Chicken Feet Bone Broth

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Chicken Feet Bone Broth | Real Food RN

The first time I made this my husband though I had become certifiably insane! My grocer even looked at me a little funny when I ordered up some chicken feet with my usual bone and liver order. Well, maybe I am a little crazy….crazy like a fox! Chicken feet make an awesome broth!!! These little buggers are full of nutrients and make a great gelatinous, gut healing, body warming broth. Plus, they are so inexpensive! Chicken feet bone broth is just too easy and healthy not to make it.

But wait, why am I using chicken feet again? Because they are one of the best ways to make a rich broth, and they full of  glucosamine, chondroitin, collagen and trace minerals! Great for hair, nails, joints, and our digestive health! They are composed of connective tissue and joints after all. Chicken feet have even shown to help improve arthritis and have even been used to promote regeneration and healing in spinal cord injury (source). Read my post on the Health Benefits of Bone Broth for more information.

If you get your feet straight off the farm you will need to blanch and peel them first. But, if you get them from the store, they are typically prepared for you already.

What you will need:

  • 1 crock pot
  • 1 package chicken feet (about 10)
  • Filtered water
  • 2 Tbsp vinegar — we use this brand
  • 1 Tbsp sea salt — where to find
  • Optional: vegetables and herbs to flavor your broth, I like mine plain


  • Place chicken feet in crock pot
  • Cover with filtered water until feet are submerged

Chicken Feet Bone Broth | Real Food RN

  • Add vinegar and salt (and herbs/vegetables if you are including these)
  • Put crock pot on high until it begins to bubble, then turn down to low and leave it cook overnight
  • Ideally let it cook for 24 hours or longer
  • Skim off any scum that forms on top

Chicken Feet Bone Broth | Real Food RN

Chicken Feet Bone Broth | Real Food RN

A closer look, isn’t it just beautiful and golden?!

Chicken Feet Bone Broth | Real Food RN

  • Put broth into a glass jar and store in fridge

Chicken Feet Bone Broth | Real Food RN

Chicken Feet Bone Broth | Real Food RN

  • Either reheat and drink as a broth, use in soups, or just take a spoonful every morning for it’s health-giving benefits! It will most likely gel in the fridge. I take a scoop of the gel every morning.

Chicken Feet Bone Broth | Real Food RN

I have gotten many emails and questions about ordering bone broth online! I finally found a resource for that and wanted to include it here: “Au Bon Broth” CLICK HERE

For more information on making your own Traditional Foods at home, I highly suggest picking up a copy of Nourishing Traditions, by Sally Fallon (click the image below to check it out for yourself)

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    • says

      When you blanch and peel them it removes the dirt and bacteria. Then further cooking them for 24 hours should wipe out anything that might have been left over from preparing them. I am confident that they are very sanitary. They just look super gross 😛

  1. Kathy says

    I process my own broilers and love putting the chicken feet into my stock. I use every part of the chicken except the head, even though some people use them I can’t. The health benefits are amazing.

  2. Fai Gardner says

    In Thailand we eat chicken feet all the time. We (My family) cook them in Green curry with pork blood jelly, lots of Thai basil and Thai egg plants and eat with Thai Vermicelli noodle. It’s one of my favorite dishes my family would make. It’s super delicious and I’m glad you gave it a try. :) Here is the picture of how it looks like.

    Thanks again for your post about Tumeric milk. I made it last night with coconut milk, honey, sunflower oil, sesame oil and coconut oil and my family slept so well. Dr. Arjan’s video is very informative also. <3

  3. Fai Gardner says

    Oh yes! Kate, I’d love to share a recipe! I’m not very good at writing a recipe. This is not exactly what my mom used to make but it’s what I would make. She never measures her ingredients and everything she makes from scratch including coconut milk! 😉 It works with any kind of meat or any part of chicken. I used to cook this using chicken liver. Yum! hehehe
    300 g Chicken (meat or feet) I normally add a little more cause I love chicken feet!
    1/2 – 1 cube Chicken or pork blood jelly
    60-70 g Green curry paste
    2 boxes of 250 ml Coconut milk
    2 cups water (optional, sometimes I add 1 cup or not at all. It depends on how thick and creamy you want your curry to be)
    7-9 Thai round egg plants
    1/4-1/3 cups Thai pea eggplants (optional but preferable)
    1 cup Thai basil
    6-7 Kefir lime leaves
    2-3 yellow pepper
    5-6 red pepper
    Fish sauce to taste
    Palm sugar to taste

    Precook chicken feet until tender. (Boil in water works for me) If you use other part or other kind of meat you can use raw.

    Cook half of coconut milk and green curry paste in medium high heat 3 mins until you can smell curry paste. Add chicken mean/feet until slightly cooked. Add the remaining coconut milk and reduce heat to medium. Bring to a boil. Add fish sauce and palm sugar. I would do 3Tbs fish sauce and 2Tbs palm sugar. Add eggplants and bring to boil again. Add peppers, kefir lime leaves, basil, water, and blood jelly. Bring it to boil until blood jelly is done. Enjoy. :)

    • says

      Thank you for taking the time to write this up!!! I am so in love with Thai food. This sounds like one of my favorite Thai soups. I can’t wait to make this up. Thanks so much!!!

  4. Fai Gardner says

    You are so welcome, Kate! I love Thai food, too! 😀 I am thinking of posting this page on my Facebook to share our chicken feet recipes also. I love your recipes and you always have cool, healthy ideas. I’d love to learn how to ferment food like making pickle or kombucha or sauerkraut. I guess I will just explore more into your website. If you have any suggestion, please let me know. I have just visited you a couple of times but I’m really loving it. Thank YOU, also. ^_^

    • says

      Fai, I actually got a recipe from a co-worker of mine yesterday who is from India, for her Grandma’s lime pickles.They sound amazing and once I have them mastered, I will be posting the recipe. I also need to post how I make my sauerkraut! Here is my most recent kombucha recipe:

      Thanks again, I can’t wait to try your recipe!

  5. k says

    Hi kate, chicken feet is quite a normal ingredient in chinese soups and is also a classic dim sum dish on its own.

    In chinese cooking the tips or the claws of the feet r trimmed off. You can use kitchen shears or just chop them off. It makes them a little less gross looking I think… and safer to eat for those who do!

    Usually shelled raw peanuts and dried red dates… and sometimes peeled sliced lotus roots, carrots or radish also feature. It all makes for very soothing and nutritious soups.

  6. Amanda Savage says

    We just butchered a bunch of chickens today and I've kept all the feet. I'm really looking forward to making this recipe with them. Thank you!

  7. Anonymous says

    What does turning it on high to boiling do? I forgot to do this step, it just went on low, and I'm hoping I didn't ruin the whole batch. I've never made bone broth before.

  8. Jessica says

    How do you clean the chicken feet? I am too lazy to blanch and all that and also novice cook and work full time so I think that would be too much work for me. Plus I was a vegetarian for nearly 20 years and my mom was a terrible cook so I have to learn all of this stuff from interesting people like YOU! So I wanted to make a tasty, nutritious slow cooker broth…so turned to Internet Mom…LOL….

    I was thinking of rinsing off the chicken feet then putting them in the slow cooker in some cheesecloth and before I found this web site I was going to follow the recipe in Not Your Mothers Slow Cooker which just says to use bones, not feet, but I don’t have any bones but my local grocery store just happens to sell feet. But maybe I will follow your recipe instead. The other recipe adds some rosemary & thyme which seems nice too…

    I really like the photos you added.

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