Paleo Cookies: 50 Paleo Holiday Cookie Recipes

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Paleo Cookies: 50 Paleo Holiday Cookie Recipes | Real Food RN

So they told you that going grain and gluten free was good for your health did they? Well, they were right. We did the same thing. You know what? We have never felt better!

But what the heck are you supposed to do when the holidays arrive with all of their festive cookies and fruit cakes? Eat them! Yes, you can have all of the goodies when the holidays arrive, you just have to be smart about it–with these paleo cookies!

Make your own, make them pretty, bring them to your parties. No one has to know.

That’s exactly why I put together this collection of my favorite Paleo Holiday Cookie Recipes. Have your cookie, cake, or favorite sweet treat. But, as with everything, enjoy in moderation. These are still sweet treats after all. Happy Holidays!

First, I just want to give you a few cookie making tips. There are three tools that I simply can’t make cookies without. If you don’t have them, then order them immediately and save yourself many headaches in the kitchen!

➜ Cookie Scoop: it makes the perfect uniform cookie every single time, and does not stick to the scoop. MUST. HAVE.

➜ Silpat: a silicon baking mat that eliminates stuck on cookies. CAN’T. LIVE. WITHOUT.

Stand Mixer: two words: hands free. ‘Nuff said.

Paleo Cookies: Paleo Holiday Cookie Recipes

(Click on the photo to get the recipe)

Chocolate Cookies:


Gingerbread Cookies: 


Fruit & Nut Cookies:


Sugar Cookies & Cutouts:


No Bake Cookies:


Pumpkin Cookies: 




Other Cookies:

If you want to find a great resource that has all of the best Paleo ingredients all in one place, you can check it out HERE. Thrive Market put together the best of the best and then offers them for a fraction of the cost, and its delivered to your door! We order from them every single month!

Which of these are YOU going to try first? Do you have a favorite recipe you would like to share? I would love to hear about it in the comments below!

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Paleo Cookies: 50 Paleo Holiday Cookie Recipes | Real Food RN

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