The Importance of Taking Probiotics

Probiotics strengthen your immune system and protect you from harmful bacteria. Research has shown that a healthy, well-functioning gut biome (gut bacteria or gut flora) has positive benefits not just for your digestive health but for your emotional, sexual and cognitive health as well.

The Importance of Taking Probiotics | Real Food RN

There is increasing awareness of the critical role of probiotics in living a healthier life. You’ve probably seen the range of probiotics products available in your health food store pharmacy and wondered about their benefits. Unfortunately, most probiotics products offer limited benefits. They simply aren’t hearty enough to survive in the strong acids of the stomach. They die off before they reach the gut, which is where they are most needed!

If you’re like most folks, you work hard, grab snacks or even meals on the run, and don’t get enough sleep or exercise. That lifestyle is not just hard on you, it’s hard on your gut. As you continue to read, you’ll understand why I insist my family take only Just Thrive Probiotics!

The Symptoms of a Stressed Depleted Gut

Your gut is probably already telling you it’s in trouble. If you ever suffer from bloating, gas, digestive problems, heartburn, or other gut issues, it’s likely your gut biome is out of balance.

Stress, overuse of antibiotics, poor diet or a diet high in processed foods and increasing chemical pollution all increase your oxidative stress and put enormous strain on your body. Unless you take positive steps to protect your gut, these stressors can lead to all sorts of health problems, from leaky gut to allergies and autoimmune disorders, even depression, anxiety, and obesity.

Leaky Gut is becoming more and more prevalent in modern society. Over time, oxidative stress and poor diet actually damage the walls of your small intestine, allowing food particles and toxins to leak into your bloodstream. Just Thrive probiotics have been shown to heal leaky gut in only thirty days! That is nothing short of AMAZING!

By choosing to take control of your gut biome, you can help to stress-proof your body.

Why Use Probiotics?

Probiotics are microscopic, live bacteria that have evolved not just to live comfortably in your digestive system but to provide positive health benefits to humans. Probiotic bacteria can safely live in the extreme acid environment of your gut and contribute to your health by helping to digest and absorb nutrients from the foods you eat.

Probiotics also strengthen your immune system and protect you from harmful bacteria. Research has shown that a healthy, well-functioning gut biome (the scientific term for the variety of gut bacteria or gut flora) has positive benefits not just for your digestive health but for your emotional, sexual and cognitive health as well. Healthy gut flora can even help you lose weight!

How are Just Thrive Probiotics Different?

Modern diets are composed of foods that are prepared in highly industrialized and sterilized environments. In the old days, people got and maintained healthy probiotics by being exposed to bacteria in their environments and in their traditional foods. Nowadays, people just don’t have the same level of exposure to healthful bacteria.

Even if you eat fermented foods or drinks, you can’t guarantee that you are getting the right balance of probiotic bacteria.

Only Just Thrive has the four key strains of true probiotic bacillus. Just Thrive has been specially designed to improve the entirety of your gut health. Just Thrive works by not only replacing the numbers of probiotic bacillus but improving your gut environment to remove pathogens and other harmful bacteria! Just Thrive provides a more holistic probiotic experience for your gut.

Just Thrive is the first 100% spore-based probiotic, which means it is in a tougher form that can survive the journey through your digestive tract and reach your gut ready to re-seed with favorable bacteria. Many commercially available probiotics are not the right kind of bacillus and do not survive the trip through your highly acidic stomach. Just Thrive probiotics are ready to start work right away, as each dose contains the right balance of probiotics and antioxidants to colonize your gut and support the creation of a whole new gut biome. The spores in Just Thrive have been successfully used to enhance digestive health in the pharmaceutical market for more than 50 years!

The best way to ensure you’re getting enough protective probiotic in your diet is to make Just Thrive part of your regular routine.

How Do I Take Probiotics?

Just Thrive probiotics are available in capsule form. The usual dose is one capsule per day unless you are directed otherwise by your health practitioner.

You can take the capsules with water or open them and mix the powder with your food. You can even put Just Thrive in your keto coffee and get your day off to a supercharged start!

Are Just Thrive Probiotics Safe?

Just Thrive probiotics are entirely safe to take alongside any regular medications. They are also safe for children over the age of three and for pregnant women and the elderly.

Doctors are now encouraging taking probiotics alongside a course of antibiotics to ensure that your gut flora is not depleted. Just Thrive probiotics will not be wiped out by the antibiotic medication.

If you take regular medication for a health condition, or if you have any concerns at all about increasing your probiotic intake, please consult your preferred health practitioner.

Are There Any Bad Effects from Probiotics?

You should not experience any adverse effects from taking Just Thrive probiotics. You should start to feel the benefits after two or three doses. People who have started to take Just Thrive probiotics have reported increased energy, better sleep and generally feeling a whole lot better!

I’d be remiss if I didn’t tell you about the other Just Thrive product that I make sure we NEVER run out of! Just Thrive’s K2-7 supplement.

What is Just Thrive’s K2-7 Supplement?

Vitamin K2 has become known as the Activator X supernutrient. Discovered by Dr. Weston A. Price, K2 is beneficial for all of your systems! Supports a healthy heart, circulation, brain, bones, and nerves.

Studies have shown that K2 can work with Vitamins A and D to protect against diabetes, heart disease, and osteoporosis. It is found in every tissue of your body from your bones to your brain. And if you follow the typical Western diet, you’re almost certainly not getting enough of it.

Just Thrive K2-7 is a pharmaceutical grade, all-natural supplement that also contains Vitamin K1, plus the essential minerals magnesium and zinc that will help to support your body’s absorption of K2. Just two capsules a day will provide you with a complete dose of Vitamin K2, Vitamin K1, magnesium, and zinc. Adding Just Thrive K2-7 to your regular diet will improve your overall health and brain function.

It’s also reassuring to know that all Just Thrive formulations are guaranteed all-natural with no artificial colors, flavors, or additives. They are gluten-free, non-GMO, nut, dairy and sugar, and salt-free. Plus, vegetarians and vegans can take Just Thrive probiotics, assured that there are no animal-derived products. Just Thrive supplements are also suitable for those following a Paleo or Keto diet.

Another reason why I love these products is that the company stands behind its supplements in a way most companies won’t. They stand behind every sale with a 100% customer satisfaction “Bottom-of-the-Bottle” Guarantee! If you’re not 100% satisfied with your purchase of any Just Thrive product, you just return it to them for a full refund – even if the bottle is empty! You know you can trust products from a company that offers that kind of promise!

Discover for yourself why my family and I take only Just Thrive Probiotics and K2-7 for yourself! Click here to get started.

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The Importance of Taking Probiotics | Real Food RN



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