How Does a Chi Machine Work?

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How Does a Chi Machine Work? | Real Food RN

If you suffer from lower back pain, leg edema, fatigue, aching muscles, or general poor health, a chi machine might be what you’re looking for. This small, but mighty machine can bring great relief to those suffering from pain, major or chronic illness, and stress. It’s a passive way to improve your overall health. Plus, it’s just plain relaxing!

What is a Chi Machine?

The chi machine is a small appliance, about the size of a small suitcase, with a cradle on top to support your ankles. Once you place your legs in the cradles and turn it on, it oscillates from side to side at 144 oscillations per minute, gently moving your legs. This passive aerobic exercise aids in oxygenating blood and massaging lymph, which in turn, rids the body of toxins that cause all forms of disease.

Invented by Japanese scientist Dr. Shizuo Inoue after 38 years of research, the chi machine replicates the motion of a fish swimming. Dr. Inoue set the oscillation rate at 144 cycles per minute as a multiple of the average pulse rate synchronized with the cerebrum-spinal pump rhythm which combines heart rate, blood pressure, and spinal alignment. The machine provides a balanced, relaxing, rhythmic wave motion throughout the entire body, forming a perfect figure-of-eight pattern.

Benefits of a Chi Machine

We are constantly bombarded with stressors. When we’re stressed, we breathe shallowly, meaning our blood oxygen levels go way down.  We eat low-oxygenated foods and drinks. Even our water is low-oxygen. But our cells need oxygen to work at peak performance. Low blood oxygen levels weaken every system of our body over time, which leads to lower immunity, premature aging, inflammation, and high toxic loads our bodies can’t deal with.

Many people work at a desk all day and/or don’t get enough exercise in our modern world. Because movement is the way lymph flow properly, many of us deal with stagnate lymph that stores toxins, causing everything from headaches to constipation to brain fog.

Put all this together, and you have the basis for practically every illness and disease out there.

A chi machine offers us a way to quickly, efficiently, and enjoyable approach to detox, improving our current and future health. Proponents of the chi machine claim that a fifteen-minute session on the machine is equivalent to ninety minutes walking in the effect it has on the level of oxygen in the blood!

Other benefits of a chi machine include:

  • Increased blood flow
  • Improved circulation
  • Reduced leg swelling
  • Decreased lower back pain
  • Assistance with weight loss
  • Lowered stress
  • Relaxed muscles and joints

How to Use a Chi Machine

Chi machines are easy to use in your home, clinic, gym or office. You simply lie on the floor, rest your ankles on the machine’s cradle and relax for up to twenty minutes.  Beginners should start with a four to six-minute session, gradually building up to twenty minutes. The machine is fitted with a timer, so you needn’t worry about accidentally going over the recommended session time.

There are three recommended positions for using the chi machine:

  • Mid Position: clasp your hands behind your neck to increase the curvature of the spine and get a more vigorous massage.
  • Goldfish position: place your arms gently by your side. This is the best position for relaxation and releasing tension.
  • Stretched back position:  lie with your arms stretched back behind your head with your palms facing up to create a traction effect through the body, realigning upper back and shoulder pain.

When your session is finished, you should lie quietly for a few minutes before doing some gentle stretching excises.

Is a Chi Machine Safe?

Absolutely! The chi machine is low impact as you use it lying down, so there is no weight-bearing impact on the hips, spine, knees or feet. It is non-invasive and requires no disrobing, needles or straps.

You can place a cushion or rolled-up towel under your knees for greater comfort, but do not use a pillow or cushion under your head as this will stop the motion reaching your head and will put too much pressure on your neck.

Although the chi machine is a safe way of improving ailments and general health, there are some contraindications for its use. You should avoid using the device (or at least seek medical advice) in the following situations:

  • During pregnancy
  • If you suffer from epilepsy
  • If you have serious heart disease, have a pacemaker or a severe infection
  • Within three months of having a fractured bone, or major surgery.

Anyone between the ages of four to 100 years can safely use the machine, although children, people with mobility issues and the very elderly should not use the machine unsupervised.

The chi machine is a great way to jump-start your day or after a long day. It’s so relaxing and can be used practically anywhere. I often use mine before bed while watching TV with my family. I love it because I can’t always get to a lymph massage, but I can have one anytime I need it (or just want it) by using my chi machine.

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How Does a Chi Machine Work? | Real Food RN


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