Monthly Link Love: May 2013

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May is one of my favorite months here in Minnesota, not because the weather is beautiful (it’s usually NOT!), but because it means spring is here and winter is over. My favorite flowers bloom: Hyacinth, Lilly of the Valley, and Lilacs. I absolutely cherish my early morning runs in May because they are actually fragrant. Has anyone every been in Central Park in the spring? Wow, talk about fragrant! My daughter has about 4 vases of Dandelions, Lilacs, and Apple Blossoms on our counter every day now. Here are a few of my favorite things from this May.

Dandelions and chubby little fingers!


Getting outside!

Playing in the sandbox (my home-office!)

Filling the Bird Feeders.

Planting the garden and the flower boxes.


Ran a Half-Marathon on Coconut Oil alone! An experiment that was a big success!!!

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What were your favorite things in May?

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