Why You Need a Non-Toxic Mattress

There are several options out there, some better than others. But after meticulous research, I’ve chosen Organix for my family. Not only is it the most amazingly comfortable bed I’ve ever slept on, I no longer need to worry that those I love are being poisoned as they sleep! This mattress does not emit toxins, period!

Why You Need a Non-Toxic Mattress | Real Food RN

What’s on Your Mattress? Toxic Mattress Facts Revealed: Why You Need a Non-Toxic Mattress!

You eat only healthy, whole foods. You exercise daily. You ensure you and your family get enough sleep. What else can you possibly do to improve your quality of life and health? Have you ever wondered if these healthy lifestyle choices just aren’t enough? No, I’m not going to tell you that you should be doing more. I’m going to let you in on a serious threat to you and your family’s well-being; something that you can do something about one time and then stop worrying about.

Let’s talk about where you sleep.

Let me ask you: do you know how toxic your mattress is? Yes, you heard me right. Most traditional mattresses give off toxic gasses that, over time, can cause all manner of health issues. When standard mattresses are manufactured, they are slathered and sprayed with all types of chemicals, including formaldehyde, boric acid, polyurethane foam, heavy metal antimony, and polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDE) — which is a flame retardant.

As of 2007, all mattresses are required to contain enough Fire Retardant to withstand a 2-foot wide blowtorch open flame for 70 seconds!

Nearly 92% of the market, or most major sleep product brands, use a highly controversial fire retardant due to its cost-efficiency.

Major manufacturers such as Simmons, Sealy, and Tempur-Pedic won’t divulge their flame-retardant formulas, which are considered trade secrets.

Fire blockers are one big problem, but not the only problem. There is synthetic material being added to polyurethane foams to make them behave differently, like memory foam. If you look HERE, under hazards, it lists seven known carcinogens that are added to foam to make it behave differently. So you compound the issue with the mandated fire concerns!

The government requires mattress manufacturers to test the individual chemicals they use, but do not require that they divulge the chemicals they do use, nor do they require these companies to test the chemicals together. Many researchers believe that although the individual chemicals pass the acceptable toxic output levels, the fumes put off in combination with all of the chemicals are causing many of these serious health issues. Since manufacturers aren’t required to test how they work in tandem, they simply don’t.

Now manufacturers and the government claim these chemicals are used on mattresses for our safety since none of us wants to, for example, wake up on fire. However, aren’t the toxic gasses that these traditional mattresses give off much more of a health hazard? I think so!

Studies show that these chemicals can lead to respiratory toxicity, and we are breathing them in all night long!

The chemicals applied to mattresses have been proven to be linked to asthma, allergies, neurological disorders, sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS), reproductive problems, thyroid disruption, and various forms of cancer. We not only have to worry about breathing in these toxic gasses, but researchers now believe that these chemicals can be absorbed through our skin, as PBDE has been found in the breast milk of nursing mothers.

While we sleep, our body goes into its recuperative, detoxification mode, but when we are bombarded by these fumes, it interrupts our sleep patterns and, rather than allowing us to detoxify, puts us in close contact with toxic chemicals that we would knowingly never subject ourselves to. It’s a double whammy, no detoxifying sleep, AND added chemicals into our systems!

These toxins are scary enough for adults, but much more harmful for infants and children. Most crib mattresses, as you know, are wrapped in plastic, which contains vinyl chloride. Researchers of SIDS believe that this very toxic chemical’s release of gasses is a fundamental cause of the syndrome. To top that off, infants and young children sleep many more hours than an adult, which means they are in more frequent contact with these chemicals. Also, since their bodies are still developing, their metabolisms progress at a faster rate, making them more vulnerable to toxins in their environment.

So, you ask, what can I do? How do I choose a safe, quality mattress for myself and my family?

There are several options out there, some better than others. But after meticulous research, I’ve chosen Organix for my family. Not only is it the most amazingly comfortable bed I’ve ever slept on, I no longer need to worry that those I love are being poisoned as they sleep! This mattress does not emit toxins, period! They even tested the air in the factory and the factory office. There were more emissions in the office (probably due to carpeting and cleaners) than there were in the mattress factory itself, now that is simply amazing! Check out these photos they sent me below…

In the office at the factory: TVOC 0.10 ppm

Why You Need a Non Toxic Mattress | Real Food RN

In the factory, right up against the mattress: TVOC 0.08 ppm! 

Where the gel is melted in the factory: TVOC 0.08 ppm (WOW!)

My husband had suffered from a stiff back and constant tossing and turning at night, previous to getting our Organix. He attributed it to his heavy lifting at the gym and multiple contact sports that he participated in. Once we got our new bed, his pain is gone. He actually sleeps without tossing and turning all night, and our chiropractor hasn’t seen us in months! We got the Motion Damping option, similar to those NASA foam mattresses on the market. I should probably try jumping on my bed with a glass of wine just to be sure that it really works (wink, wink)!

How does Organix provide healthy sleep?

➜ Organix Prevents Back Pain:  Most mattresses are made primarily with foam, which will sag up to 25% after two years, offering poor alignment support and sleeping posture. Organix’s Gel Matrix® column buckling technology has ZERO sag, maintaining optimal alignment and spine support while you’re sleeping.

➜ Organix Eliminates Tossing and Turning: By reducing pressure points up to 80% compared with typical foam mattresses which can contour to your body but once compressed create painful pressure points during sleep.

➜ Organix Provides Toxin-Free Sleep: It only uses materials that won’t off-gas, a toxic process where chemicals inside and outside the mattress emit fumes that you breathe in and absorb through your skin, which is a widespread problem because most foam mattresses contain toxic chemicals from foam fillers, adhesives, flame retardants, and waterproofing. Organix’s Gel Matrix® is made with food-grade mineral oil and no toxic compounds.

Here is what the mattress looks like with the gel exposed

Watch this video below to learn more, it’s amazing! 

Now here’s the really great news!

Organix is so awesome that I was able to talk them into offering YOU (my readers) a 10% discount PLUS free shipping, free sheets, and a free mattress protector (over $1000 value in a king size Tranquiliti or Sereniti). All you have to do is GO HERE and use the coupon code: REALFOODRN at checkout and you will save a full 10% off your order. That is a pretty big savings! My hope is to get one of these beds into everyone’s home. Collectively, we need to get the toxins out of our homes, especially when it comes to our babies!

These beds are even doctor recommended!

Watch this brief video below where Organix founder shows that Gel Matrix® technology offers much more relief from pressure than memory foam alone.

Please share this post with anyone you know who might be suffering from symptoms caused by a toxic mattress. Sometimes, it’s something as simple as switching out your mattress and your health issues begin to turn around! Keep our babies healthy too! Look how excited my little guy is in this video below…


If you want to learn even more about getting a good night’s sleep, then check out my 15 Sleep Enhancing Tips post. Tell me what you think. Will you ditch your toxic mattress in the name of good health? 

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Why You Need a Non-Toxic Mattress | Real Food RN


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5 Replies to “Why You Need a Non-Toxic Mattress”

  1. This is not something we can afford right now; is there a mattress cover that you can recommend that would keep the fumes/chemicals from reaching our skin?

    1. Hey Casey,
      I am not sure that there is a mattress cover that will completely block the VOC’s, as they are fumes. But, this one looks good for blocking other stuff: https://amzn.to/1QP5Dtr. We saved up for the bed, it is an investment, but totally worth it! I never remember sleeping this good!

  2. That’s very accurate of you to call them “non-toxic” mattresses. I myself find it interesting how people call non-toxic mattresses (or what they believe to be non-toxic mattresses) “organic”. Most toxic substances are organic chemistry-wise. There are not many inorganic toxic substances I can name off the top of my head. Lead and other heavy metals, acids… some of acids. But organic? There are so many of them.
    And most mattresses are organic. Polyurethane is organic. As is oil and gas. As are many chemical weapon agents… Yeah, steel and titanium spring do sound much better compared to that =)
    Although I do prefer memory foam myself. A guilty pleasure, I guess.

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