Real Food RN Podcast Launch

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Real Food RN Podcast Launch

Hello friends! The day has finally come for me to overcome my fears of perfection and to just launch this thing!! A podcast has been on my heart for almost two years now! There is only so much that I can say online, before it becomes considered medical advice. I do not have the credentials to be dishing out advice that can be taken in that way. But, I have so much to say!! I am always researching and experimenting just about every healing modality on the planet. I personally have gotten a million dollar education via health podcasts. So, my way to achieve this goal is to start a podcast of my very own and interview the amazing people that I work with and listen to. So this post announces the launch of the Real Food RN Podcast launch! I hope you enjoy it! 

Real Food RN Podcast Launch Show Notes:


You can watch my podcast introduction on YouTube below

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Real Food RN Podcast Launch
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2 Replies to “Real Food RN Podcast Launch”

  1. Love the first episode, thank you so much for helping to educate me. I am like a sponge trying to soak in healthy habits for my family. You appeared in a podcast I listen to and that’s how I found you, thank you for your wonderful amazing interest in helping others!!

    1. Yay, so glad you like it and that you found me. There will be a learning curve initially, as I try to figure out how to do a podcast, but I hope to provide value with the information. Next episode launches this week 🙂

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