How to Make Your Own Magnesium Oil

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How to Make Your Own Magnesium Oil | Real Food RN

Magnesium oil is my method of magnesium supplementation. Here is a blog post that I wrote explaining why. Luckily, magnesium oil is super easy to make! Here is How to Make Your Own Magnesium Oil

How to Make Your Own Magnesium Oil



  • Combine magnesium flakes and water in a stainless steel pan over low-medium heat
  • Heat just until the flakes dissolve all the way. Stirring occasionally
  • Remove from heat and let cool
  • Pour into glass container to store.
  • I then pour some into a dropper bottle for easier application and refill when necessary

Apply to your skin. Use daily for best results.

Note: when applied you might notice that it can be itchy. I have found that my lower back tolerates it best, with the least amount of itching.

Order supplements through my Fullscript store.

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21 Replies to “How to Make Your Own Magnesium Oil”

  1. Just curious, where is the oil? Just water and mag flakes? Does that turn into oil?

    1. Monique, that is exactly right. When the flakes are dissolved the water takes on an oily feel. Not like coconut oil, but just thicker than water. Make sense?

    1. Well, that’s a difficult answer. It’s hard to “dose” and its pretty itchy. Kids don’t tend to tolerate it due to the itch! Epsom salt baths work wonders for kids. Also, you can try a very small dose of the Natural Calm oral supplement. I linked it above. It’s the only oral mag that worked for me and it tastes good too.

  2. When you do epsom salt baths are you absorbing the magnesium? Are those baths ok to do regularly? Would you still use the magnesium oil if you take them?

    1. I use the dropper shown in the photo. I pour 1 dropper full into the palm of my hand (about quarter size) and rub it on my lower back. If I am particularly stressed, I will do that twice. Stress depletes your magnesium!

  3. Hi so I’m going to try this but I’m curious how long the itchiness lasts for?? Does it subside quickly after applied or does it last for a while?? Thanks for all the great info in your site!

  4. Hi that is interesting. Will this mg oil help migraines? If so, how to apply it? Can you drink it to help stop the migraines? I have been taking imtrex and or sumatriptan 100 mg prescription and I take it onset when migraines comes and it ended in like 15 minutes but imtrex is chemical and not natural. Please help if you know something? Thank you.

      1. Hi Kate, Thank you so much for your quick reply. Do you mean put it center of the back or all over or upper or lower back? I am thinking since migraines happens inside the head (blood vessels) how can that help if apply on the back when it should be on the head? I am curious to know / and to understand ? Much much is appreciated. Yesterday I purchased mag citrate powder 315 mg from “NOW” brand. Someone said to drink that. So I have not tried it yet because my migraines comes unexpected. I noticed when migraines come usually from rain or barometer temp drops swift, that’s it. I am not sure if the powder is the same thing as what you have flakes mag. I am wondering maybe the powder I have can be made into oil if I follow your instruction? Also I am wondering if I can mix powder w/ coconut oil? I am not sure which method have the most effective like imtrex or sumatriptan that can end my migraines in 15 minutes. Sorry for my bad grammar as english is not my language. Sign language is my first language. I hope my comment is still understandable. Thank you in advance for answering to my questions whenever you have free time to reply back. 🙂

        1. I rub it on my lower back. The flakes and the powder are different. But, either has the potential to be effective for you. I am not entirely sure about mixing it with coconut oil. If it is something to be taken orally, then sure. If it’s topical I suppose mixing it with coconut oil might work….if they dissolve. I hope I answered your question.

  5. Hi kate, I am wondering about the ratio for mg powder? That is what I have mg powder. Please let me know what is the ratio for powder if you do know. Thank you.

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