Collagen, Gelatin, and Vital Proteins

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Collagen, Gelatin, and Vital Proteins | Real Food RN

No doubt you know collagen is good for your skin. In fact, you may even have lotion with added collagen sitting on your bedside table. But did you know that collagen works wonders for your body in so many other ways? It is a protein made up of over 1,500 short-chain amino acids that our bodies make and use. This makes it one of our vital proteins!

It creates the connective tissue that holds our structure together, making up a whopping 65% of the proteins in our body. As we age, our bodies make less collagen, which in turn, causes many issues associated with the aging process. Proper amounts of collagen are vital for all of our organs, arteries, bones, muscles, and joints. Yeah, it basically holds us all together!

I mix a scoop of collagen powder into my morning smoothie every day, and I have noticed changes in my hair, skin, and nails! I can only imagine the work it is doing inside of my body!

Collagen amazingly does the following:

Collagen assists with chronic health issues such as:

This information is all well and good, but how, you may ask, can you get more collagen into your diet so that your body can make good use of it? It’s actually easy! I have found simple, delicious ways to add it into my diet every single day.

I simply add Vital Proteins to recipes, as well as both cold and hot drinks, to ensure my body gets all of the collagen it needs to perform at its peak. I love Vital Proteins brand because it doesn’t change the flavor or texture of foods, leaves no after-taste and it dissolves instantly with a bit of stirring. It also has no nasty smell, like some brands do, which can make it a challenge to use. You know I’m very picky about the products I give my family; Vital Proteins has no fillers and is made from only grass-feed bovine hide, and yet, it is very reasonably priced! Other brands I have tried are grainy and smelly, and in some cases, even costlier! What’s the point of buying something if you and your family don’t use it?

You can order some Vital Proteins for yourself HERE

I put Vital Proteins in my morning coffee, in my green shakes and smoothies; it dissolves in both hot and cold liquids, which makes it even easier to add to my daily routine. I’ve also created recipes around it, ones that my whole family loves, including Ninja Gummies and Healthy Hot Chocolate Squares.

NingXia Gummies

NingXia Gummies | Real Food RN

Healthy Hot Chocolate Squares

Healthy Hot Chocolate Squares | Real Food RN

I add it to soups, broths, and stews to make certain we all get our daily dose. It’s great to add to a nightly cup of tea too because the naturally-occurring glycine improves sleep. What’s not to love about Vital Proteins?

Vital Proteins make peptides and beef gelatin, both of which I love and use. I use the gelatin (the one with the green lid) in hot liquids like sauces, soups, and coffee. The peptides (blue lid) dissolve easily in cold liquids, so they are perfectly suited for smoothies, yogurt, pudding and ice cream, though they dissolve great in hot liquids also.

You can order some Vital Proteins for yourself HERE.

Who says you can’t have your Healthy Hot Chocolate Squares and eat them too? Vital Proteins makes it easy for me to make delicious, family-approved meals and snacks, all the while knowing I’m making sure we all get the small-chain amino acids we need for health, strength, and vitality.

If you want to learn more about the amazing health benefits of consuming collagen and gelatin regularly, then I HIGHLY recommend that you pick up a copy of “The Gelatin Secret“! This is an amazing book written by my friend Sylvie over at Hollywood Homestead. Learn how you can reverse numerous health issues with the simple addition of collagen or gelatin! Grab a copy of her book HERE.

The Gelatin Secret | Real Food RN


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Collagen, Gelatin, and Vital Proteins | Real Food RN


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