Gouda: Vitamin K2 Powerhouse

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Gouda: Vitamin K2 powerhouse | Real Food RN

I seriously love cheese! Always have, probably always will. While many people shun dairy because it can react in your body the same way that gluten does (similar protein structure), I think dairy has its place…if you source it appropriately and get the right kind of cheese.

Enter: GOUDA. Why is Gouda cheese superior? Vitamin K2! Vitamin K2 is the magical nutrient that Weston A. Price refers to as “Activator X”, which he believes is essential for vibrant health and resistance to aging and degenerative disease. Read a detailed account of his studies in his book Nutrition and Physical Degeneration. No other cheese has this amount of K2.

Gouda: Vitamin K2 powerhouse

Why K2 is essential to good health:

  • Cancer protective: K2 has been shown to reduce the risk of prostate cancer by 35 percent. K2 protects against leukemia and might even be used as a treatment for leukemia. It has been shown to stop the growth and invasion of human hepatocellular carcinoma (liver cancer). K2 has also been shown to supress the growth of lung and bladder cancers. 
  • Heart health: K2 protects us from heart disease by reducing calcium deposits in the arteries (some studies have even shown it can reverse arterial calcification). K2 basically takes the extra calcium in the blood and deposits it into our bones, where it should be.
  • Bone health: K2 helps form strong bones by promoting calcium deposition into the bones, and maintains bone mineralization by limiting the formation of osteoclasts (the cells that break down bone)
  • Skin health: K2 is associated with prevention of wrinkles, skin sagging, varicose veins. K2 prevents calcification of our skin’s elastin, thus smoothing our lines and wrinkles. K2 is also necessary for vitamin A to do its job, which is maintaining proper skin call proliferation.
  • Oral health: Weston A. Price talks extensively about the role of K2 and tooth health. K2 helps keep teeth cavity resistant by helping dentin produce osteocalcin, which deposits calcium into the enamel. Saliva has the second highest concentration of Vitamin K2 in the body.
  • Brain health: K2 promotes healthy brain function and is currently being studied for its role in the prevention of and treatment for dementia

Gouda cheese is higher in Vitamin K2 than most liver, grassfed butter, and even pastured egg yolks.

Other sources of K2 (data from Weston A. Price Foundation):

Gouda: Vitamin K2 powerhouse | Real Food RN
So, this is why I love to melt some delicious Gouda cheese on my pastured scrambled eggs almost every morning for breakfast. Yum!


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