick kiddie favorites: No Oatmeal Hot Breakfast Cereal,  Chia Kombucha Blender Jam, Chocolate Superfood Cookies, and of course Pudding.

GingersnapsGo Raw Organic Raw Gingersnap Super Cookies

Even though I do my best to prepare all of our foods myself, there are times when I just can’t get it all done! That’s why I keep these tasty treats in the pantry to have something handy if the kids (or mom) want something sweet. Sometimes you just need a cookie, right?

Plus, these are not your ordinary cookie! They are raw and filled with healthy ingredients. I love love love the spice in these cookies. The ginger is warming and delicious!

These cookies are loved my kids and Moms alike.

I made this a short list of some of my favorites, but there are so many more items that we get at Thrive! Some more of our favorites are: almond butter, Lara bars, gluten free graham crackers for making s’mores, apple sauce, sweet potato chips, coconut butter. Not to mention the other stuff (it’s all non-toxic too!): shampoo, chlorine free diapers, castile soap, kids multivitamins, even non-toxic toys and lunch bags! I might have to request that they start selling kitchen sinks, then they truly will have #allthethings!

If you want to learn more about HERE, I made a short video and put some more information up HERE

Get started shopping at Thrive Market HERE, and check out their more than 4,000 healthy living products! You may never have to leave your house again!

What are your favorite pantry items that you always have on hand for those days when you are in a pinch? I would love to hear about them in the comments below!

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Healthy Kid Snacks: Must-Have Pantry Items | Real Food RN

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