Why Miron Glass Jars Are the Best for Preserving Food

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Why Miron Glass Jars Are the Best for Preserving Food | Real Food RN

Miron glass jars are the bomb for storing and preserving everything from homemade beauty products to food. They are a beautiful violet-blue color that keeps the ingredients fresher for much longer than the average container. But we’ll go into that more in a bit.

Miron jars are manufactured by a number of different companies (my favorite one is Infinity Jars), but the concept of preserving precious ingredients in violet-blue glass jars isn’t new. The Egyptians stored their healing solutions in blue or gold glass containers. It wasn’t until the development of preservatives that using Miron jars fell out of favor. Now that we’re aware of how harmful all those preservatives are to our health, these violet jars are again enjoying popularity.

Everyone is trying to improve their lives in a way that Miron jars can help! You and I, and happily, a whole bunch of others, are determined to reduce the number of preservatives that their families come into contact with. We also want to keep our food preserved for as long as possible to avoid costly waste. We can do both these things with Miron jars!

There’s a reason why Miron Jars are the best for preserving food and other preservative-free ingredients, besides the fact that they are pretty. It’s kind of scientific, but I’ll simplify it for us.

First, our sun produces different types of light, some of which we can see with the naked eye and some that we can’t. This range of light is called the light spectrum and it affects us and all living things, even though we can’t see it all. Now, we understand that the sun is necessary for the growth of plants. But what we might not be aware of is that when the full spectrum of light can reach our food or other plant-based ingredients, it continues to “grow” them, even though they are no longer at a stage where they can grow (no longer in the soil). This “growing” process means that the food is decomposing, and at a faster rate than if the full-spectrum light couldn’t get to it.

The magic of violet glass is that it only allows beneficial light from the spectrum to permeate through it. The light that reaches the ingredients inside the glass doesn’t speed up the decaying process. So our food stays fresher longer. Tada!

If that weren’t amazing enough, the light that is allowed through the violet glass mystically extends the freshness and potency of the stuff inside the jar! This is all made possible by the molecular structure of Miron glass. The contents are activated and energized by the violet life radiation that is created when natural light comes through it. How did the Egyptians know all that? It took 14 years for Swiss scientist Yves Kraushaar to develop Miron glass after extensive research and testing!

We’ve done the science, but now I’m going to go a little woo-woo on you. Miron glass jars also preserve the vibrational energy of the natural, living ingredients you put inside them. That’s one reason why they are so popular to store homeopathic treatments and essential oils in. In the scientific world, this “vibrational energy” is called bio-energy. Whatever. It’s the same thing. It’s been proven that Miron glass jars preserve and actually stimulate the bio-energy of food and water!

There have been tons of tests run on Miron glass jars to prove they can’t be beaten for long-term storage, but I’ll give you one of my favorite tests as an example of how amazing they are. In 2007, a scientist put a cherry tomato—bought at the same time, from the same package—into a clear glass apothecary jar and one in a Miron glass jar. Seven months later, the jars were opened.

The tomato from the clear glass jar was unrecognizable, as you would expect. It was all decayed and gross. The one in the Miron glass jar, however, was perfectly fresh, ripe and ready to eat. That story is what first sold me on trying out these jars, and I’m so glad I did! Why? Simple!

  • They save me tons of money because they keep my whole foods fresh. I waste practically no food at all, whereas, the average household throws away approximately $2,000 worth of food a year!
  • I store all of my homemade body products in them to keep them fresh and safe to use longer. Plus, my skin gets the full range of benefits from the all-natural ingredients I make them with because the jars keep their vibrational energy inside.
  • I never throw away leftovers. I just put all extra food in these jars and it stays fresh for a long time. I can pull out the leftovers and create a whole “new” meal from them. My family never suspects a thing.
  • I can safely buy in bulk. I know I can buy preservative-free foods in bulk, even if I don’t use them very often because I’m going to store them in my Miron glass jars. Another way they save me money!

Miron Glass Jars Offer:

  • Protection from sunlight and all forms of visible light
  • Preservation and stimulation of the bioenergy found naturally in food and water
  • Highest quality of protection for long-term storage

If you want to get your hands on some of these gems, HERE is my favorite brand. I am actually kind of obsessed with how beautiful they are! 

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Why Miron Glass Jars Are the Best for Preserving Food | Real Food RN
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