2-Ingredient DIY Baby Shampoo

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2-Ingredient DIY Baby Shampoo | Real Food RN

My kids love to make messes, and this leads to lots of baths! The challenge is getting them clean, while not letting them soak in a chemical soup. We have used every “natural baby shampoo” on the market, and most of them work great. Unfortunately, I’m not such a huge fan of their prices! I decided to make my own because it saves some cash and I know exactly what my kids are bathing in. Plus, it makes their baby skin even softer! Need I say more?!

Now, when you read the ingredient list below you might think “Dr. Bronners? That stuff is like $16 a bottle!”  Have no fear, you only use 1 cup for each batch of shampoo… which means you can make 4 bottles of shampoo from one bottle of Dr. Bronners. These are big bottles of shampoo, and they last a long time. Coconut oil is cheap and the lavender oil is optional.

DIY Baby Shampoo

You will need:


  • Mix everything together and put into a plastic container (no glass in the tub!)
  • Shake it up
  • Done!
  • We re-used an old Burt’s Bee’s Baby Shampoo container
  • *Note: Make sure to lather and rinse very well. I just lather, scrub and rinse right away. If not rinsed well enough, your kiddo will look like a greasy little monkey! But after soaking in that tub with the shampoo in the water, their skin is so soft!

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2-Ingredient DIY Baby Shampoo | Real Food RN

29 Replies to “2-Ingredient DIY Baby Shampoo”

  1. how important is it to get the baby mild soap? We have a lot of those soaps locally but not the baby mild. should I just order it online or is another scent ok too?

    1. It is a complete mystery to me! I was worried about this and it has yet to happen. We live in Minnesota and our basement (where the bathtub is) gets cool in the winter….and the coconut oil still doesn’t solidify! Maybe the soap prevents it? I am not entirely sure. But, I am glad it doesn’t because this shampoo is wonderful and has saved us some serious cash!

  2. How do you keep your kiddos hair from looking greasy, I used it on my 3 and rinsed well but there hair still looked greasy, on the upside though they had soft skin and hair

    1. I found that my kids hair would look greasy if I left the shampoo in for a while. If I just soap up, lather and rinse right away their hair gets clean and is not left greasy.

  3. Hi,
    I tried this with my son but have noticed a white film all over everything. Also, everything has a greasy feeling to it now (the tub, his toys). Did anybody else experience this? Did I do something wrong?

  4. How many days last this shampoo recipe stay without fungi or mold n yeast without perservative . If want last then please suggest me perservative name which use in it .

  5. Is there an alternative to coconut oil? Fractionated coconut oil goes rancid on mine, my husband’s and my baby’s skin. So when coconut oil is used and any lingers on the skin, we smell like rancid oil within hours. So I’m trying to find a natural shampoo that doesn’t contain coconut oil, but is still safe if some gets in my baby’s mouth. He’s at the age where he puts everything in his mouth in an instant.

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