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Joseph Darnell - How EMF's Impact Our Health & How We Can Protect Ourselves | Real Food RN

On episode 6 of the Real Food RN Wellness Podcast, I interviewed Joseph Darnell. He is the founder of FlutterBusters and an expert on both detecting EMF in our environments and protecting us against the negative health effects!


Show Notes

Real Food RN - Joseph Darnell: How EMF's Impact Our Health

Joseph Darnell’s Bio:

Joseph is a physicist and the owner of Flutter Busters, which is a company that was formed to help people identify and reduce their exposures to electromagnetic fields. He started this company after his daughter Kyanna passed away from a rare form of brain cancer at the age of 7. Through the course of treatments, he tied one of the problem areas for Kyanna to a sensitivity of electromagnetic fields. As he started reading research on this topic, he realized that the overexposure that she had was a major contributor and gave an explanation as to how a 7-year-old could get brain cancer. This exposure happened everywhere. The more he learned, the more he realized it was not just Kyanna that had problems with electromagnetic fields; there are many of us that do. His goal is to help people reduce their exposure so they might avoid what happened to him and live a healthier more enjoyable life.

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Joseph Darnell - How EMF's Impact Our Health & How We Can Protect Ourselves | Real Food RN

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