DIY Bedtime Sweet Dreams Cream

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Sweet Dreams Cream | Real Food RN

I’ve dreamt of a magical sleep potion that not only gets my kids to sleep on time, but also helps them wake up refreshed and NOT crabby. Well, after experimenting with my essential oils, I have not come up with a magical potion….but a cream! I apply it to my kiddos feet at night for occasional sleeplessness and to promote a more restful sleep. Mom wins this round!!! I call my creation “Sweet Dreams Cream

Of course I had to share my Sweet Dreams Cream recipe with you…

Note: I only use therapeutic grade essential oils, especially when using them on my kiddos. HERE is where I get my oils.

Sweet Dreams Cream



Sweet Dreams Cream -- Real Food RN

  • Place in fridge to return to solid

Sweet Dream Cream -- Real Food RN

  • Whip with a hand mixer

Sweet Dream Cream -- Real Food RN

Sweet Dream Cream -- Real Food RN

  • Once it’s nice and whipped, put your Sweet Dream Cream into a jar and you are all set

Sweet Dream Cream -- Real Food RN


  • Apply Sweet Dreams Cream to your kids feet at night (or to your own feet!)
  • If you really want to give it a boost, stir in some magnesium oil

Sweet Dream Cream -- Real Food RN

How to Get Started with Essential Oils

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Sweet Dreams Cream -- Real Food RN

None of these health benefits have been evaluated or approved by the FDA. They should not be used in place of personal judgment or medical treatment when needed, nor is it intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. (Only your doctor can diagnose and treat disease.) Read my full disclaimer.

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27 Replies to “DIY Bedtime Sweet Dreams Cream”

  1. What is the lifespan of the cream? Just curious as to how large of a batch to make before it starts to harden, separate or anything else funky. 🙂

    1. I actually have not had any issues with it getting hard or funky. It should last months, or longer. I use it all up before it has a chance to change I guess 😉

  2. Can jojoba oil be used to replace the vitamin E oil? Or is the vitamin E oil for something very specific? Thank you 🙂

  3. Thank you for sharing this recipe. I am allergic to both oils. Is there good substitutes? It has caused a lot of trouble for me, using EO recipes.

    1. Hi Alice, have you been using therapeutic grade essential oils in your recipes? In my experience, people who have had issues with oils in the past did not have issues when they used the right kind. We only use Young Living oils for this exact reason! There really aren’t any substitutes for the oils used in this recipe, they work so well! Hope this helps!

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