The Ultimate Liver Cleansing Detox Smoothie

When we do not properly support our body’s natural detoxification system it can quickly become overburdened and lead to chronic disease. This is why I love my liver cleansing detox smoothie!
The Ultimate Liver Cleansing Detox Smoothie | Real Food RN

While you might think that a Liver Cleansing Detox Smoothie sounds a little odd, just remember that our livers are responsible for detoxing our bodies every day, all day, all the time….no breaks. In this toxic world, we are overburdened with toxins. We come into contact with WAY more toxins in our modern world than people did even 100 years ago.

When we do not properly support our body’s natural detoxification system it can quickly become overburdened and lead to chronic disease. This is why I love my liver cleansing detox smoothie!

Liver Cleansing Detox Smoothie | Real Food RN

One of the liver’s primary functions is filtering the blood. Almost 2 quarts of blood pass through the liver every minute for detoxification. Filtration of toxins is absolutely critical as the blood from the intestines contains high levels of bacteria, bacterial endotoxins, antigen-antibody complexes, and various other toxic substances. When working properly, the liver clears 99% of the bacteria and other toxins during the first pass. However, when the liver is damaged, such as in alcoholics, the passage of toxins increases by over a factor of 10. (source)

So let’s give our livers a little assistance and help boost the detoxification process with a healthy diet and a Liver Cleansing Detox Smoothie!

The Ultimate Liver Cleansing Detox Smoothie | Real Food RN

The Ultimate Liver Cleansing Detox Smoothie

When we do not properly support our body’s natural detoxification system it can quickly become overburdened and lead to chronic disease. This is why I love my liver cleansing detox smoothie!


  • 3 beets (quartered) ----> stimulates liver function
  • 3 carrots ----> stimulates liver function
  • 2 cups leafy greens of your choice ----> neutralize heavy metals and toxins
  • 1 cup dandelion greens ----> bitter greens increase the creation and flow of bile
  • 1 organic lemon (quartered) ----> high in vitamin C, which aids the body in synthesizing toxic materials into substances that can be absorbed by water and eliminated via expiration, urine and sweat
  • 1 apple, cored and sliced ----> helps cleanse and release toxins from the digestive tract, taking the burden off of the liver
  • 1 cup purple cabbage (chopped) ----> increase the amount of glucosinolate in your system, aiding enzyme production in the liver
  • Filtered water
  • 2 Tbsp MCT (medium-chain triglyceride) oil, which helps make the nutrients more absorbable by the body. MCT oil does not need to be broken down by the liver so it is an ideal fat to consume when detoxing your liver!


1. Add ingredients to your blender, starting with the large chunks first (beets and apples).

2. Add the rest and pour water to about 3/4 full.

3. Blend on high until liquified (you can add more water to your desired consistency).

4. Enjoy your Liver Cleansing Detox Smoothie right away for the most nutritional benefits!


If you really want to make this smoothie nutritious, add 1 Tbsp whey and let it sit on your countertop for 24 hours, covered with a cloth. Lacto-fermented liver cleansing smoothie!

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If you want added liver support to go along with this smoothie, my friend Wendy from Live to 110 spent months formulating an amazing Liver Rehab supplement. You can find it HERE.

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The Ultimate Liver Cleansing Detox Smoothie | Real Food RN

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146 Replies to “The Ultimate Liver Cleansing Detox Smoothie”

  1. Very yummy! It makes a huge batch though, how long can I keep it refrigerated and still keep the nutritional/cleansing power?

    1. Is one person supposed to drink all of this at once? It is a pitcher full, I’ve made it half way so far…

  2. How often can you take this? Do you have problems at the beginning with too many toxins being released? It sounds great!

  3. Wouldn’t it be best to add se kind of fat so as to better absorb some of the vitamins from the vegetables?

  4. Is it best to drink this first thing when you wake up? I saw that you recommend drinking it daily. Is there a certain period of time, like a week or two, that you should drink it? Or just whenever you feel like your liver needs some extra support?

  5. Are they pickled beets? Or fresh raw beets? I am planning on trying this tomorrow! I am also a nurse that believes there are many ways to keep us healthy.

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  7. What if you are on a blood thinner? I have to stsy away from leafy dark greens and cabbage. Any substitutions? Thank you

  8. Do you believe this would be okay to drink while breastfeeding? I know I should be careful about “detoxing” while nursing. Thanks! Oh… and is it really thick? I used to juice… but I know the whole veg is better because of the fiber.

    1. It should be okay during pregnancy if you don’t drink it all the time. I regularly consumed all of the ingredients in this smoothie when I was pregnant. It is thick, you can strain it out by pouring it through a strainer into a bowl if you don’t like it that thick. Fiber is great for hormone regulation and intestinal cleansing though.

  9. I see you said something about it in the comments, but to be clear, it’s fine to use virgin coconut oil instead of MCT? Is there a higher benefit to using the MCT?

    1. They are both great, MCT oil is even easier for the body to assimilate because of its shorter fatty acid chain structure. MCT oil is often times made from coconut oil. Use them interchangeably in this recipe.

    1. If it’s an organic lemon you can use the whole thing, there are wonderful oils found in the peel. Might make it slightly more bitter, but bitter foods are what stimulate the liver and gallbladder to clean out!

  10. Kate: Two things, how often are you supposed to drink this? Also, is there a way to break this down so I can use my Nutribullet to make it? I know all that won’t fit. Thanks!

  11. How long should I keep taking the supplements? I’m finally getting mine removed next week. I’m slightly nervous. Do you recommend anything else thanks for your in put!

      1. I couldn’t find the dandelion greens, but I did find an essential oil. I put 5 drops in mine. Hopefully that works well.

  12. I’ve recently survived stage 4 rectal cancer. They removed 13 lymph nodes (cancerous) . went through radiation , chemo, 2 surgies, wore illiostmy bag for 8 months before being “hooked back up” . was pretty much bed-ridden for close to 2 years. They didn’t think I would live. Look what God did! After last surgery, spent 1 year having 20, 30, sometimes 40 bowel movements a day. GI doctor threathenend me with a colonostomy bag. I balked. Have gone wheat,gluten,sugar, & preservative free. Still working on totaling getting there. But , WOW! What a difference already. My question is: with so many lymph nodes removed, wellllll?????????? I know you can’t give medical advice, but you seem to “know your stuff” so any extra feedback would be helpful and appreciated. Really enjoy your site. Very helpful. Thanks.❇

  13. I just made this recipe. It makes way too much and tastes horrible. I drank a full glass anyway. I still want the cleanse. The rest of my family wont' touch it. I guess I get to finish the rest of it (it fills a 2quart pitcher). Yay for my liver, boooo for my taste buds.

    1. I added one banna after tasting it to make it taste better hopefully that doesn’t mess up the cleanse but I figure the nutrition is all still there

  14. I am curious as to why you use MCT oil rather than Coconut Oil? From my research Coconut Oil is better than MCT Oil. Due to MCT does not contain Lauric Acid. As where coconut oil i believe is about 50% Lauric acid.

      1. that is not true ma’am. Great drink by the way. But the problem with fructose from processed sugars and corn syrup is the speed that it hits your liver. It’s too fast for you to handle. You can eat as much fruit as you want and you will not have a problem. It hits the liver slow enough for it to process. Sorry, no sass intended. Fruit is great because it can give you energy that doesn’t burn out and cause you to crash like skittles do:)

  15. Thank you for this. It tasted nice yet too much fiber for me – I had a nissen fundoplicaiton 15 months ago, and this smoothies caused horrible constipation.

  16. The morning is a great time to think about detoxing, because the body follows a natural cycle, and your liver and digestive system have been working while you sleep to filter out the good from the bad. By giving yourself a freshly prepared detox smoothie first thing in the morning you are helping that process along, rather than setting it back with a large or unhealthy breakfast.

  17. I just found this site and am very excited to add some of these practices to my routine. One question:don’t some raw leafy greens contain oxalic acid? I have been giving my spinach a light steam before adding to a smoothie to ensure vitamin absorption. What are your thoughts?

    1. Yes, they do contain oxalic acid (things like spinach and kale), but I don’t drink this every single day so I don’t worry too much about them. Dino kale is very low in oxalates so that one can be used with more frequency.

  18. Love your idea!! Very similar to what I’ve been doing for years to help my liver and gallbladder. I’m a wild foods forager as well, and love to pick the wild greens and use them. I’ve usually squeezed the lemon, though, and I add a small chunk of fresh ginger as a digestive aid and anti inflammatory. I know citrus is hard on arthritis, but lemon creates an alkaline environment in the body. If the individual that commented about not being able to do citrus cannot do lemon as well, maybe they could try raw apple cider vinegar. Thanks for your post!!!

    1. Doesn’t matter what kind of apple you use Sylvia. I would just stay away from Red Delicious, they have very little nutritional value

    1. Olive oil would work, to help you absorb the vitamins and minerals. The reason why I prefer MCT oils is because it does not need to be digested first, it is an almost immediate source of energy and also helps absorb the vitamins and minerals. Basically, it’s one less thing that the liver has to do.

  19. 3 questions- Do you have to peel the beets first, can you use any type of beets, and where can I find dandelion greens?

    1. Hey Jennifer,

      No I dont peel the beets. I use any organic beet from my co-op. I also get the dandelion greens at my co-op. They are pretty seasonal. You can sometimes find them at Whole Foods in the off season

  20. I am a type 2 diabetic and have been for 15 years. I can’t stand the taste or texture of most veggies and fruits (I have no teeth to chew with) and I can’t stomach fish/seafood! I have tried the smoothies you find in bottles in stores and they were somewhat tolerable yet pricey! Due to many health issues I have; stroke, looking at a liver and kidney transplant, gall bladder hernia, blood clots in both legs-my Doctor jokingly calls me his “problem child”! Anyway, since I am not a fan of most healthy foods in their natural state, I was told that blending different ingredients could give me the nutrients I need but make them enjoyable to eat. Sorry so long!

  21. Your recipe incorrectly states “MCT’s do not need to be broken down by the liver”. This is incorrect MCT’s are in fact transported to the liver and metabolized, they just require less enzymes than other fatty oils, substances.

  22. I screwed up trying to make this. My blender started to smoke. I ended up with very little juice and lots of pulp. So I just started pouring filtered water through a strainer with the pulp in it. I filled a few bottles of the stuff doing it this way. Took one big glasss and it was easily one of the worst things I ever had but the buzz you get afterward is amazing! I don’t think my body has ever had that much of a direct infusion of vegetables in one sitting! Just imagine what would have happened if I did it properly!

  23. Hi Kate,

    I mainly use all of these ingredients on a daily basis in my nutrition mixer anybow and try indeed to minimize on the fruit intake. Therefore, instead of juice water, I use coconut water and maybe less than a third of a glass of fruishly squeezed organic and 100% UNconcentrated mango and apple juice. What are your thoughts on this? Just gives more flavour than water and can only imagine that the coconut water is good for you…

    Also, next time I will add coconut oil as I wasn’t aware of the benefits in smoothies in this aspect and I have it here in the cupboard anyhow.

    Hope to hear back soon!

  24. How is this supposed to be taken? How many times a day? 1 glass a day and if so, if I drink it in the morning can I eat regular food the rest of the day? It makes a big batch, so do I drink daily until the batch is finished? Thanks:)

  25. Hi! I’ve never done a liver detox. Is it ok to have this, with my daily smoothie ( avacado, organic dark greens, berries, organic almond milk)? Too much smoothie in a day? I do eat a sold diner…..mostly graze throughout the day. I do drink organic gun powder green tea with organic lemon, everyday. I’d also like to add milk thistle…..or is there such thing as too much of a good thing? LOL I take a vitamin B complex along with cod liver oil and probiotics, everyday. Part of my treament for depression as prescribed my dr.

    (Also, how long should I do this, to give my liver a good cleanse? I understand that maintaining a healthy lifestyle contributes, too. I’m being treated for severe depression. I know my liver is suffering. It shows in my skin 🙁 ).

    Thank you for sharing your wisdom! Blessings, friendy.

    1. Seriously? Respectfully, your lack of self confidence and need for perfection, is not my issue. I came here to get health advice, is all


  26. I have a Magic Nutribullet, this recipe is too large to fit into the machine. I do make a smoothie most mornings, a serving for 1. Not sure how to reduce this recipe.

  27. Hi Kate,
    I am trying this detox my liver for the first time. Can I eat regular normal meals? Any foods to stay away from? Also can you please be specific as how many days I should drink this smoothie in the morning to make it effective. Please advice

    Thank you much!!

  28. Going to try this, but was also curious if anyone has been sick from drinking this many beets too? I used to juice daily and one morning after juicing (with 3 beets in the mix) I got very sick for a few hours… it was miserable… and after reading a bit more I read that beets (raw) can affect some people that way. Anyone else have that issue? Thanks! (And I hope not… It was no fun at all!)

  29. Taste was better than expected. I didn’t see any serving size, so I made myself drink the whole thing. I drank half this morning and the other half after lunch. I am miserably full now ????

  30. Hi Kate,
    I followed the recipe as stated used water and added when needed. The only thing is I used it in my ninja but is it supposed to be very pulpy? It’s very fine but nothing like a smoothie more like a drink that I have to chew a little bit. Is this normal? Not sure what I did wrong if it is not.

    Thank you!

  31. My husband and I eat whole food plant based which excludes animal protein, dairy and oils. Your ultimate liver detox calls for MCT oil. Can I replace the oil with something else to make ensure vitamin and mineral absorption? Thank you.

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