Non-Toxic DIY Fabric Softener

It's easy to make your own fabric softener where you control the ingredients in it and can make sure it's non-toxic for you and your family.

Non-Toxic DIY Fabric Softener | Real Food RN

Have you taken a look at the label on the back of your fabric softener lately? Or were you distracted by that cute snuggly bear on the front of the bottle? He’s there for a reason you know.  A whopping 83.33% of fabric softeners get a D or F rating from the Environmental Working Group (EWG)! Yikes!!! Fabric softeners actually coat our clothes with a layer of chemicals creating that โ€œsoftโ€ feeling.

No, thank you! Not on my kiddos! So, I decided to dabble in some recipes to make my own and I came up with a non-toxic DIY Fabric Softener that we really love. You can make it with the scented (using essential oils) conditioner that I recommend, or you can use the non-scented conditioner that I also link to below and add in your own essential oils to make your own unique scent. I switch it up sometimes and use Purification Essential Oil or Stress Away Essential Oil (because Moms need all the help they can get!).

Non-Toxic DIY Fabric Softener


  • 2 cups water
  • 1 cup distilled vinegar — like this
  • 1/2 cup non-toxic conditioner (I prefer to use this conditioner or the Lavender Mint from Young Living, they are both great non-toxic conditioners)
  • Essential Oils of your choice — I add in essential oils if I use a non-scented conditioner. If I use the Lavender Mint from Young Living, it already adds an amazing scent!


  • Combine all ingredients into a large glass jar
Non-Toxic DIY Fabric Softener | Real Food RN
Non-Toxic DIY Fabric Softener | Real Food RN
  • Put on a plastic lid (plastic is important because the vinegar will rust a metal lid)
Non-Toxic DIY Fabric Softener | Real Food RN
  • Shake
  • Use as you would your regular fabric softener, during the rinse cycle
  • Smile and know that you are not coating yourself and your family in toxic chemicals just to have soft clothes ๐Ÿ™‚
Non-Toxic DIY Fabric Softener | Real Food RN

User tip: If you want your clothes even softer, then add wool dryer balls to the dryer with your laundry. We do this and it’s awesome! I add some essential oils directly onto the balls, too, for an extra oomph of scent. You can even make your own dryer balls following this DIY how-to.

How to Get Started with Essential Oils

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Non-Toxic DIY Fabric Softener | Real Food RN

15 Replies to “Non-Toxic DIY Fabric Softener”

  1. I made this fabric softener today, and have completed a few loads of laundry. Wow! My clothes smell amazing, and are so much softer than using plain vinegar.

    I used Young Living’s Copaiba Vanilla conditioner – Thanks so much for sharing such a great recipe!

  2. Can you post a link on how to make your own dryer balls the one on this post can no longer be reached. Thank You

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