Essential Oils 101 (a free online video class)

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Essential Oils 101 | Real Food RN

I start and end my day with essential oils every single day! They have quickly become a huge part of our life. Using our oils regularly ensures that we are supporting our wellness, both physically and emotionally. So I put together a short video to give my best tips. I would love to see oils in every single home!

Essential Oils 101

Click play on the video below to learn more and to watch Essential Oils 1o1

How to Get Started with Essential Oils

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Essential Oils 101 | Real Food RN

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93 Replies to “Essential Oils 101 (a free online video class)”

  1. The pin is misleading it says Essential Oil rx but when you click on it you go to where you can sign up for a 101 class.

      1. Kate you said we could sign up to be on your team, how please? And i need to ask some more questions so could you text me or something please? Or even call or something?

        House phone is 256-686-4258
        Cell 256-230-7781

        Phillis Cook

        Whats the easiest way to sign up is question number one?

        1. Phillis, You do realize your phone number is now on Pinterest for everyone to see? Not sure how you feel about privacy so I just wanted to give you a heads up.

  2. I read that Wintergreen should not be taken internally. Can you tell me where you saw that it was okay? I’d love to do more research. Thanks.

    1. It’s not recommended to ingest. If you’re looking for relief from minor aches and discomfort a better combo would be frankincense, balsam fir and valor. ?

  3. I went threw some adds on Amazon and they were free about the oils. How can i go by signing up to sell the oils. I love them I used them myself. Can i please tell me where and who I Ord eff the kit from. When I order the kit do i pay up front or what.

  4. hi is there anyway that me and my daughter can get a sample of the lavender oil,were really interested. in the products..thanks i really appreciate it.

  5. HI-Curious if you put that combination of essential oils in a carrier oil and if so how much ?


  6. Hi-
    The picture of the wrinkled tummy that links to this page…is that your tummy? It has a recipe to reduce stretched tummy skin?

  7. Kate, thank you for a beautiful presentation to your 101 class. I thoroughly enjoyed getting introduced to young living oils through searching the web. I was considering do terra and have purchased many blends. I am considering switching and signing up with young living

    1. Awesome Cyndi! Young Living has the highest quality oils out there! I had considered DoTerra too, then I learned about the Seed to Seal quality that YL has in their production and that made up my mind to go with YL. I would love to have you on my team! Let me know if you want to sign up!

  8. Hi Kate,

    I have heard a lot of wonderful things about YL oils! Would it be possible to sample any of the oils? I am seriously considering becoming a respresentative. I have tried other oils but would
    Love to try YL before taking the leap. Thank you!

  9. Hi Kate,
    I have heard amazing things about Young Living oils. I am really considering joining and selling for YL. I use some oils but would love to become more educated with the uses and combos, I did watch your 30 minute video and it definitely motivated me to message you. I am a full time elementary teacher, so I don’t know if this will require more time then I have in a day; but I’m willing to try. I would love anymore info/samples that you can offer before I jump in. Thanks a bunch!!

    1. Hi Megan,

      The wonderful part about this business is that you can work at it as much or as little as you like! I can definitely send you samples and more information! Send me an email with your mailing address: [email protected]. In my experience teachers have become some of the most successful business builders in the company! You guys are natural educators in all areas of life. So many teachers who started this biz have quit their jobs and are now working from home full time. If that’s something you are interested in, I can help you get there 🙂

  10. What is the difference in YL and Améo? Is it therapeutic-vs- clinical grade??? Sold both lines and thats all I recall. Had to temporarily suspend my membership. Will be back. Both companies have their THINGS, only hope I can get enough unbiased info to make the right move for myself. Thx in advance for your inpit; at least the therapeutic-vs-clinical grades….

    1. Hi Julie,

      I actually am not familiar with Ameo, so I cannot speak to the quality of their oils. I do stand behind the quality of Young Living being the best in the biz! They have an amazing Seed to Seal promise, you can learn more about that here: I have personally been to the farms and they are amazing, so clean and fantastic! They use the batched of oils that do not pass their high quality testing on the crops instead of using harsh chemicals! You can learn the entire process in detail on a recent podcast put out by my Revolution Oils team: Let me know if you have any more questions! I am happy to help. If you are interested in signing up, I would love to have you on my team:

  11. Hi Katie, I recently just learned about Essentials oils, . I am a nurse and mother of 4,. My 8 years gets real bad allergies he actually has asthma and my 7 year old Grandson has ADHD. I would love to use the Essentials oils on them and my self for various reasons including problem areas on the stomach ,Buttocks and thighs.. Is it possible to send me some samples to try? I love everything I read about this product! And extremely eager to try some!

  12. This may sound like a really wierd question but is a true concern for me. How powerful is the scent from essential oils when used topically? I work in an environment that does not allow perfumes or scented lotion. If I only applied oils at night (for spinal bone spurs and discs) then showered in the morning, would the scent still be there? Also, most instructions say to apply twice daily. Would once daily work, just take longer?

  13. Hi Katie. Ive heard alot about young living oils. But have not had the time to check them out. I need to though. I have 8 kids an my oldest has severe migraines. My daughter has depression sometime an other health problems. My 19 yr old has severe asthma. My 17 yrold has asthma real bad an 16 yr old he has asthma an severe night terrors. My 14 yr old he has asthma. My 10 yr old he was born with a congenital cataract that gives him bad headaches. He also is ADHD. He also has severe allergies an asthma. My 9 yr old has severe asthma. As for me im going thru pre menopause an it makes me severely depressed sometimes. I have severe acid reflux ive had surgery for it once didnt work. Ive got asthma. I’ve got carpal tunnel syndrome in both hands. Ive got degenerative bone and back disease ive got 2 protruding discs in back an 2 herniated duscs in back alsi it affects me to walk. I have a pinch nerve also that affects left arm from neck. I was wondering katie would you send me some samples for my kids to keep from getting sick an something for me. I would like t ti

    1. Hi Sophie,
      Reading your post I have to ask, have you looked into environmental causes for so many in your family to be suffering from asthma related symptoms? I am a firm believer in essential oils and their benefits, but if there is an underlying reason that is causing so many in you family to suffer in the same way, the oils will just mask the symptoms temporarily. I would highly suggest you have your home tested for possible allergens. The one that comes to mind first and foremost and is the most dangerous that could be causing so many of the symptoms you listed, from the asthma to ADHD to Birth Defects, migraines and even severe nerve damage and early onset Alzheimer’s is . . . Black Mold! It can be hiding anywhere in your home without you knowing. It is the most dangerous of molds. Try to search for the “Forensic Files” episode on Black Mold and you will see how this horribly effected one family and how each of them suffered from a variety of symptoms, some reversible and some devastatingly permanent. Good Luck

  14. Hi I am interested in the oils but do t know which one to get first and if I will like the
    Smell of the oil how do I start

    1. Hi Angie, you can start with my essential oils email class to learn more. Here is where to sign up for that: The best way to get started is with one of the Premium Starter Kits, because they come with 11 bottles of essential oils, a diffuser of your choice, and some samples. The oils that you get are some of the most popular and most used oils, Young Living does the guess work for you there. 🙂 You can email me with more questions if you’d like: [email protected]

      1. I bought 2#Kitscat Christmas. I’m interested in selling. Do I have to buy another kit. My seller only gets an order maybe once a month and is hard to contact. I have none of her info to apply on line.what do I do

  15. Hi Kate i have been reading up on essentials oils and am really interested. I came across your blog on the internet and i am really excited about the oils and also to do the business. I would love to do the free three weeks course and then go on to buying the starter kit. I also would like to try some samples. I tried signing up on your Facebook page but its not going through.Could you send me the link please to your Facebook page, also the link for the free three course and a few samples if possible.

    1. It is generally not recommended to use on very young kids. But, I have not heard that it is dangerous to use. Can you provide me a link to an article where you read this?

  16. Hi kate, im very interested in signing up to start selling the oils, but when i click om the links to sign up it says the page isnt working.

  17. Hello Kate
    I have been reading your blog and I am interested in investing in the starter kit. I am a Nurse Practitioner and I see approximately 20 patients a day at my office. I tend to get sick frequently which leads to my entire family getting sick. My oldest daughter is a nursing student and works as a NA in the ER. My youngest daughter is going away to college next year. The bottom line is I want us to build our immune system. Is is possible to send me samples of oils for their immune boosting properties as well as for stress relief?? I would be ver grateful. Before I invest money into YL, I would like to sample their products. From one nurse to another I thank you!
    PS.. I love the daily emails regarding the oils as I am a novice in this area.
    Be blessed

    1. Hi Stacey, I have them all packaged up and ready to drop in the mail today. Keep me posted on any questions that come up! You have a blessed New Year!

  18. I see where every one is getting free samples! I’ve been trying to compare oils and do research.So hard for a beginner to understand.
    I was wondering if I could get samples for my husband. He has back pain because of a rupture disc. He is also on blood thinners so need to be cautious. I consider myself healthy, just want to stay that way. My only worry is minor aches and flu season. We both are getting close to retirement age.

  19. Hi Kate i will be signing up for my Starter Kit at the end of this month, am so excited about i can’t wait. Thanks for the 21 days online class, it was really informative. Thanks bunches.

  20. I signed up with my email to watchbvideosvand nothing came.

    In post above I stated.
    I purchased 2 kits at CHristmas. One for me and one for my daughter.
    I am interested in selling but have none of my sellers info to sign up to sell on the main sight. What do I do?
    And do I have to purchase another kit.

    Also the oils for skin. Do they need the oil you sell to dilute or can they be applied directly to face

    1. You can just have people sign up using your sign up member number. You do not need to buy another kit. In the virtual office you should be able to find your sponsors information, you can contact them that way

  21. I would love some of your recipes for roller balls ,rubs, creams for over all and for health issues.
    I am a new Young Living Distributor.

  22. Hi Kate!
    I would love some info on becoming a distributor, also some samples I could try. I’m a 54 yo disabled female with a whole list of problems and am on a longer list of meds! I have fibromyalgia, psoriatic arthritis, osteoarthritis, and chronic back pain, to name a few. Thank you so much!

  23. hi not sure what name is I live In the uk England London before I purchase any oils from you , could u tell the price in English format as well as postage and packing and maybe just a samples of soothing oils to try thanks gail brewer.

  24. Hi. I am and have been a rep for some time now but not very successful except for family. My upline is not good. There have been incidences that I don’t want to mention here. Could you call me and I will explain. 2897230884. Thanks

  25. Hi Kate, what’s the difference between a Dewdrop Diffuser Kit and a Home Diffuser Kit? Trying to make the best choice.

  26. Hi my name is kristy and im just wondering if there is any free samples on any of the essential oil

  27. A few months ago you posted about a charcoal mask (not beauty counter product) . It cost $50 and is a skincare line developed by a gentleman. Can you give me name of product. I really want to try it.

    Thanks…you are an inspiration.

  28. Is there a pack that contains the tangerine, cypress, patchouli, geranium and sandlewood? The ones needed for the sagging skin? I would like to try those, but don’t want to spend a fortune and have it not work on me. Thanks.

    1. You can sign up as a customer and buy them all individually. If you sign up as a wholesale member you get a 24% discount off the oils, but you need to buy a starter kit to get the discount. They start at $160. Once you are a wholesale member you do not need to buy or sell anything ever, so there is no obligation or quota. It’s a really great way to save money on oils.

  29. It’s exhausting to seek out knowledgeable people on this subject, however you sound like you already know what you’re talking about! Thanks

  30. I recently had gastric surgery and have lost 120 pounds. I am wondering how much you know about this product actually working like the “belly” picture shows. Please contact me through my personal email. I would love to try a sample and read about some that have used this product for this purpose. Thanks!

  31. I’m all about living natural so thanks for taking the time to put this together. On a technical note, I love the clean look of the video with no timer slider, but it helps me with time management to have timer sliders. Any chance you could add in a timer slider? Thanks again and have a great day!

    1. Hi Joy, so glad you like the video. If you click on the title of the video, when you hover over it, it will open in YouTube and then you will have the timer slider 🙂

  32. Thanks so much for taking the time to reply. I know you have much on your plate. I did find that and I did use it. Thanks!

  33. Hello Kate, I have a 10 year old son that has recently been diagnosed with ADD. He and I also have migraines. He is on a Rx for the ADD (that has helped, but also makes him pretty emotional) and I am on a Rx for my migraines. If there is an EO alternative to the ADD Rx I would much rather use that. I would also like to come off of my Rx because it interferes with my ability to recall common things throughout my day. I am a secretary at a middle school and do LOTS of multi-tasking all day. I also have a difficult time focusing to complete a task. Truth be told, I am confident I am ADD (if not ADHD) as well. Can you send me some samples of something to help? Thank you in advance! God bless you, your family and your business. ?

  34. Hi,

    I am a special education teacher and a licensed professional counselor. I mostly work with children in the inner city who have complex trauma. I am interested in using essential oils. I have begun some research and am discovering Young Living to be the best. Are you able to send me any free samples?

  35. Hi Kate, the paragraph about carrier oils, you like the coconut oil carrier, do you buy “organic” or “ refined”?

  36. Hi Kate. my name is Michele Thompson. I am just finished radiation treatment for breast cancer I am now a survivor and I’m going to different classes in my hospital and I started some classes with learning how to use essential Oils. I love the products that they use when I have my massages at the hospital. they are all by Young living. however I found that they are very expensive so I would like to purchase a kit. I’m not sure which one but I have had experience with some of the Oil’s. I really love release and white Angelica. Do you have those samples? Do you have any suggestions for me I loved your video. I just shared it with my niece and I look forward to more information and connecting morewith you! God bless you!

  37. I have had a gastric surgery due to a stomach tumor. I am looking forore natural ways to deal with reflux. I am interested in essenchel oils but confused about how this is taken. Is it consumed or on the skin? Or is essential oils a vapor thing? It’s confusing to me. Can you help?

  38. Hi Tracy I am starting a healthier live and I am home schooling my Grandchildren that has all kinds of problems keeping up in school with concertration learning paying attention remembering what they learn their focus is off can you send me some oils to help
    Thank you Marie

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