How to Make Raspberry Kvass

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How to Make Raspberry Kvass | Real Food RN

Kvass is a wonderfully healthy fermented beverage that I have been trying my HARDEST to like! Its so good for you, but it’s often made with beets….and beets taste like dirt! Beets are the only food that I really have to force myself to eat. So, I thought I was never going to be able to enjoy the health benefits of kvass. That is until my Mom made Raspberry Kvass! Yes! Thanks Mom. Here is how she made it….


  • 1 cup raspberries
  • Filtered water (enough to fill jar)
  • 1 tablespoon raw honey — where to find
  • 4  ginger slices


  • Place the fruit, honey and ginger into a quart jar
  • Add enough water to fill 1 inch from the top of the jar
  • You have to leave headroom to allow the pressure to build
  • There’s no need to stir, just tightly cover the jar and give it a shake 2 or 3 times a day
  • Once it starts bubbling, burp the jar every once in a while to release the pressure and retighten lid
  • It should start bubbling in 24 hours and will be ready to drink in 2 days or so, when there is lots of bubbling
  • When it’s ready, strain out and discard the fruit
  • Keep refrigerated for up to one week

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  1. Susan says

    I made some this weekend and I had to come thank you for rocking my world! This is so good, and way easier and cheaper than kombucha. Does it have similar health benefits to kombucha? Thanks again. This is awesome and I can’t wait to try it with blueberries!

    • says

      It does have similar benefits, but not to the extent of kombucha as its not fermented with a SCOBY. Glad you enjoyed it! Let me know how the blueberries turn out, I haven’t tried them yet.

  2. says

    Mine’s not bubbling a lot. Just a few bubbles. Nor did I need to burp lid. I’m on day 3. 1 day in fridge 2 days on counter. Shaking a couple times a day….do I let it keep going?

  3. Angela says

    Does this work with frozen fruit, or would the bacteria be too dormant? Or is this the bacteria from the honey?

    • Alexa says

      Many of the beneficials most likely come from the ginger, more so than the berry (although berries have their yeast & bacteria friends as well) This recipe is reminiscent of creating a “ginger bug” to use as a starter culture, and in that case it’s ginger, water & honey (or sugar w/ backstrap molasses) that get the culture kicking. I have a jar of this raspberry kvass on the counter that should be ready now, can’t wait! (Thanks for sharing the recipe Kate!)

  4. says

    So excited to try this…..I love beets so gonna make both….I’m also addicted to Kombucha but it is too complicated for me at this point however I am getting a little tired of paying the high price to buy it….gonna have to break down and make some of that too I’m sure….Thanks for sharing….!!!!!

  5. Claudia says

    I have some on the counter as we speak, just wondering, does it need to be with ginger? I’m not a big fan of ginger although it has great health benefits. Thanks for sharing your recipe! I love raspberries!

  6. Claudia says

    So, mine still has no bubbles. I think I added too little water? I’m afraid I have left about three inches or so from the top. Do you think it will still bubble if I leave it for one more day (or more?).
    Or do I have to throw it away :( ?

  7. Claudia says

    So did I get it right, after letting it ferment for 24 hours, you then let it sit on the counter another 24 hours or so. And the you discard the fruit and put it in the fridge?

    • says

      The ginger is what helps the fermentation process, similar to making homemade ginger ale. Your could try frozen raspberries, I have not done that yet. Let me know how it works out.

  8. Jacqueline says

    I use frozen friut all the time. I do start with boiling spring water to disolve the sweetener and heat the fruit. Then top up with room temp.
    Sometimes I use whey rather than the ginger. Both work very nicely.

  9. Jeanette says

    I’ve been making this for awhile now. Much less trouble than other ferments I’ve made. I have actually been making mine on a “continuous brew” cycle, and I don’t toss the the fruit! I only use blackberries because 1. they taste better in my opinion, and 2. they are fabulous mixed with Brown Cow Cream Top VANILLA Yogurt.
    Since I eat the blackberries with my yogurt I never toss them. I add new blackberries every 7 – 14 days, along with additional honey and water. I leave it out on the counter for 1-2 days depending upon the ambient temperature; then I put it back in the refrigerator. I love the tangy kvass it makes and I adore the fermented blackberries mixed with my yogurt.
    With the continuous brew method you will eventually build up a layer of sediment in the bottom of the jar. Every couple of months I strained out whatever fruit might still be in my jar; rinse it and set it aside (or eat it); then I strain the liquid through a very fine mesh strainer or even a coffee filter. After that I put the liquid back in a clean jar, add more fruit, water, & honey and start the cycle over again.

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