How to Make Greek Coconut Milk Yogurt

Ditch the store-bought stuff and make your own Greek coconut milk yogurt.
How to Make Greek Coconut Milk Yogurt | Real Food RN

I have been making my own yogurt for years and love it so much that the store brands taste watery and bland compared to my own! Plus, making my own saves me a lot of money and is much more health-promoting!

But, when I decided to do a Whole 30 I had to give up dairy. Not my yogurt!

So, I decided to figure out how to make coconut milk yogurt instead. I have to admit, it is pretty amazing…and loaded with healthy fat and probiotics! I even got my recipe to achieve the creamy thickness of greek yogurt!

How to Make Greek Coconut Milk Yogurt | Real Food RN

Greek Coconut Milk Yogurt

Ditch the store-bought stuff and make your own Greek coconut milk yogurt.



  • Place coconut milk in a large saucepan over medium heat, clip a candy thermometer on the side (make sure it is not touching the bottom of the pan, or you will get a false high reading)

  • Heat coconut milk until it reaches 180°F, stirring occasionally (this kills any bad bacteria, you don't want that fermenting!).

  • Remove from heat and allow to cool to 110°F.

  • Stir the gelatin into a small amount of water until dissolved, then add to the heated coconut milk.

  • Stir in yogurt starter and maple syrup.
  • Pour into a clean glass jar.
  • Cover glass jar with a cheesecloth or paper towel and place into a dehydrator.

  • Set the temp to 110°F and allow to ferment for 8-24 hours, the longer it goes the more tart it will be (I always do 24 hours).

  • When you have fermented it for as long as you desire, then place it on the counter and let it cool until it is cool enough to place in the fridge. Do not stir or disturb it. Allow to cool for a few more hours, or overnight. This is what really develops the thick greek yogurt consistency!
  • Store in the fridge in a large glass jar with a non-reactive plastic lid.
  • Stir in your favorite flavorings: vanilla, cinnamon, pureed berries, honey.
  • Lasts up to two weeks in the fridge.

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How to Make Greek Coconut Milk Yogurt | Real Food RN
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44 Replies to “How to Make Greek Coconut Milk Yogurt”

  1. I was really excited to see this. I love yogurt but over the past couple years I haven’t been able to eat any because I developed an allergy to milk and all milk products.

    before purchasing this from amazon, I decided to check out this companies web site. and unfortunately, this product contains skim milk 🙁

    copied from their site

    Regular yogurt
    Yogourmet’s yogurt culture is carefully produced and controlled in laboratory to guarantee a smooth, tasty and creamy yogurt every time. Used with the Yogourmet Multi yogurt-maker, the yogurt culture produces a delicious yogurt in only 4 ½ hours of incubation.
    Note that each 100g serving contains 100 billion active bacteria.
    Ingredients :
    Skim milk powder, sucrose, ascorbic acid, active lactic bacteria (L.bulgaricus, S.thermophilus, L.acidophilus).
    Val nutri yogourt usa”

  2. I love that thick greek yogourt texture. This looks really good! I’ve always seen the coconut yogourts in stores, but I don’t really like the other ingredients that are used to stabilize and such.

  3. I have a question. Do you have to use the gelatin to get the thick consistency? The can label didn’t say grass fed or organic so I’m cautious about using it.

    1. Hi Sandie, Yeah you do need to use the gelatin to get the thick consistency. Here is info I pulled from their website, about it being grass fed:
      “Our cattle are grass fed and slaughtered in Argentina and Brazil which is controlled by their respective Department of Agriculture. These countries have the same type of rigourous tests and inspections as the United States. Beef hides are the only product used to manufacture gelatin in these countries.”

      Find more info here:

      Hope this helps 🙂

    1. You could boil water and place it in a large cooler along with the jar. Wrap the jar in a bath towel and place the pot of hot water next to it. Put the lid on the cooler. Some say a low oven works too, although I have not tried either of the mentioned methods. Many say these methods work just as well as a dehydrator. You can also buy a yogurt maker for cheap:

    2. I use my oven with the light on to keep my yogurt warm while fermenting. I don’t know what the temperature is exactly but works great for me!

  4. Could I use some store bought yogurt as the starter for this? I have never had much luck with starter cultures. I make my own raw milk yogurt but I’d love to give this a try.

  5. I haven’t yet used my beef gelatin powder yet…………the texture of it mixed with the water looks like it would not be smooth in the yogurt, does it need to be whipped ?

  6. I have a daughter who is vegetarian. She will not eat gelatin. Have you tried using pectin or any of the other thickeners besides gelatin? If so, how did it go?

  7. You can place it in a cooler with a pot of hot water. Keep it wrapped in a towel and put the cover on the cooler. I have not tried this method, but I have heard that it works

    1. I’ve made dairy yogurt this way & it came out perfectly every time!! I’m looking forward to trying your coconut milk recipe next time 😀

  8. Hi Kate! I love your blog!!! I have a quick 2 questions. One, is this recipe safe and good for my 10 month old? Im really hesitant to give her store bought yogurt. Also, unrelated question, I have a bang load of the Ningxia in my fridge, never opened, but it has been in there for probably a it safe to drink?

    1. The yogurt should be fine for your little one, just take it slow. You want to start slow with any probiotic food. As for the NingXia, I think it should be okay. Use your own best judgement, if it smells off then pitch it.

  9. Kate: In various health food stores, probably Whole Foods, people can find coconut nectar, which is in syrup form. Forget the maple syrup, use this, especially because the sugar is far better for people than that of maple, and it’s – coconut! And I do appreciate maple syrup.

  10. Could i make the yogurt using homemade coconut milk made from shredded coconut adding a bit of guar gum so that milk does not separate? And then follow your instructios? Also i only have probiotic capsules. If so howmany should i use? Thank you

    1. I have not tried that so I cannot really assure that it will work out. I get the yogurt cultures because it has the correct strains to make yogurt

  11. I made yogurt yesterday, it is now sitting in fridge. Is it normal for separation? Looks like about 1/3 of each jar is whey. Do I mix whey back into yogurt or drain?

  12. Thanx for the recipe. Do you think apple pectin would work instead of gelatin? I’m hesitant to try and it not work. It would be an expensive failure for me.

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