How to Safely Eliminate Toxins in Your Home

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How to Safely Eliminate Toxins in Your Home | Real Food RN

I am blessed to be part of an AMAZING team of health and business minded women who are starting a revolution! We call ourselves Revolution Oils and we just started up an amazing new podcast that has been a huge hit! I had the privilege of being interviewed recently where we talked all about the toxic environment that we live in every day, and the steps you can take to lessen that toxic burden.

These steps are not only easy but also cost-effective! Plus, taking these steps can seriously reduce your risks of developing illness later in life! I want everyone to know How to Safely Eliminate Toxins in Your Home!

You can listen to the podcast using the player below. I have also provided links to iTunes and Stitcher.

➜ Listen via iTunes HERE

➜ Listen via Stitcher HERE

How to Safely Eliminate Toxins in Your Home

In this episode, you’ll discover:

  • What are you breathing in and using daily that could be damaging your health?
  • Recipes that will BENEFIT your health
  • Holistic healing has been around for so much longer than western medicine, so what if we step back and look back at older methods?
  • What are the standard chemicals we are surrounded by and how to avoid them
  • Many problems are linked to the chemicals in standard cleaners: cancer and auto immune disease
  • When you smell something like a new mattress or piece of furniture, that’s a chemical, not an aroma. It releases PDBD’s and this is a hormonal disrupter. HERE is where you can learn more about non-toxic the non-toxic mattress that we use and love!
  • Antibacterial soaps often have endocrine disrupters
  • Castile Soap (coconut oil base) or doctor Bronner’s is a better alternative
  • Bacteria and microorganisms are the first forms of life, they mutate, they change, so putting strong antibacterial chemicals into soaps, we are causing them to grow stronger, mutate, and change, which makes us have to increase our doses of antibiotics. And these mega doses are causing problems in our gut, which is where our immune system lives. There is a time and place for antibiotics, but educate yourself about when they are truly necessary
  • Humans have more bacteria cells than human cells
  • Natural cleaners WORK
  • Thieves cleaner can be used for nearly everything! It’s also very economical and can save you money
  • The word “fragrance” in products can be very toxic. It’s not a regulated phrase. Be careful
  • Fragrance is synthetic, essential oils are plant-derived and natural
  • My health routines and supplements: Ningxia Red, collagen in my mushroom coffee, diffusing oils every morning, downtime, meditation, mood oils, Frankincense for skin (here is my Frankincense Face Cream recipe)
  • Holistic and alternative health has to come from a desire from the patient because it is a lifestyle. It’s the whole body. It’s sleep, movement, diet, everything. Learn more about a health routine that works HERE
  • You need therapeutic grade essential oils. Period!

Items Mentioned in this Episode:

How to Get Started with Essential Oils:

Well, what did you think of the podcast? Will you be implementing some of these practices in your home and for your family? I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!

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How to Safely Eliminate Toxins in Your Home | Real Food RN
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