The Sneaky Way That I Eat Liver Every Day (and why it’s so important)

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The Sneaky way that I eat Liver Every Day (and why it's so important) | Real Food RN

Okay, so here’s the deal…I hate liver. There I said it. I have tried every kind of pate on the market and I have attempted numerous techniques to get liver down the old pie hole every day. Nope, I still don’t like it. But let’s face it, liver is one of the most nutrient-dense foods on the planet and it has been a staple food for women of childbearing age for many generations in traditional cultures. So I really have to eat liver!

Why does liver get such a bad rap? First, it tastes different than the animal products we are used to eating. If you didn’t grow up eating it regularly, you probably won’t enjoy the flavor. Second, many people believe that it stores the toxins from the body because it is the chief detoxifying organ.

Well, guess what? It does not store the toxins, it neutralizes (breaks them down) and filters them out. We store toxins in our fat, nervous tissues, and bones. So if you enjoy eating brains and fatty cuts of meat, make sure you properly source them! Ahem, moving on…

Here is why you should eat liver too:

  • It contains high amounts of Vitamin A, B Vitamins, Folic Acid, CoQ10 and Iron
  • It’s the number one food source of Copper, the body can’t maintain normal magnesium levels in the blood if copper is low
  • It contains high amounts of selenium, which is essential for keeping the mercury levels low in our bodies
  • It contains Choline, which is essential for brain & nerve activity

Check out this nutritional profile when compared to a few other foods. Pretty impressive! 

(Thanks Chris Kresser for the chart)

The Sneaky way that I eat Liver Every Day (and why it's so important) | Real Food RN

To debunk another myth: “I might get sick from raw liver because it can contain parasites.”

Here is what to do about that: put the liver in your deep freeze for three weeks before you use it. That length of time frozen will kill any offenders.

So here is my method…

The Sneaky Way That I Eat Liver Every Day

The Sneaky Way That I Eat Liver Every Day

If you have a hard time eating liver, try this method to get more into your diet.


  • 1 grass-fed liver (lamb liver has the least "livery" taste so I use that. I can get one for <$2.00 at my local co-op)
  • 1-2 heads fresh garlic, peeled (The garlic hides the liver flavor....and has added health benefits!)
  • 1 food processor
  • 2 Tbsp Himalayan Sea Salt, for added mineral content
  • 1-2 cups raw milk, for soaking the liver (enough to cover the liver)


  • Thaw out your liver place into a glass storage bowl.
  • Pour milk on top and cover, let soak in the fridge overnight. This process further diminishes the liver taste. This step is optional.

  • Take out of the fridge, rinse off and cut into chunks. Then, discard milk.
  • Place liver, garlic, and salt into food processor.

  • Process on high until creamy.

  • Spoon into ice cube trays, using a cookie scoop works best.

  • Freeze over night.

  • Pop out of ice cube trays and place into a freezer bag.

  • Each day take a new cube out of the freezer and put in a dish to thaw out in the fridge. This way it will be ready for you to eat the next day.


Find raw milk here.

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Here is what it looks like just before I scoop it up and chase it with kombucha! 

Now if I still don’t have you convinced then you can always take desiccated liver pills, which are just dried liver powder in capsule form. I took them for years! But, making your own liver supplement is much cheaper and that is why I came up with my current method. Good luck on your adventures with liver! May the force be with you!

Watch the video below for a video how-to making these liver cubes

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The Sneaky way that I eat Liver Every Day (and why it's so important) | Real Food RN
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