How to Flavor Your Kombucha To Make it Really Tasty!

Make your kombucha tastier with different flavors. It's very easy and delicious!
How to Flavor Your Kombucha To Make it Really Tasty! | Real Food RN

First, to learn how to brew your own Kombucha, check out my post HERE.

How to Flavor Your Kombucha

1) Use flavored tea when making Kombucha

The flavored teas that I use are from The Republic of Tea because I have found these teas to produce the strongest fruit flavors:

To make your Kombucha flavored during a SECOND FERMENT,  follow these tips:

2) Use fruit juice concentrate from the freezer section of your local co-op (organic of course)

  • The best flavors are the berry combinations
  • Let the can of juice come to room temperature
  • Use 1 Tbsp per bottle of Kombucha (16 0z bottles, I reuse THESE, but you can also use THESE)
  • Alternately, you can puree berries and use that, but I find it gets pretty murky in the bottle
  • Also, use fresh and bottled juices for a lower sugar option, using 1 Tbsp per bottle (this is the method I typically use because my kids don’t need extra sugar)
  • If it’s carbonation that you are looking for, I have found that pineapple and strawberry juice produce the most bubbly second ferment!

Do you brew kombucha? What flavorings do you use? I would love to hear about it in the comments below!

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How to Flavor Your Kombucha To Make it Really Tasty! | Real Food RN

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