Asian Tuna Salad (LifeCafe Copycat Recipe)

You'll love this twist on classic tuna salad. It has the most amazing flavors! Perfect for a light lunch or snack.

The gym that my family goes to has a cafe in it that has some pretty awesome food. It’s so hard not to stop in there on the way out and eat it all after a hard workout. The reason I resist is because I could spend a small fortune on all of the goodies in there. One of their items, however, draws me in there frequently: their Asian tuna salad. It has the most amazing flavor!!!

Finally one day I snapped a photo of the ingredients list and went home determined to recreate it in my own kitchen and save some cash. The clerk behind the register told me that many people have said they were going to try to figure out the recipe for it. Ooh, now it was a challenge! After much tweaking, and one chili powder incident, I have re-created it. Victorious! So, here is my LifeCafe copycat Asian Tuna Salad recipe…

Asian Tuna Salad
Yield: Makes about 2 cups

Asian Tuna Salad

You'll love this twist on classic tuna salad. It has the most amazing flavors! Perfect for a light lunch or snack.



    1. Combine the first 5 ingredients in a large mixing bowl and stir to combine.
    2. Next add the tamari, chili powder, cayenne, and sesame oil to taste. Sometimes I like it spicier, sometimes I like more salt, etc.
    3. Finally, add the cranberries and sesame seeds and serve.
    4. I like to eat it on a bed of lettuce or in individual romaine leaves like a tuna salad burrito. My favorite way to serve it is on top of lettuce, but you can also serve it with your favorite gluten-free bread.


Make your own homemade mayo here.



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Asian Tuna Salad (LifeCafe Copycat Recipe) | Real Food RN
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