DIY Caffeine Eye Serum (for puffy eyes)

Caffeine applied topically improves circulation and plumps up the skin, diminishing the appearance of the circles. It also helps constrict blood vessels to reduce swelling.

DIY Caffeine Eye Serum | Real Food RN

In my on-going quest for eternal youth I just had to some up with something to combat puffy eyes! When my third child was a newborn, I woke up after a sleepless night and looked in the mirror. I looked old! Very puffy and old. No sleep was not doing me any good. So I dug in my makeup bag and finally decided to try that free sample of caffeine eye cream that I had been holding onto for months. It worked! I watched the years melt away as my face began to normalize again. I began using it every morning….until the small sample tube ran out.

Being the DIY crazy Mom that I am, I decided to find a way to make my own DIY caffeine eye serum. I mean it can’t be all that hard, right? Nope, it’s most definitely not!  I had read that almond oil is great for reducing dark circles, so I decided to make some coffee infused almond oil! I had also already been putting castor oil under my eyes every night before bed to keep the skin around my eyes youthful looking (and as an added benefit, I noticed it made my eyelashes longer too!), so I added some of that to the mix too.

A little bit about why caffeine works to reduce puffiness:

  • Caffeine applied topically improves circulation and plumps up the skin, diminishing the appearance of the circles. It also helps constrict blood vessels to reduce swelling
  • Caffeine has potent antioxidant properties
  • Caffeine helps protect cells against the UV radiation and slows down the process of photoaging of the skin

DIY Caffeine Eye Serum

What you need:

  • 1/4 cup ground organic coffee
  • 1/3 cup sweet almond oil — where to find
  • 2 Tbsp castor oil — where to find
  • dropper bottle — I get them here
  • cheesecloth or nut milk bag
  • Note: I have had some readers wonder if the coffee might stain the skin under their eyes. While I have not personally noticed any staining, you could certainly make the serum using a green coffee — like this one


  • Combine the sweet almond oil and the coffee in a glass jar
  • Cover with a lid and let sit on the counter for a week to infuse
  • Using your cheesecloth or nut milk bag (that’s what I used), strain the infused oil into a bowl, you might have some small coffee residue that gets through and that’s just fine
  • Add the castor oil to the bowl and stir to combine


  • Apply caffeine eye serum under eyes in the morning or at night, whenever you prefer. I personally include it in my bedtime routine
  • A really fun way to use this oil is in a small roller bottle with a metal roller ball. Store it in the fridge so the roller ball gets cold and then use it as needed for puffiness — the cold ball will increase effects! You can find a roller bottle with a metal ball HERE

Want to know more about my skincare routine? Here are my other recipes: WASH, TONE, MOISTURIZE

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DIY Caffeine Eye Serum Real Food RN


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80 Replies to “DIY Caffeine Eye Serum (for puffy eyes)”

    1. I wanted to love this and took the time to purchase all the ingredients, organic as well. However, this is too oily and does not absorb and feels just awful under the eye, bummer.

  1. I will have to try this. Did you use this when pregnant? I can’t imagine this small amount of castor oil would induce labor but just wondered. πŸ™‚

  2. You mention placing the glass roll on bottle in the fridge- do you store the dropper bottle in the fridge too?

    1. In the summer I do. I keep my face care stuff in the fridge when its hot outside because its refreshing to put on then πŸ™‚

  3. Hi Kate! I am excited to try this but was also wondering how much this makes. The links you show for the dropper bottle and roll on bottle both have varied sizes. Could you help with this question. Thanks so very much!

    1. Oh, sorry about that Joy, I use the 2oz bottle. πŸ™‚ But, the recipe makes more than that. I like the 2oz size because it fits in my medicine cabinet. You can use the 4oz to be safe πŸ™‚

  4. Can you use any other oils to diffuse the coffee? Like Grape seed oil or avocado oil? Just curious, I want to use oils I already have. πŸ˜‰

      1. Thank you so very much…i decided to use my bullletproof coffee fresh! Looking forward to using the grinds as a scrub afterwards.

  5. Hi Kathy, I love your recipe. Just wanted to know if sweet almond oil can be replaced with olive oil and castor oil can be replaced with sunflower oil. Does it have the same effect? My dark circles have 2 deep lines below each eye, and they are literally black, not just shadows.

  6. Hi Kate,
    Read your article and was wondering if this helps with rosacea? It mentioned redness. I have it on my nose and a little on my cheeks. Hoping the coffee helps with constricting the vessels and taking down the redness. Thank you!

  7. Hi, I just stumbled on this through Pinterest πŸ™‚ I already make a lot of my face product and can’t wait to try this one. I just had one question. How long does it last before it goes bad? Just curious. Thanks

    1. I link to the coffee I use in the recipe. I have actually used both. My most recent batch was made with the green coffee that I also linked to above πŸ™‚

  8. Hi Kate, can’t wait to try this. I was wondering about the castor oil. I have some that says on the bottle used for a laxative. Is this the same as the one that goes to your link but labeled for skin?

      1. I have the caffeine powder (caffeine anhydrous) and can’t find any recipes…..would love to know how to use this!

  9. Just made my first batch of this. The recipe filled 2 15ml roller bottles and 2 1 oz dropper bottles. Mine was so dark it didn’t look like your picture after straining grounds.

    1. Maybe you had a darker coffee? I am not sure. You can always use the green coffee that I link to above if you want a lighter color. Should still work just fine

    1. It does! Often times those circles can be related to food intolerances. I find that when I eat too much conventional dairy I get dark circles under my eyes.

  10. Would you use other essential oils added to the mix, like lavender or something else that helps with crows feet?

  11. can i just use a really strong brewed coffee instead of grounds? or would that be too diluted once added to the oil?

      1. Oil and water from the brew will separate so you’ll have to shake it all the time or use a solubilizer like glycerin and make a gel or lotion.

  12. I’m wondering if I can sub ground tea for ground coffee. Caffeine to caffeine? Just wondering since the end result has such strong coffee smell. Tried this for a week so far and can really see the difference. Thanks for sharing.

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