Acne-Fighting Homemade Facial Scrub

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Acne Fighting Homemade Facial Scrub | Real Food RN

I love experimenting with making my own self-care products. Most recently I just threw a few ingredients together and made a homemade facial scrub. I washed my face with it every night and really fell in love with my new creation. It makes your skin feel so clean and soft!

Let me tell you a bit about what I threw into this scrub and why it works so well…

Baking soda: I just decided on baking soda because I wanted to add an exfoliant to my cleanser that was gentle, yet effective. Turns out that baking soda also helps with other skin problems…

“Baking soda is amphoteric which means that it has the ability to either act as a base or acid. This characteristic makes it a useful pH neutralizing chemical compound. It corrects the pH imbalance of the skin that contributes to acne formation. What’s more, baking soda has mild anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties that enable it to lessen the irritation caused by inflamed acne. Most importantly, baking soda has individual particles that are rounded and hard and also form fine powders thus making it a mild exfoliate.” (source)

Coconut Oil: I use coconut oil to moisturize my skin and I am very familiar with the oil cleansing method, so naturally I wanted to include it in my new creation. Coconut oil has so many benefits! The medium-chain fatty acids coconut oil contains have anti-bacterial, anti-viral, and anti-fungal properties to fight all the bad guys that live on the surface of your skin. It is also moisturizing and loaded with antioxidants so it nourishes your skin!

Melaleuca Alternnifolia Essential Oil: it reduces the appearance of blemishes on your skin

Acne Fighting Homemade Facial Scrub



  • Mix ingredients together into a paste
  • Store in a glass jar
  • Use nightly to remove makeup and cleanse your skin, just grab about 1 tsp of your homemade facial scrub out with your clean fingers and massage onto your face
  • Use warm water to wash it away
  • I follow with my Frankincense Face Cream as a moisturizer

Note from a reader: if you have sensitive skin and your face is red after washing with this, simply add 1/4 tsp olive or jojoba oil to the mix and it will take care of that! Awesome! 

Want to know more about my skincare routine? Here are my other recipes:  TONEMOISTURIZE, UNDER EYE SERUM

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Acne Fighting Homemade Facial Scrub | Real Food RN

Disclaimer: None of these health benefits have been evaluated or approved by the FDA. They are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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41 Replies to “Acne-Fighting Homemade Facial Scrub”

  1. So people with allergies to coconut can substitute the same amount of which oil in place of the coconut oil?

  2. QQ,if it’s still very cold where I live how can I thoroughly mix the ingredients with my rocksolid coconut oil? Would I want to melt on the stove sll together?

    Thanks for sharing Kate love it

    1. Yep melt it on the stove, mix it together, pour it into a jar. It will change consistency throughout the year, depending on the temperature in your house. I know its spring here in Minnesota because my face scrub is getting softer 😉

  3. Seems to work well! Do you use it twice a day? Or do you use something different in the morning/shower? Thank you!

  4. When you say 1/2 cup of coconut oil, is that 1/2 cup melted or un-melted in hard form? Last time I looked at my coconut oil, it was melted. Thanks

  5. Hi kate i started using coconut oil and baking soda today and after using the mixture as per instruction i still get pimples.i am not sure if its a sign of the moxture working or my skin reacting please help

  6. Any ideas on what to use on aging/dry skin? I live in an area of Texas where it’s hot and drier.I’m wanting to get away from the store bought chemical garbage!

  7. Hi Kate, I definitely want to try this out as I struggle with acne and acne scarring.
    However–could I use something else in place of the coconut oil? I’ve been using coconut oil to remove my makeup and I find that I get some breakouts after using that. Any other suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you!

  8. Hey! Thanks for the recipe; I ordered all the ingredients for this and ur frankincense night cream… Can’t wait to try it. My question is what face wash and cream do you use in the morning before you apply makeup? Thanks!

  9. I use baking soda and Dr. Bonner’s liquid castille soap. I also use it on my armpits, and other areas prime to sweat and odor. The baking soda neutralizes and exfoliates.

  10. do you use the liquid or solid form of coconut oil? I tried to buy the ingredients for this last night but didn’t know which oil to pick.

    1. It’s different for everyone. I see some people who cannot tolerate coconut oil on their skin. Most people do fine with it. No issue clogging pores, it actually dissolves the oils

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