Gift Ideas for the Bacon Lover

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Gift Ideas for the Bacon Lover | Real Food RN

We eat bacon frequently in our household. I mean, seriously, what doesn’t bacon pair well with?! When we have parties, I serve it with chocolate, cheese and wine. Yum! I even use bacon as a gateway meat for my clients who are switching from vegetarianism/veganism to eating meat again. Works like a charm! So, why not get some fun bacon inspired gifts for he bacon lover in your family? I looked around and came up with a list of some of my favorite bacon makin’ tools and a few bacon odds and ends. I hope you find something here for the bacon lovers in your life!

Lets get started with some of my favorite kitchen tools that makes bacon prep a breeze…

Norpro Cast Iron Round Bacon Grill Press

Gift Ideas for the Bacon Lover | Real Food RN

This is a must-have to get nice flat crispy bacon, I use it in my cast-iron skillet and it makes the BEST bacon! This is for the advanced bacon preparer. It totally makes you look official in the kitchen if you use one of these!

Check it out HERE

Lodge Stainless Steel Splatter Screen

Gift Ideas for the Bacon Lover | Real Food RN

I love my Lodge skillets!!! This screen is the perfect companion if you do not want your stove coated in a nice spray of bacon grease. When my husband fails to use this during his bacon preparation….he gets to sleep in the garage that night! Kidding of course, but seriously anyone who makes bacon with any regularity needs this handy tool.

Check it out HERE

Beyond Bacon: Paleo Recipes that Respect the Whole Hog

Gift Ideas for the Bacon Lover | Real Food RN

If you have not read Paleo Parents guide to everything pork, then you MUST pick up a copy of this book. I mean, just for the photos alone! It’s almost poetic. One day I plan to cook my way through the entire book, cover to cover. Learn how to do everything from rendering your own lard to making bacon ice-cream (yeah that’s right!). This is one of those gifts that you can buy (thoughtfully) for your husband and then enjoy for yourself. My husband got it for his birthday!

Check it out HERE

Now for a few fun little novelty items, because everyone needs to advertise their love for bacon right? 

Bacon is Meat Candy Bumper Sticker

Gift Ideas for the Bacon Lover | Real Food RN

Why not? Everyone needs a bacon bumper sticker! I personally would like to hang it in my kitchen.

Check it out HERE

Bacon Bandages

Gift Ideas for the Bacon Lover | Real Food RN Okay, I am a Nurse and bandaids are just a part of my daily life. I think these are the coolest bacon gift ever! I wish Santa would leave these in the Christmas stockings of every medical professional. Laughter is the best medicine and you might get a chuckle or two if you apply these to boo-boos in the ER!

Check them out HERE

Accoutrements Bacon Lip Balm

Gift Ideas for the Bacon Lover | Real Food RN

The fatty acid profile in lard it great, I bet it would be excellent in chapstick. But, sadly this is not made with actual lard. My best friend is a chapstick addict, I think I might need to pick this up for her! Think about it…any time of day you can just smear bacon flavor on your lips. Who wouldn’t love it?!

Check it out HERE

Bacon Lovers Crisp Detail Sublimated T-Shirt

Gift Ideas for the Bacon Lover | Real Food RN

Impress all of your friends with your loyalty to bacon by wearing this awesome t-shirt. I am sure that no-one will make fun of you when you wear this. This one is truly for the die-hard bacon enthusiast!

Check it out HERE

Crispy, Salty and Delicious Retro Style Glossy Lunch Box

Gift Ideas for the Bacon Lover | Real Food RN

Oh boy if I had only had this lunchbox in middle school. Mine had the band KISS on it, thanks Mom…I didn’t even know who they were! I plan to order this for my kids when they start school. Everyone will want to trade lunches with them if they see this bad-boy!

Check it out HERE

Bacon – Snap On Hard Protective Case for Apple iPhone

Gift Ideas for the Bacon Lover | Real Food RN

Hello Bacon, are you there? The ultimate accessory for the bacon-lover. Now while you are staring at your phone all day you can also be enjoying the beauty of crisp bacon. Its a dream come true. I plan to get this for my (technologically challenged, cell phone protesting) Mom as a thank-you gift for the KISS lunch box.

Check it out HERE

What is your favorite bacon preparation tool or novelty item? I am always looking for more gift ideas. Tell me about them in the comments below. 

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