Apple Clove Kombucha

When you want the taste of fall, try this Apple Clove Kombucha. It's delicious!
Apple Clove Kombucha | Real Food RN

I brew four gallons of kombucha every week for my family, and in the spirit of the fall season, I decided to add some spice to our brew! I really love all the scents and flavors of fall, so what could be more fitting than apple spice kombucha?! This goes great with Thanksgiving dinner! We enjoy drinking kombucha every day!!!

Apple Clove Kombucha | Real Food RN

Apple Clove Kombucha

When you want the taste of fall, try this Apple Clove Kombucha. It's delicious!



1. Brew one gallon of tea using the water and tea bags.

2. Pour into a large glass jar.

3. Add sugar to tea.

4. Stir until sugar is dissolved.

5. Let sweetened tea cool to room temp.

6. Add SCOBY and 3/4 cup kombucha, the kombucha balances the pH.

7. Cover with a clean cotton towel and secure with a rubber band so no critters can get in.

8. Let sit on the counter for 1-2 weeks, covered (Note: the fermentation process will happen faster if you live in a warmer climate).

9. Periodically, taste the kombucha with a clean spoon. If it's still sweet, it's not ready. Once it is sour, you are ready for the second ferment.

Apple Clove Kombucha | Real Food RN

The Second Ferment:

10. Pour 2 tablespoons of apple juice into each jar using the funnel, top off the jars with kombucha.

11. Put 3 cloves into each jar.

12. Cover tightly.

13. Set on the counter, covered, and let ferment for up to 1 week. This produces carbonation.

14. Store in the fridge. It will last a few weeks.

15. Reuse the SCOBY for another batch, just keep it in a glass jar in the fridge submerged in kombucha.

Apple Clove Kombucha | Real Food RN

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Apple Clove Kombucha | Real Food RN
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26 Replies to “Apple Clove Kombucha”

  1. I am glad to see your Kombucha post along with very clear instructions. I had never had Kumbucha or even heard of it until last Christmas my daughter in college gave me a little starter scoby kit with instruction. I made it faithfully but I didn’t really like it. I have thought to try again…I must think about it. I did pin your recipe. Thanks for sharing.

  2. What a great flavor twist for kombucha. Perfect for the fall season. Will be having it at the Thanksgiving table. Just shared. Thanks for the recipe!

  3. Do not store the kombucha mushroom in the refrigerator, as it will go dormant. Best if you have to store it between batches in a plastic or glass container with a lid or cloth.

    1. Good to know Amy! What do you do with extra SCOBY’s though? I always have so many that I keep them in the fridge. I think I learned that from Kombucha Kamp

  4. You’re not listing one of the ingredients and recipe because your picture shows that it’s red Apple juice is white

  5. I was shocked! Really, I can put my scoby “hotel” in the fridge? I thought it had to be under wraps like the Kombucha.

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