How to Make a Barbie Birthday Cake

How to Make a Barbie Birthday Cake | Real Food RN

My daughter spotted a Barbie Birthday Cake one day when I was looking on Pinterest for party ideas. There was no going back once she had that idea in her head! All of the recipes called for sugary processed cakes and ultra sugary frosting recipes. I wanted to stick with my rule of making a healthy birthday cake every year, that was still tasty! So after a little careful planning and a few prayers that the frosting would turn out…..I came up with the ultimate healthy Barbie Birthday Cake recipe!!! Now I have to admit that I did use a gluten-free box mix to make this cake because, to be honest, the thought of making a cake from scratch and then only to have it flop was something I could not handle! If the box mix didn’t turn out, oh well….just try another. But, it did turn out, and to my surprise it was actually very tasty and not nearly as sweet as the regular box mixes. Next year I plan to make one from scratch….

You will need:  


  • Oil cake pans
  • Mix up cake and divide half the batter evenly into the two cake rounds, and the other half of the batter remains in the mixing bowl
  • Bake according to directions
  • Allow to cool completely
  • On a platter, arrange the two cake rounds on top of each other and using a drinking glass cut a circle in the center (about 3″ across)
  • Now carefully place the cake from the mixing bowl on top of the rounds
  • Using a knife, cut a hole just big enough to fit barbie into her “skirt” (I placed a shot glass into the cake to balance Barbie on since I had to remove her legs)
  • Seal up the seams with the cake pieces you cut away to fit Barbie into the cake

How to Make a Barbie Birthday Cake | Real Food RN

  • Mix up frosting according to my recipe and divide into 2 servings

How to Make a Barbie Birthday Cake | Real Food RN

  • Frost the cake with half of the frosting, using a frosting knife (where to find)

How to Make a Barbie Birthday Cake | Real Food RN

  • Put cake into fridge and allow frosting to set, about an hour
  • I decorated the base with my homemade gummies and strawberries (the gummies provided a little extra protection against my kids getting sick from their guests at the party…..we all know the petrie dish that a group of kids can turn into!)

How to Make a Barbie Birthday Cake | Real Food RN

  • Put the rest of the frosting into a bowl and add in 1 Tbsp beet juice for color (or use this instead)
  • Mix well and put into cake decorator
  • When frosting is set, decorate using the cake decorator. Have fun with it!
  • Note: I am not a professional cake decorator so I am sure you can improve on this part of the cake (mine looks a little sloppy)

How to Make a Barbie Birthday Cake | Real Food RN

How to Make a Barbie Birthday Cake | Real Food RN

  • Place back into the fridge and allow it to set
  • Serve and enjoy!!!

How to Make a Barbie Birthday Cake | Real Food RN

Here is a look from behind, I had her propped up on a shot glass (not pictured, because I removed it in order to cut the cake)

How to Make a Barbie Birthday Cake | Real Food RN

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6 Replies to “How to Make a Barbie Birthday Cake”

  1. Just one little tid bit – when I make these cakes, I wrap the doll in plastic wrap so it does not get covered in cake or icing. I am not sure if that’s allowed with paleo but that way I was able to put my daughter’s new doll (that was a present for the party) in the cake. Love doll cakes!

    1. I’m going to make a doll cake for my 4yr old g/daughter this year. The plastic wrap sounds like a great idea, thank you!

  2. Pictures that work would have been nice. The ads cover them as soon as I scroll down. Not very useful article sadly, I would contact your ad service for blocking your content.

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