Teacher Gift Ideas Using Essential Oils

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Teacher Gift Ideas Using Essential Oils | Real Food RN

Can there even be a gift good enough for an amazing teacher? My children have been lucky enough to be blessed with some fantastic teachers who are not only engaging but also compassionate and kind. We have been so thankful!

In the spirit of giving this holiday season, we wanted to give back. Give them something REAL NICE. 

Essential oils make my day better. Every day. Period. So naturally, I looked to my oils for inspiration.

Hmm, let’s see, what could a teacher use to make his/her day a little better? How about some oils that help to elevate the mood (both teacher and classroom), or oils that offer immune support (for when “the crud” is going around), or perhaps some oils to help with occasional stress. Yep, there is definitely an oil for all of those! So my kids and I put our heads together, snooped around on Pinterest, and came up with some really great, and easy ideas!

We wanted to share them with you so you can spread the cheer this holiday season without breaking the bank! I hope you find them to be useful teacher gift ideas using essential oils!

Teacher Gift Ideas Using Essential Oils:

Let’s start with a really fun one to do with your kids! You can make these pendants together! 

❄ Essential oil pendant necklaces with the oil of your choice:

pendant necklaces

What you need: 

  • A pendant necklace (you can either make them using THIS recipe)
  • Oils of your choice, I suggest: Lavender, Stress Away, Peace & Calming, Joy, Christmas Spirit, or Brain Power
  • A cute little bag — like these
  • A note card to write instructions on how to use the diffuser necklace. I write: “You simply apply oils to the leather disc (or clay pendant) and wear your necklace. The heat from your body gives off the scent from the oil so you can enjoy it all day long. You can layer oils or switch them up throughout the day”
  • You can also make these into ornaments for their Christmas tree using this tutorial

❄ Relaxing bath salts:

bath salts

What you need: 

  • Small jars — like these (you can also find some really cute bottles and jars HERE)
  • Epsom salts — where to find 
  • Oils of your choice, I suggest: Lavender, Stress Away, Joy, Peace & Calming, or Jasmine
  • Ribbon to decorate — I love using bakers twine


  • Fill your jar half full with Epsom salts
  • Drop about 10-15 drops of the oil of your choice onto the salts
  • Cover jar and shake
  • Add more salts to the jar, almost to the top
  • Add more oils
  • Cover and shake
  • Decorate and jar with ribbon and label if you wish

❄ Roller bottles

roller bottles

These are for use during times of occasional stress, for mood-elevating assistance, or to support a healthy immune system

With a classroom full of kids, I have no doubt that these will be used daily!

What you need: 

  • Roller bottles (I prefer the bottles with the metal balls because citrus can degrade plastic, if you use citrus EO’s) — I like these (you can also find some really cute bottles and jars HERE)
  • Carrier oil — I use this one
  • Oils of your choice, I suggest: Lavender, Stress Away, Joy, Valor, Immupower, or Peace & Calming
  • Notecard for instructions. I usually write up a little info about the oil that I added to the bottle and then tell them to apply to their jawline, over their heart, or on their wrists as needed


  • Add 10-15 drops of the oils of your choice to the bottle
  • Top off with carrier oil
  • Apply roller top and lid
  • Put it a cute little bag with your instruction card, like these

❄ Room Spray

room spray

This spray can be used to help eliminate odors (Purification), or to provide a relaxing environment. Your teacher can use it at home or in the classroom!

What you need: 

  • 4 oz small colored glass spray bottle (you can also find some really cute bottles and jars HERE)
  • 1 Tbsp isopropyl alcohol (you could even use vodka or everclear)
  • Distilled water
  • Oils of your choice, I suggest: Purification, Lavender, Stress Away, Joy, or Peace & Calming
  • Labels or ribbon to decorate jar — I like these chalkboard labels


  • Add 20 drops of the essential oil of your choice to the bottle
  • Add alcohol to spray bottle
  • Use water to top it off
  • Shake and use as needed
  • Decorate and label jar, package how you would like

❄ Water bottles with oils

water bottle

Adding oils to your water provides flavor and support for a healthy immune system!

This gift is something that I received and LOVE. In the winter months, we can get easily dehydrated from the dry air. Keeping a water bottle on your desk can be a reminder to keep drinking water throughout the day. Plus, if you add essential oils to the water it makes your water even more enjoyable to drink. I love to make “fizzy water” using this tool, and then add citrus oils. I could drink it all day long! I do drink it all day long!

The reason why we need to use glass water bottles is that citrus oils can degrade the plastic over time. But, who wants a glass bottle that could get broken in a classroom! I gotcha covered, I was gifted THIS awesome shatterproof water bottle. Problem solved!

What you need:

  • 1 water bottle — I highly recommend this one
  • Oils of your choice. You will need to give one bottle of oil with the water bottle. The citrus oils are my favorite: Lemon, Orange, Tangerine, or Lime. You can also try Thieves (for immune support)


  • Package these up as you would like and explain the benefits of hydration and how the oils help staying hydrated a tasty experience. You can also explain more about Thieves, if you choose that oil: “When taken internally, Thieves supports healthy immune function, and it includes Eucalyptus radiata essential oil, which may help maintain a healthy respiratory system. When taken as a dietary supplement, Thieves is an ideal complement to a daily wellness regimen” (source)

Well, those were my favorite gift ideas for teachers using essential oils. We like to make and decorate gifts, so that’s why I put this list together. I hope your teachers love them too!

teacher gifts


What teacher gift ideas have you given to teachers during the holidays? I love hearing about new and creative ideas! I would love to hear about them in the comments below! 

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Teacher Gift Ideas Using Essential Oils | Real Food RN

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