Over 70 Easy & Delicious Paleo Fish Recipes

If you're trying to get your family to eat more fish, here are over 70 delicious, healthy, and paleo fish recipes. There's something for everyone to try!
Over 70 Easy & Delicious Paleo Fish Recipes | Real Food RN
Over 70 Easy & Delicious Paleo Fish Recipes | Real Food RN

Okay, I’m coming clean here: I don’t enjoy eating fish. My family might just disown me right here and right now. My uncle hosts a pretty popular fishing show here in the Midwest called “Good Fishing“, and my family eats a lot of fish because of that.

Check it out, we caught quite the haul that day. You like my Elvis glasses? Classy!


Oh, and one quick plug: check out my uncle Babe’s Gluten Free Fish Breading! Fry your fish with some of this and lotsa butter, and you should be good to go! With a gluten-free batter, you can make some serious paleo fish recipes!

I grew up catching fish “up north” at the cabin with my Gramps. Then we would soak them in his special solution that got rid of the “fish taste”. Man, I wish I knew what was in that! Vinegar? Baking soda? Magic? Whatever it was, it made the fish taste better to me. That, and the fact that my Granny fried them in lotsa butter! Yeah, the butter helps.

As the years went buy, and I became more educated about Real Food, I quickly learned that (properly sourced) fish is a very healthy food. I ate salmon from my co-op throughout my pregnancies so I could achieve optimal baby-brain-growing powers!

Again, my co-op had to make it taste good. I could not. I tried. I failed.

So, fast-forward and I am now trying my best to get my kids (and myself) to eat fish on the regular. I decided to enlist some of my blogger buddies. I begged for their best fish recipes “that don’t taste like fish”. They obliged. Let’s do this! I want everyone to enjoy tasty, easy paleo fish recipes.

Easy Paleo Fish Recipes

Homemade Baked Salmon Bellies | Real Food RN





Other Fish:

Citrus Shrimp with Guacamole | Real Food RN

Other Seafood:

If you want to find a great resource that has all of the best Paleo ingredients all in one place, you can check it out HERE. Thrive Market puts together the best of the best and then offers them for a fraction of the cost, and it’s delivered to your door! We order from them every single month!

Well, which one are you going to try first? Have any great fish recipes to share? I would love to hear about them in the comments below! 

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Over 70 Easy & Delicious Paleo Fish Recipes | Real Food RN
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2 Replies to “Over 70 Easy & Delicious Paleo Fish Recipes”

  1. Babe Winkelman is your uncle??!! When my nephew was about three years old, he would watch your uncle’s fishing program and to emulate your uncle, would stand in the yard with his fishing pole. Talking to his “audience”, pretending to fish and giving his audience fishing tips!

    If I can find that video from almost 22 years ago, I have to email it to you. Looking forward to trying your recipes!

    1. That is so awesome Candace! Yeah he’s a great guy, I used to try to talk to him and my cousins through my TV screen when I was little 🙂

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