Liquid Collagen Vs. Powdered Collagen – Which is Better for You?

There are so many benefits of collagen, but do you know the difference between liquid vs powdered collagen? Here's why I choose the liquid version.

Liquid Collagen Vs. Powdered Collagen – Which is Better for You? | Real Food RN

If you’re wondering what the buzz is about collagen or you’ve been around the Real Food RN blog a time or two, you’re probably familiar with the amazing power of collagen added to your diet. If you haven’t, you’re in luck, because I’m going to tell you all about the benefits of adding more collagen to your routine for your and your family’s health and well-being.

If you’re familiar with the supplement world, you’ll also know that supplements can take many shapes and forms, but not all are created equally. There’s a little thing called bioavailability in the health world we’re going to touch on —but to start, what the heck is the difference between powdered collagen and liquid collagen? Why is it so important, and what role does collagen play in our bodies?

I’ve got you covered on Collagen 101. We’ll talk about powdered collagen forms and figure out what liquid collagen is about. I’ll tell you why I personally love liquid collagen, not only for its convenience but the bioavailability of liquid. In any form, collagen shines as bright as you will after getting this healthy choice added to your self-care and health regimen.

Benefits of Adding More Collagen to Your Diet

Including collagen in your diet has been shown to have some significant health benefits, many of which we’ve sung the praises of for some time here at Real Food RN. Since collagen is one of the premier building blocks of the connective tissue in our bodies, it’s no wonder we’d want to supplement the protein to experience lasting benefits.

For instance, all the parts of the human body that are held together by tissues—bones, ligaments, tendons, and fascia—all these connective tissues have collagen proteins in common. So, when we supplement more of the protein into our diet, we make sure our processes have the best resources to maintain their strength as we age and as our children grow.

  • Collagen may ease joint pain, particularly pain associated with EDS, a connective tissue disorder, and pain from rheumatoid arthritis. Studies have shown that participants taking collagen supplements experienced a decrease in arthritis symptoms by up to 40%! Some participants in the study even experienced remission from their symptoms.
  • Collagen supplements may also reverse skin aging. Studies conducted in 2014 showed improvement in skin elasticity (the parts that make our skin stretch and bounce back) and significantly reduced fine lines and wrinkles for the study group of women aged 35 to 50. Saying goodbye to crow’s feet naturally seems like a great reason alone to add liquid or powdered collagen to your health routine!
  • Collagen can also help prevent osteoporosis. Collagen is a major component of bones and cartilage, found in all sorts of living beings. Research indicates that calcium and collagen supplements strengthen bone density – this means that your bones are less likely to break from impact injuries. Combining calcium with collagen also helps with density loss as we age, so it’s another way of staying mindful and health-centered.
  • When it comes to weight loss, collagen also plays an important role. Collagen supplements help the tissues build fast, lean muscle, dropping the extra energy that could be otherwise stored as fat and bulking up the body.
  • Hair, skin, and nails also benefit from these connective tissue supplements. I have never had shinier hair since I started including liquid collagen in my diet, not to mention the strength and luster of my nails. Some people even notice their hair growing fuller and less hair loss, including extra collagen in their diet.

Why I Reach for Liquid Collagen vs. Powdered Collagen

So, with all these health benefits, here’s why I reach for liquid collagen above powder—the bioavailability of liquid supplements, from my experience, is AMAZING! Seriously, for me, this liquid collagen is what I swear by. If you want to try this incredibly potent liquid, it’s gold! This company has several different formulations of the collagen, my favorite is the Life Collagen because has the most good stuff in it! If you want to try the liquid use coupon code 9613541 for $10 off your order.

Liquid Collagen is Bioavailable and Easier to Digest

Bioavailability basically means how readily your gut and stomach can digest and break down the collagen protein into its component pieces—the amino acids that makeup collagen. All those fantastic bits are how we get the fuel our body needs to function.

So, while some powdered collagens will boast a higher collagen content, liquid collagen has the benefit of all those little bits and pieces being absorbed better by the gut biome. I like to think of it like this: if you open a pallet of juice (the collagen) and take out one bottle of juice at a time (the amino acids that make collagen), you get to drink all that juice and enjoy the benefits of it!

In this metaphor, powdered collagen lists TWICE as much juice (collagen) as the first, but it’s not as bioavailable. That’s like taking a box cutter to the second and slicing up most of it. Sure, you may get a few in-tact juices, but much of it is wasted, where Liquid Collagen maximizes your benefit.

Liquid Collagen is Grab-and-Go-Friendly

Some days, a mom is too busy to pull out the powders and measuring cups because we’ve got a game to get to with our youngest and a recital for the oldest. Not enough hours in the day! So, I head to the health food store and grab a collagen-enriched drink that tastes great, and my body can appreciate it because you know this mama’s going to aim for health AND convenience!

Liquid collagen is available in most grocery stores, and some of these options taste amazing. Even my kids enjoy it as a healthy after-school choice.

Look for Options that Work for You

Not all collagen supplements are created equal—so if you’re looking for options that work for you, consider the different types of collagens and some other natural sources of the healthy protein, like animal meats and a family favorite for seasonal soups, bone broth, as a healthy and fortifying dinner option for your family this fall.

As always, check out my favorite here, and look at other reasons why collagen is fantastic for you. If you’re looking to explore more with me on food and wellness, make sure to check out all Real Food RN has to offer, like my podcast or recipes.

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Liquid Collagen Vs. Powdered Collagen – Which is Better for You? | Real Food RN
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