Healthy Halloween Treats

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Healthy Halloween Treats | Real Food RN

We follow a Real Food diet in our household which means that we don’t eat all of the pre-packaged junk filled with artificial flavorings and colorings. However, I do not completely deprive my kids of all things junky. We do go trick-or-treating and my kids do get the store bought candy in their little pumpkin pails. Our rule is that they can have a few choice pieces of candy on Halloween night after they collect all of their loot….then the next day we bring the leftover candy in to work and donate it to our co-workers. The kids don’t feel deprived and we get to make our co-workers happy too! Win, win!

I am very big on educating my children about food and why some is good for us, while other kinds are not so good.  I have really found success in this method because it allows my children to make educated decisions about their food choices, when it’s their decision they are much more likely to do it. My daughter has refused sugary treats many times on her own free will because “candy makes me sick”….I did not force her to say that, I just gave her the facts and she made her own choice. This year I gave her another option: “Do you want healthy Halloween treats or Halloween candy?” She chose healthy Halloween treats. Victory! This sent me on a mission to find some good ones. So here is the list:

First let me start with some of my own healthy candy alternatives….

*get your cute candy molds HERE

Now for the goodies that I found in the blogosphere….

I would like to give the disclaimer that although these recipes do not contain artificial colors and flavors they are still sweets. You should enjoy in moderation. Blood sugar regulation is a key to good health so eating sweets all day can only lead you one direction. Everything in moderation. Enjoy!!!

Happy Halloween!!!

Healthy Halloween Treats | Real Food RN

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Healthy Halloween Treats | Real Food RN

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8 Replies to “Healthy Halloween Treats”

  1. These are GREAT recipes! There is so much junk that goes into our kid’s bodies, but sometimes completely depriving them of candy and goodies that other kids often get can be torture.
    There’s some really cute ideas on things to do for Halloween in an article on Scrubs Magazine . Since you’re a nurse I’m thinking that you’re coworkers might enjoy some of these great ideas.

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