Homemade Eye Makeup Remover with Lavender

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Homemade Eye Makeup Remover | Real Food RN

I used to take the eye makeup removing packets from my gym and use them at home. Sneaky, sneaky. I thought I was pretty smart too! That is until I turned the packet around and looked at the ingredient list! Yikes, I do not need those in my body thankyouverymuch. Naturally, I had to cook up my own homemade eye makeup remover that was free of toxic chemicals. 

Homemade Eye Makeup Remover with Lavender



  • If your coconut oil is not liquid (it is solid below 74*F), then warm up in a small saucepan over low heat until liquid
  • Pour into small glass jar and add lavender essential oil
  • Mix with a spoon until well combined
  • Store in a dark place, like in your medicine cabinet in your bathroom (that’s where mine lives)

To use:

  • Using a moist washcloth (or cut up t-shirt squares, see below for instructions on this), wrap the cloth around your index finger
  • Dip your cloth-covered finger into the oil, don’t get too much oil or you will flood your eye
  • Working from the inner eye out, gently rub your eye make up off
  • That’s it!

Bonus: coconut oil is also moisturizing so it won’t dry out the delicate skin around your eyes!

T-shirt squares how-to: 

  • Cut up an old t-shirt that you had planned to throw away anyway, or you could always cut up one of those old annoying t-shirts that your husband wore in college and still thinks is hysterical like THIS ONE
  • I cut mine into about 4″ squares and store in a glass jar under the sink
  • Moisten the cloth squares and use one for each eye
  • Wash and reuse!

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35 Replies to “Homemade Eye Makeup Remover with Lavender”

  1. Hiya!
    I’m a new graduate RN looking to cut out the chemicals of my life. Unfortunately, I have a coconut allergy. Do you have any suggestions for a coconut oil substitute? So many homemade products involve coconut oil 🙁 Thanks

    1. Rebecca at Rebecca’s Herbal Apothecary in Boulder, CO recently recommended Jojoba oil to me because it is most similar to the oils in our skin. It works beautifully. You can mix with other beneficial oils such as apricot kernel oil, olive oil, carrot seed oil or helichrysum oil.

  2. Ugggh, I’ve made this a couple times and it’s super fab…but now I’ve made up a batch to give away for Christmas in cute little bottles I got. But after making it, and pouring into the bottles and storing it on my kitchen table , it has gone back to solid state. Any suggestions on getting it back to liquid? I can’t get it out of the bottles I poured into. 🙁

    1. I pour my remover into little tubs with lids… so you can use a cotton wool wipe to just smear some on. Use it like butter. I find it’s better than liquid. You use less too!

  3. Thank you! I’ve already got them in the cute little bottles I was giving them away in, should I just put them in a pan of water to try and get it back to liquid before giving them away?

  4. Hi Kate,

    Quick question….would you recommend using fractionated coconut oil instread of solid, cold pressed extra virgin coconut oil? I like my makeup remover to be liquid vs solid….thanks!

  5. Could you just cut up bounty paper towel squares n give for a gift? If you just kept filling the jar would that be OK without washing the jar?

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