The Sneaky Way That I Eat Liver Every Day (and why it’s so important)

Liver is one of the most nutrient-dense foods on the planet and it has been a staple food for women of childbearing age for many generations in traditional cultures. But if you hate eating liver, like I used to, then you gotta try this method to get more into your diet.
The Sneaky Way That I Eat Liver Every Day (and why it's so important) | Real Food RN

Okay, so here’s the deal…I hate liver. There I said it. I have tried every kind of pate on the market and I have attempted numerous techniques to get liver down the old pie hole every day. Nope, I still don’t like it. But let’s face it, liver is one of the most nutrient-dense foods on the planet and it has been a staple food for women of childbearing age for many generations in traditional cultures. So I really have to eat liver!

Why does liver get such a bad rap? First, it tastes different than the animal products we are used to eating. If you didn’t grow up eating it regularly, you probably won’t enjoy the flavor. Second, many people believe that it stores the toxins from the body because it is the chief detoxifying organ.

Well, guess what? It does not store the toxins, it neutralizes (breaks them down) and filters them out. We store toxins in our fat, nervous tissues, and bones. So if you enjoy eating brains and fatty cuts of meat, make sure you properly source them! Ahem, moving on…

Here is why you should eat liver too:

  • It contains high amounts of Vitamin A, B Vitamins, Folic Acid, CoQ10 and Iron
  • It’s the number one food source of Copper, the body can’t maintain normal magnesium levels in the blood if copper is low
  • It contains high amounts of selenium, which is essential for keeping the mercury levels low in our bodies
  • It contains Choline, which is essential for brain & nerve activity

Check out this nutritional profile when compared to a few other foods. Pretty impressive! 

(Thanks Chris Kresser for the chart)

The Sneaky way that I eat Liver Every Day (and why it's so important) | Real Food RN

To debunk another myth: “I might get sick from raw liver because it can contain parasites.”

Here is what to do about that: put the liver in your deep freeze for three weeks before you use it. That length of time frozen will kill any offenders.

So here is my method…

The Sneaky Way That I Eat Liver Every Day

The Sneaky Way That I Eat Liver Every Day

If you have a hard time eating liver, try this method to get more into your diet.


  • 1 grass-fed liver (lamb liver has the least "livery" taste so I use that. I can get one for <$2.00 at my local co-op)
  • 1-2 heads fresh garlic, peeled (The garlic hides the liver flavor....and has added health benefits!)
  • 1 food processor
  • 2 Tbsp Himalayan Sea Salt, for added mineral content
  • 1-2 cups raw milk, for soaking the liver (enough to cover the liver)


  • Thaw out your liver place into a glass storage bowl.
  • Pour milk on top and cover, let soak in the fridge overnight. This process further diminishes the liver taste. This step is optional.

  • Take out of the fridge, rinse off and cut into chunks. Then, discard milk.
  • Place liver, garlic, and salt into food processor.

  • Process on high until creamy.

  • Spoon into ice cube trays, using a cookie scoop works best.

  • Freeze over night.

  • Pop out of ice cube trays and place into a freezer bag.

  • Each day take a new cube out of the freezer and put in a dish to thaw out in the fridge. This way it will be ready for you to eat the next day.


Find raw milk here.

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Here is what it looks like just before I scoop it up and chase it with kombucha! 

Now if I still don’t have you convinced then you can always take desiccated liver pills, which are just dried liver powder in capsule form. I took them for years! But, making your own liver supplement is much cheaper and that is why I came up with my current method. Good luck on your adventures with liver! May the force be with you!

Watch the video below for a video how-to making these liver cubes

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The Sneaky Way That I Eat Liver Every Day (and why it's so important) | Real Food RN
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106 Replies to “The Sneaky Way That I Eat Liver Every Day (and why it’s so important)”

  1. Oh sweet Jesus no. Not even if it was covered in chocolate. I hate liver too, and I don’t even think I could eat it like this, especially when it looks like it was already ate one time. blah!

    1. Hi Mitzy,I give my dogs raw liver as it is very good for them and i also eat it with them
      and i love it plus it is very healthy.
      Rick from UK.

  2. We like liver; beef, pork, lamb, calf anything but chicken. Then we started raising meat rabbits. Wow, that’s the best! Dipped in flour fried in a little butter and peppered.

    1. I’m a real fan of liver… but ONLY chicken liver. I find it hard to stop eating it. Hope i don’t get a toxic build-up of vitamin A.

      1. Hi Kate, Thank you! I have followed your recipe. I HATE liver but I am trying this. On day 4 and doing good doing liver shots. I have weighed my amt. and its only .6 ozs. I hope its enough…I cant imagine having to chase more than that down. I am doing it every day. Praying it helps me!

        1. Yay Jean, I hope it helps you! Pay attention to your mood and energy, that’s what I get the most help with from taking this!

    1. Just easier to cut partially thought liver into swallowable pieces then refreeze then partially thaw the pieces you would like to eat daily and just swallow them with water that’s what I do very efficient.

  3. What about grinding it in the food processor and adding it to meatloaf, meatballs, etc? I’ve heard this is a good way to do it, but haven’t tried it yet. Have you? Can you taste it? I have four kids and am trying to give them optimal health and nutrition, but this is on my list of things to do that I am not looking forward too…..

  4. When you were taking desiccated liver pills how many did you take each day? I just added them to my diet and have been taking 2/day but wasn’t really sure what I needed.

  5. You mentioned putting the liver in your deep freezer for a few weeks. If you don’t have a deep freezer, will just a regular freezer [attached to refrigerator] work? Sorry if that seems like an asinine question, I’m new to all of this & just want to make sure I do everything correctly! Thanks 🙂

  6. Oh I want to eat liver so badly for its health benefits but I just. can’t. do. it. I’ve tried blending it up and mixing it with ground beef for spaghetti all
    Covered and disguised in sauce and noodles and I still kinda gag with each bite knowing its in there. I’m going to try the baby dose: shaved frozen bits on my eggs.

    1. I’m not sure, I have not tried. I think it is the actual milk proteins that remove the flavor. Give it a try though and let me know

  7. Meredith, that was my question as well. I don’t think anything but actual milk will do. I can’t get raw milk here in Canada so organic will have to do. I do not think I can get my 4 year old to take this…going to have to be sneaky, since the last time I got two tiny bites into her.

  8. I’ve always been told never to re-freeze meat so I’m curious as to it’s safety using this method? I do cook liver in all my ground beef recipes and everyone loves it. I’ve also noticed that meat products from grass-fed beef differs from farm to farm. My source of beef tastes way different than my mom’s! I didn’t like my mom’s source but where I get mine tastes awesome – even the liver!

  9. Hmm interesting. So I’m guessing eating a cube a day you wont have to worry about eating too much liver as Vitamin A toxicity, etc from the high amounts in liver? But my god, Raw Milk is one of my fav things, and so expensive, is the raw milk a must? I usually make raw milk kefir and its like magical gold to me, I dont wanna waste any. What I was thinking of doing as I ferment my milk till its very sour then sweeten it with non gmo stevia, what I was thinking of is maybe poppin in a cube into my two cups of kefir after its thawed a bit and blend.. The kefir is very strong it masks many tastes. Hmm we shall see. Grass fed finished liver is mucho cheapo, but I was always paranoid about eating large amount because its so concentrated… But I know many people take small amounts of it daily… interesting.

    1. The milk part is optional, just to reduce the liver flavor. I don’t think that coconut milk would work as well. Just skip that step.

  10. I don’t mean to be daft but this is not cooked correct? It’s best to use lamb liver if it’s raw. Doesn’t mad cow disease live in the organs of the cow? I read something years ago about cases of mad cow being higher in the UK because they have more organ meat in their diet. Have you heard of this before?

    1. Source is right. Clean meat means clean organs. We get our liver from a local grass-fed beef farm that is pristine. I feel very safe eating their livers.

  11. Ok, the ice cube made me think smoothie. I hide so much in a smoothie for my kids. I wonder if you could it with this? I take desiccated liver when I can afford it.

  12. I haven’t tried this but hopefully will someday. Another dreaded food for me is sardines which I read is extremely healthy. Any tips for overcoming its taste?

    1. How about anchovies instead of sardines? I have seen Rachael Ray use a tube of tomato paste that has anchovies. So I looked it up, they seem fairly close nutritionally. Im not a fish person, so this caught my attention. She says it melts and cant be tasted. Just adds zing to the flavor. Since then Ive also seen anchovie paste. This is my first day of researching recipes for Paleo. Ive recently lost over 100lbs, and changed my A1C from 13 to 4, using the Atkins diet. Ive yoyo’d before so a relative suggested Paleo. Looks like I hit the Jackpot for info here. Thank you so much for sharing.

      1. Jackpot! I think you could try subbing anchovies. Let me know how it turns out, maybe I will give it a try too! The sardines actually don’t have that strong of a flavor. I don’t like a fishy taste, and I can tolerate sardines!

  13. I love liver but there's no way I could eat it raw or pureed like that – lol. Beef liver, onions and bacon go together so well, and doing the mild soak first makes it even milder. Liver slices the size you'd use for a stir fry dish (more palatable looking for those who dread the "L" word) dredged lightly in seasoned flour, then cooked in the bacon fat in the pan where you've first cooked bacon, then add onions and liver, then toss in kale or spinach to wilt at the end and the saute dish doesn't look like liver anymore. 🙂

  14. Do you put this in your children’s smoothies with the garlic in it too? Funnily enough, I can handle the idea of sneaking liver into their smoothies, but garlic? Some one would smell a rat! (or a liver!)

  15. Not so sure this counts as “sneaky.” Sneaky should be hidden not pulverized and eating straight. but your blog is super cute! Excited to keep exploring.

  16. Hi! I’m going to try this! Do you think it would be good to give to little kids like three times a week? We already eat liver at least once a week. Our is has usually been frozen for at least two weeks.

  17. I eat my raw liver by cutting it in chunks small enough to swallow without chewing, plug my nose, and swallow each bit with water or milk. I’m fine with letting the aftertaste linger, as one of these days, I’ll have an acquired taste for it and I’ll thank myself for the effort. In just a day of consuming it, I’ve stopped sensitive teeth to sweets and temperature, I sealed quite a few cavities over with this method, and stopped a few severe toothaches in just 12 hours of consuming about 4 oz, on repeated occasions (the kind that can cause you to want to terminate your life), no dental visits needed. I have between 2 and 4 oz a day most days of the week and I have no plans to consume it intermittently like I used to when getting toothaches. It’s permanent and daily now. Liver saved my life, and my teeth, when it came to those tooth aches.

    I tried pate so I could formally dine on the liver and not have to draw attention to myself when swallowing it in chunks, and was just revolted, but it gave me some interest in caramelized onions in butter!

    1. I’ve read that 3oz two times per week is sufficient. Two to four ounces a day could lead to an overdose of Vitamin A which has negative consequences. I’m not a medical professional, just a natural food lover. You could ask a dietician or doctor. I hope that’s helpful.

  18. I have been sneaky with liver in meatloaf and meatballs..My husband didn’t even noticed. It was delicious!!!

  19. Yes liver is delicious and super healthy! However, chris kresser chart is very inaccurate, especially with vitamin a information. Carrots and liver are the best sources for vitamin a.

  20. Thanks for the article! But a piece of your nutritional information is incorrect; liver contains FOLATE not folic acid. Folic acid is a synthetic form of folate and must be broken down by the body into usable folate. Some people (estimated 41% of the general population) cannot break down folic acid and must eat natural folate sources in order to get this nutrient. People like this (of whom I am one), need to avoid folic acid and eat folate rich foods such as liver. Folate and folic acid, unfortunately, are terms used interchangeably in many articles and on ingredient and nutritional information on packaging which is most unhelpful.

  21. I am trying just drinking the frozen chunks with a strong beet kvass drink that covers up the flavor. So far so good!

  22. I used to do this also! I haven’t in awhile, and your post reminded me of how much I miss it. (not the taste, but the energy boost and mental clarity it would bring). I would puree it so I wouldn’t have to chew it. lol I have liver defrosting in the fridge as I type this. 😉 Thanks for the inspiration!

  23. Thanks for sharing! I tried this recently (minus the milk step) and all my liver cubes became rock solid in the ziplock bag and wouldn’t come apart. Do you have any advice to prevent this from happening in the future?

  24. Hi Kate! What a great idea! I love liver and I’ve gotten used to it fried, salt pepper and garlic. Ours comes frozen, sliced, so I just cut it into 1/2 to 1 inch chunks and cook a few when I want. Shh, no one knows but you. And I got used to sardines by totally flooding them with lemon juice and mashing them. Now I don’t mind anymore. Hope that helps.

  25. Ok so you have this everyday? That’s amazing ! Do you have any references for daily consumption of liver ?

  26. I LOVE liver! my hubbie can’t stand it. I usually wait till he he won’t be home for dinner, make it & ir out the smell of it cooking.

  27. About how many oz of liver would you estimate in each ice cube. Juts looking at the nutrition for each based on that. Thanks

  28. The idea is intriguing. I really try hard to be good about eating my liver. And I do not like it! I am curious if there is a downside to the fact that the frozen liver is thawed, then refrozen, and thawed again before eating? Thanks for your insights on this.

  29. I love the taste of liver, chicken liver the most. I eat it twice a day, boil it from frozen in sea salts water with herbs and spices and a rasher of nitrate free bacon. 🤝

  30. Not sure if you’ll be able to answer but I just want to check with you what I’ve been doing with my beef liver. I make liver fillets and freeze them for couple of weeks then put them in milk and grill them on high heat using a frying tray for 2 – 3 minutes each side just to kill any parasites and leave the inside pinkish. Am I overdoing it thus killing it’s nutritious value – Thanks!

  31. Okay, been anemic most my life and I’m finally going to take the advice and address it with liver. I bought grass fed frozen beef liver from Whole Foods. Can I use it? Should I thaw, blend and re freeze?I haven’t found a good source of fresh where I live. Or, should I cook it then blend it? Thanks! Your routine is very impressive and your child is quite lucky. 🙂

  32. This sounds like a great idea Kate, especially if you can tolerate beef liver. I personally tried beef liver capsules before and it did not agree with me so I decided to try chicken livers and I could tolerate it a whole lot better. But my question about your adventure with beef liver is: how much per day of the beef liver are you getting?

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