What Women Need to Know about Different Organic Protein Powders

Protein powders have evolved significantly in the last decade, as people began dropping their processed fast food habits and reaching for something better as busy adults trying to live their best lives.

What Women Need to Know about Different Organic Protein Powders | Real Food RN

In the world of health, women are no strangers to including protein powder in their workout regimens: but not all sources of protein are created equal. 

Which protein powder is best for women? Here’s the scoop (a bad pun, I know!) on what you need to know about the different types of protein powders, and how to maximize the benefits that are right for your workout routine. 

There’s a new type of all-American breakfast for health-centric adults: the antioxidant-rich protein powder smoothie. Trust me, smoothies are a big hit in my household—and a little smoothie goes a long way, even for kiddos who are involved in sports and active outdoors. 

Protein powders have evolved significantly in the last decade, as people began dropping their processed fast food habits and reaching for something better as busy adults trying to live their best lives. We’ve gotten more creative with our recipes, too—making things like protein-rich pancakes and making sure the ingredients on the list are REAL foods, not just chemical-heavy gimmicks! 

Let’s look at these protein powders together, so you can pick the right stuff for yourself and your family. Crunchy mama, I’ve got your back on this. I’ve researched and explored the heck out of this over my quest for wellness and health. If you’re a novice trying to take back your wellness, you’ve come to the right gal! 

What’s in a Protein Powder? 

A protein powder is a collection of proteins that come from a few different sources, in a few different forms. Most protein powders come from animal or plant sources. There are three common forms of protein powder.

Concentrates: Protein concentrates are created through extraction from a whole food. This allows for the content of a concentrate to be up to 80%, with the remainder consisting of carbohydrates or fats. 

Isolates: Isolates go through the same process as a concentrate with additional filtration. What this means is the protein powder you’re getting is up to 95% protein. 

Hydrolysates: This process breaks the bonds of the amino acids for our bodies ahead of time. This means that the protein chains are easier to digest and simplifies the absorption of nutrition in our bodies. It is important to note that this can raise your insulin response, especially in the case of Whey protein. 

Many of these types of protein powders are fortified with additional vitamins and minerals too, especially calcium, which helps the body uptake nutrition.

Protein Picks: Choosing the Best Organic Protein Powder for You

When making the choice on what protein powder is best for health-conscious women and crunchy mamas like us, there a several working parts to consider. 

Of course, it’s best to go organic with any protein powder you choose. It keeps unnecessary toxins out and the nutrition front and center. Let’s look at a few of my faves and what makes them so awesome. 

Collagen Protein

Collagen is an incredible and vital part of our health. When we get older, collagen starts to decline as well. Being so integral, using collagen protein for women is an amazing option and one of my favorite types of proteins. 

Adding collagen to your diet can give your body some extra fuel to keep skin feeling youthful and glowing. In conjunction with other collagen-rich foods and keeping healthy habits front and center, collagen protein is where it’s at. It’s a great choice when deciding which protein powder is best for women. 

Collagen protein is also super easy to add to any recipe, from smoothies to soups. Another awesome source of collagen is bone broth, one of the staples of health in my family’s home. If you don’t want to make your own bone broth, we love to buy this brand.

My personal favorite way to get collagen is by taking liquid collagen. I switched from the powdered collagen years ago and have noticed a big improvement in my hair, skin, and nails! Here is the liquid collagen that I take, and if you use coupon code: 9613541 you will get $10 off your purchase!

Whey Protein

Did you know that whey protein is an animal protein that comes from dairy? (No whey? Just kidding, yes way!) All jokes aside, whey protein is best when it comes from grass-fed cows, which helps maximize nutrition. If you have an allergy to dairy, steer clear of this type of powder. Otherwise, whey protein is good for building muscle and burning fat. Our favorite whey protein is grass-fed and delicious!

Pea Protein

Pea protein is what is known as a complete protein. Pea protein contains nine amino acids that the body needs to function well. Pea protein is a plant-derived protein powder, too, making it easier to digest with lasting micronutrient benefits. The texture of pea protein as well as the flavor is mild, so it’s especially easy to add to smoothies or sauces for some added benefit. Pea protein is also rich in iron and vegan-friendly. Our favorite protein powder that uses pea protein is this one, it tastes great and mixes well into liquids!

Soy Protein

Soy protein powders are also available as a popular vegan option. Though it is important to note that too much soy can impact people’s health because soybeans contain phytates which can change how minerals bind in the body. This can be true for the powdered form of soy protein as well. With that in mind, soy protein is often readily available, which can help vegetarian mamas on the go. 

Chia Seed Protein

Chia seed protein powder, like pea protein powder, is considered a complete protein. They contain a potent number of antioxidants and omega-3 fatty acids as well, making this another favorite healthy option. While you can get chia seeds ground, it’s easy to blend the whole seeds yourself, which can help lock in more micronutrition to your diet. When you reach for chia seeds as a source of protein, keep in mind that the whole seeds are rich in fiber. Fiber aids in healthy digestion and supports our body to detox naturally. With so much benefit in one simple seed, chia protein is a fantastic choice for women. You will often find this protein powder in a multi-seed powder like this.

Almond Protein 

Almond protein is another solid choice for a plant-based protein powder. Almonds contain a lot of calcium and healthy fat with a low volume of carbohydrates. If you are looking to fortify your bones and make your workouts more fluid, almond protein powder is another solid option. Almond protein helps with satiation and fullness—sort of a stick-to-your-ribs protein powder that gives you consistent fuel for your day to be energized, which is perfect for ANY busy mama. 

Protein Powder is an Easy Health Booster

Organic protein powders are a mom’s best friend.  Where some might love collagen-based, others might get more benefit from chia seeds. Whichever you pick, protein powders offer busy and dedicated women an easy option to take back their health, one recipe at a time. 

Need some inspiration on how you can include some protein powders to more than just smoothies? Check out some of my favorite recipes here. Don’t be afraid to get creative and try them out for yourself! Cooking something new and healthy keeps me inspired and my energy up with the kids, so I hope these help your family, too! Feeling curious about my story with motherhood? Check out what I’ve learned about living that sweet crunchy mama life here. I’ve got lots of experiences and tips for you to explore.

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What Women Need to Know about Different Organic Protein Powders | Real Food RN
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