Why I do Coffee Enemas

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Why I do Coffee Enemas | Real Food RN

Working in the profession that I do, enemas are a normal part of my work day. It is no surprise that certain therapies which I find to be effective at work will also trickle into my health practices at home, in the form of coffee enemas (yes, you read that right!). However, we do not use coffee in the hospital. Typically it’s either tap water or Fleet’s.

As I became ever increasingly interested in natural health and healing, I kept noticing mention of coffee enemas in the literature. Then when I learned that a friend of mine had been using them regularly I decided to give it a go. Wow, they are seriously amazing! After doing a coffee enema you feel a lift (and it’s not from the caffeine). Good energy, better mood, optimized digestion, and detoxification!

Need I say more?

But first, let me give a DISCLAIMER: I am not an MD, I am not prescribing these to you. I am simply writing about how and why I do these for my own health. If you wish to give these a try, then educate yourself and do them safely. I did a lot of researching before I tried them and made sure that they were something that would work well for me. My experience has been great, but I cannot speak for everyone who has tried them. Please exercise caution. Now, on with the show….

Why I do Coffee Enemas | Real Food RN

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How to do Coffee Enemas

What you need: 

  • 1 enema bucket (I use this one, but I am saving to buy this one)
  • Coffee enema coffee, I typically use 2 Tbsp (I only use this kind, because it is specific to coffee enemas and does not have any mold in it, my second favorite is this one because it also contains no mold)
  • Filtered water, I typically use between 2-4 cups
  • Teapot — where to find
  • French Press coffee maker — where to find

How to do it:

  • Boil the water and make coffee in your french press
  • Allow the coffee to cool enough that when you test it with your finger it doesn’t burn (or even feel hot)
  • Pour the coffee into the enema bucket, making sure that the lock is closed so the water doesn’t just pour out of the hose and all over the place (learned that the hard way!). Do this with the hose in the bathroom sink
  • Now, there are a ton of articles and books out there that say to lay down a towel and lay on the floor on your left side. I tried it that way but felt silly and very uncomfortable on the bathroom floor! I just sit on the toilet and put the enema bucket up high on the counter.
  • Insert the hose into your rectum and unlock the hose
  • Let gravity do it’s job and the coffee will just flow into your colon. Don’t tense up, as you will clamp down and slow with flow
  • After all of the coffee has drained out of the bucket, wash it out with soap and water and hang it in the shower to air dry
  • Go lie down, I usually make myself comfortable on the couch with my laptop and get some work done
  • Retain the enema for anywhere from 15-45 minutes. I typically do 30 minutes because I find that I feel the best after that length of time
  • Once your time is up, head to the bathroom and expel the coffee…sit there for a while, it can often come in waves
  • That’s it!
  • CAUTION: do not do coffee enemas if you have any open ulcerations in your intestinal tract. Also be very cautious when inserting the hose into your rectum, you do not want to perforate your bowels by using too much force! I do not recommend doing more than one of these enemas in a day. I am not being prescriptive in this post, I am simply describing my procedure that I do for my own health

…and now for some of the facts and reasons why I chose to do this….

Enemas date back to Egyptian times and have been used by people as a healing modality for centuries, even being used by royalty (King Louis XIII had more than 200 enemas in one year!) The use of coffee in the enemas was first used in WWI. The idea was actually though up by the nurses….nurses are so smart! The nurses thought: “Well, the coffee is doing the doctors good, maybe it will help the patients.” So they poured some coffee into the enema buckets and the patients reported that it helped relieve their pain.

Coffee enemas are used by holistic physicians for all sorts of conditions including:

  • cancer (The Gerson Therapy)
  • constipation (improves peristalsis)
  • fatigue
  • liver detoxification
  • insomnia
  • parasites
  • candida
  • cognitive issues (brain fog), they have also been shown to improve mood
  • to reduce systemic toxicity (by up to 700%, according to some reports!)

Coffee enemas can be done at home inexpensively. You just need a comfortable spot on the floor of your bathroom, or bathtub. As the coffee is retained in your bowel, the fluid goes through your intestinal wall, through the portal vein to your liver. The stimulating effects and healing compounds of coffee jumpstart your liver and gallbladder. Bile flows. There are compounds in coffee like kahweol and cafestol which spark production of glutathione, and that is a strong cleansing compound in your body, one that consumers pay good money for when they buy glutathione as a dietary supplement, or get IV injections of it. To make more glutathione naturally (by using a coffee enema) is awesome. (source)

I encourage you to read this book for all of the details if you are considering doing coffee enemas. Get your copy HERE

Screen Shot 2013-11-26 at 2.22.31 PM

Well, will you try doing coffee enemas? Or have you already tried them? I would love to hear about it in the comments below!

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Why I do Coffee Enemas | Real Food RN


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