How To Make Money With An Essential Oils Business

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How To Make Money With An Essential Oils Business | Real Food RN
When I started blogging, I never had any intention to promote products, supplements, or really anything. I just wanted to get the word out about real food and help people to navigate our modern (toxic) food system. As our diet has evolved over the years, so has the way we do almost everything in our house. First we just wanted to get the junk out of our diet, then we started removing the chemicals from our household cleaners and personal care products. I kind of became obsessed really. Nothing artificial was going to make it into my house! Soon, I was introduced by a friend to something that would change my life forever: Essential Oils!I fell in love!

So isn’t this post about making money? I’m getting to that, don’t worry. The reason why I decided to pursue the business side of essential oils is because I fell in love with using them! A friend of mine, and fellow blogger asked my why I didn’t just sign up to be a distributor and get the 24% discount on oils. What? I did not even know that even existed. I did that immediately! So, being proud of myself, I announced it on my various social media sites….and you know what? People felt the same way about oils that I did and wanted to save some cash too. Before I knew it, people were signing up under me (in my “downline”) and I was in business. I had my very own Essential Oils Business! Yeah, it’s just that easy. When you have a product that people love and want to use again and again, you don’t have to be a sales person! I do not like selling stuff or being pushy, but I do love sharing my knowledge about things I am passionate about. For me, this just made sense.

I do not like to call it selling oils or memberships, but rather, introducing people to their amazing benefits and letting the oils sell themselves. This is not a door-to-door, cold-calling, or flyer passing business. Not at all. I do most of my work completely online. From home!

First, you need to sign up for a Young Living account. You will need to start a wholesale account and become a Distributor in order to gain commissions on those who sign up under you. You can learn how to do that HERE. Plus, you get the wholesale discount on your own oils so it’s really a win-win situation!

Next, find your outlet to spread your message. Mine is my blog and the accompanying social media sites that I run. But, you do not have to have a blog. All you need to have is passion, knowledge and an desire to get the word out.

If you are not the blogger type you can teach classes or make graphics to share on social media:

Teach Classes: So many people want to learn how to use essential oils that classes are in high demand! You can do something as basic as an Essential Oils 101 class and make a powerpoint presentation. There are powerpoint applications to help you make some killer presentations! We have classes that are already put together along with class notes, handouts, recipes and everything you will need to teach an entire class! If you are interested in having access to these classes and our awesome resources, then simply join our team and you will get FREE access to our business building resources! CLICK HERE to see what our team has to offer!

Make Graphics: You can make simple graphics to share your love of oils with your family and friends on the different social media channels. It is super easy to do it you use THIS photo editing tool. It is the one that I use and love! Below is an example of one of my graphics. Once you have your graphics made then just put them up on social media and link them to your unique affiliate link, or add your YL member ID number onto the graphic itself. Just make sure there is a way that people can find your member number so they can sign up under you! Easy!

Geranium Essential Oil | Real Food RN

Remember, this is yours. You will find a way to get the word out if you are passionate enough about your essential oils and your essential oils business!

First educate, then help people sign up (but you need to have a sign up page)

1) You can purchase a personal website from Young Living for less that $10/month and direct people to that page. You will find those through the Young Living website.

2) You can also just use THIS LINK, and swap out my member numbers for your own. This option is completely free, all you need is a member number and you are set. Sharing that link with people will direct them to a sign up page, they will be signing up under your member number. Use the methods I mentioned above to direct people to your page. You can even shorten your personal link using to make the link prettier and easier to fit in memes.

3) You can start a blog and make a landing page that explains why you love oils and how they can join you in spreading the word. It’s easy to set up. You can even start up a FREE site and make your landing page there. I personally have a website set up through and my host is WordPress Engine. They are awesome!!!

HERE is my landing page, notice that I explain my story and provide my number and links to sign up.

Want some help getting this all set up?

I have good news for you: I built a business website to help people get their own businesses up and running! When I got started with the business end of Young Living, I had NO IDEA what I was doing! I knew how to spread the word through my blog because I had already been doing that. But, I had no idea how to set up a business, teach classes, navigate how the system works, any of that! So, once I learned how to do all of this I started collecting resources and pooling them together. One day I got the idea to put everything into one place and let other people learn from it too. I now have a great team who has joined me on my mission and together we have built up Revolution Oils and we are creating abundance with essential oils! You can join us too, we would love to have you! All it takes it two easy steps and you will have full access to all of our business resources for FREE! Yep, that’s right! Here is how you do this:

1) Sign up with Young Living through the person who introduced you to the oils. Hopefully, that is ME! HERE is where you can do this. It will have to be either through me or someone on my team to get access to our site though. You will need to sign up as a distributor (remember, you get 24% off you oils for life when you do this!), and you will need to purchase your starter kit. In order to have access to our team, we require that you sign up with the Premium Starter Kit. Don’t worry, we are not requiring this because it is the most expensive — it’s the best value and the easiest way to get started with essential oils because it comes with 11 Everyday Essential oils and a home diffuser. Bam! You’re an oily pro! Below is an image that shows what is included in that kit…

How To Make Money With An Essential Oils Business | Real Food RN
2) Tell us you are on board! Once we get confirmation of your order, you will get a Welcome email. Simply reply to that email that you are interested in making this a business and we will grant you full access and help you every step of the way. Pretty cool huh? I wish I would have had these resources when I first got started!

Now Once People Have Signed, How Do I Earn Money?

When a person signs up under you, you will earn a commission on the oils that they purchase. There is also a lot more to the program…

If you want to keep it as simple as possible the more sales you have on your team the more money you will be making, just like any other business. What I would encourage is to have at least a 100 PV essential rewards order each month and suggest that to everyone that you sponsor into Young Living. That is the foundation of success.
There are many different ways that you can make money with Young Living. Young Living is one of the most generous companies you will ever find. They truly care about you and your success. Here are the details of how you can make money with our opportunity. If you want info straight from the source, HERE is Young Living’s income disclosure (remember this is an average)
First of all, to inspire you, here is the average amount of income for each of the levels. This is broken down by monthly and yearly. None of the bonuses are added to these figures. Remember, these are estimates of your annual earning potential…
                                Monthly                          Yearly
Executive              $550                             $6600
Silver                     $2500                         $30,000
Gold                       $9100                        $109,200
Platinum            $21,500                     $258,000
Diamond            $29,000                     $348,000
The first level is distributor. You need to have a monthly order of 50 PV and you get paid on 2 levels of distributors.
From this basic level you can achieve higher levels by having more volume in your group of distributors.
The second level is Star. To achieve this level you need to have a volume of 500 PV between yourself and the other members on your team. So if you had an order of 100 PV and 4 other people on your team also had 100 PV you will have achieved this level. To get paid commissions you need to have a 100 PV order and you get paid on 3 levels of distributors.. To get paid on this level as well as all future levels it requires that you place at least a 100 PV order each month.
The third level is Senior Star. You need to have 2000 group PV and you get paid on 4 levels.
OGV (Overall Group Volume)
•Executive: 2 legs each at 1,000 with 4,000 total OGV, directing growth toward Silver
•Silver: 2 legs each at 4,000 with10,000 total OGV
•Gold: 3 legs each at 6,000 with 35,000 total OGV, creating a behavior that will direct building toward the Diamond rank
•Platinum: 4 legs each at 8,000 with 100,000 total OGV
•Diamond: 5 legs each at 15,000 with 250,000 total OGV
•Crown Diamond: 6 legs each at 20,000 with 750,000 total OGV
•Royal Crown Diamond (new): 6 legs each at 35,000 with 1,500,000 total OGV
Here are the bonuses.
1. The first bonus is called Uni-level Bonus. As shown above you get paid on more levels as you go up in rank. You are paid 8% on each person on your first level, 5% on your second level and 4% on levels 3, 4 and 5..
2. Rising Star Team Bonus
This is a 1% bonus pool on monthly sales volume, available to those distributors paid as Star through Executive.
3. Fast Start Bonus
Young Living distributors are eligible to earn a Fast Start Bonus on all new distributors they personally enroll in the company. This bonus pays 25% on the volume of each personally enrolled distributor’s total orders placed during the first three calendar months, in addition to base commissions. Each month the bonus payout of 25% is earned by the enroller, a calculation of 10% of the same volume can be paid to the second upline enroller if eligible.* A maximum of $200 may be earned from this bonus per distributor, per month. When the Fast Start or Slique™ Start Living Kit Bonus is paid, the PV used to calculate the bonus is reduced by 70% for all other commissionable payouts. If someone orders a Slique Start Living Kit you earn $100.
4. Generation Leadership Bonus
This is a 6% bonus pool divided among all leaders paid as Silver and above. The number of shares received depends on rank and the number of leaders in your paid generations.
5. You get paid 24% on any orders of people who are customers that you have enrolled. Some people will simply want to order as a customer whenever they want to order and anytime they do you will get 24% of whatever they order.
6. Young Living also offers Profit Sharing to those who qualify so that is why I suggest having at least a 100 PV essential rewards order and encouraging anyone that you sponsor to do the same. All of the sales of the whole company go into a pool and anyone who qualifies gets at least one share of this. How exciting is that! It is like we are all one big team working to help each and every one achieve financial freedom. Go Team Young Living!
7. When you reach the level of executive there is a great bonus for reaching the level of silver within six months, called “Silver in Six”. If you are able to do this Young Living will give you an Aroma Complete! That is a collection of almost all of the essential oils and has a value of around $2500! Definitely something to shoot for!!!
Can you see how much money you can make with Young Living? There is no limit. Whatever level you are at, focus on getting to the next level. That will happen for you one person at a time. Simply share with as many people as possible consistently. This is as simple as sharing and then asking them what they think about it. Keep it simple and before you know it you will see your income growing month after month.
Watch a webinar below that I recorded with a friend of mine. We both tell our success stories with our essential oil businesses and how we go to where we are today! 

Another video that I did in my Essential Oils Facebook group that had such a great response, so I decided to share it here too!

Well, are you ready? The time is now! Essential oils are growing in popularity every day and so many people are catching on to how amazing they really are. If you want to join in and start your own essential oils business, please follow the steps listed above. Now you can have an essential oils business all you own.

How to Get Started with Essential Oils

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How To Make Money With An Essential Oils Business | Real Food RN

Order supplements through my Fullscript store.

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91 Replies to “How To Make Money With An Essential Oils Business”

      1. Hi Kate,
        If you would be open to sharing, how long did it take you to get to the Silver level through blogging? And did you get most of your downline through blogging or through your in-person network?
        Thank you 🙂 Liivi

        1. I made it to Silver in about 8 months after starting. I did get the Silver in Six from when I hit Executive 🙂 I would say that I got most of my business from my blog. But, it does seem that the online essential oil stuff is pretty saturated right now so I am going to be putting more focus on working in my local community. Plus its really fun teaching live classes!

  1. Hi,
    I am looking to become a wholesale member with young living, but I don’t really know anyone who sells it, is it beneficial to sign up under you? How do you make most of your money. I know other products people use they do parties at different peoples houses, but I am not as big into that. I do plan on using the oils on horses so I am very interested.
    Thank You,

    1. Brooke, YES I think its very beneficial to sign up under me 😉 Once you sign up under me you will get free access to all of my business building resources, you will be a member of our Revolution Oils Team, and you will have access to two private online groups where we discuss all the business stuff, as well as, our oils. It’s a great team and community and we all help each other grow. Everyone comes from different walks of life and we are all supporting others to grow. I would not be where I am today if not for my group. We would love to have you on board! There are a lot of people out there who use oils for their horses and you could be a great resource for them and would get people to sign up under you because of it! You certainly don’t have to do parties at people’s houses if you don’t want to! Let me know if you have any questions. You can also email me at [email protected]

  2. hi I have actually already signed up but I was wondering how do you do orders for people that do not want to sign up for a wholesale account? I know many people who do not want to know do they have time to sit down and order offline but would like to purchase through me?

  3. Hi Kate,

    I am curious how Young Living pays each distributor? Do they send it via cash, check, money order etc? Are there options for the payment methods? Thanks! 🙂

    1. They send you a check in the mail until you achieve a certain rank. Then you have the option for direct deposit. I do not believe that they do cash or money order though.

  4. Yes you do need 50PV to be comissionable, but after you have people under you that is easily covered by comissions. You will make a percentage off of your friends purchases if they sign up under you.

    1. But, can I promote the products to physicians? If so, do you know if I need a industry certification?

      In regarding to stores certainly 24% profit is not very interesting for them to offer YL products like PowerMeal for example, but if I get a prescription commitment from physicians, they (The stores and pharmacies) mat want to sell it).

      What do you think? I would like to be your downline.

      1. Yes, I do have several chiropractors in my downline who have a business account. That is different from a distributor, but that is the account MD’s and clinics would start under your sponsorship.

        I would love to have you in my downline!

        1. Nice Kate!

          Since one month ago, I signed under a Royal Crown Diamond because I believe I would receive great support in regarding to the B2B markets I want to approach but her advice is inexistent. I present question by e-mail even by phone in her answer machine but no responses. What can I do to go under your sponsorship?

          Where are you? I am in San, Texas.

  5. Guillermo,

    You can make the switch to a new sponsor if you have approval from your upline. You might want to call customer service and they can help you do that.

    I am in Minnesota

    ~ Kate

  6. Hi Kate!
    I’m new to young living bussiness plan but I think I’d really like to give it a shot.
    If you’re willing to get me through this, send me an e-mail and we’ll start from there. Thanks!

  7. You posted an Amazon link to get the EO DESK reference book. When I click on it it has only 2 books available and for $999.11 a piece!!! Really?!?!

  8. Im getting a little confused, I though I would just make money off any order like scentsy or beach body coaches. If I have customers who just want to buy products and don’t want to become distributors do I still make money off their orders?

  9. Hi i’ve been looking at some oil companys and i keep coming back to young living. But i’m not sure how to go about selling. I would really like to do the classes. how can I sign up under you? is there a way to earn the kit? I don’t have the money right now.

  10. Hi Kate,
    I’m considering this, but I just signed up today and don’t think I’m ready to start selling, yet. I feel like I have so much to learn first! Honestly, you lost me at PV and OGV… it’s confusing… I’m hoping it will all come with time.

    1. Angela, it totally comes with time! I was confused at first too. Once you learn it, its pretty basic actually 🙂 I would love to have you on my team. We will teach you the ropes!

  11. Just wondering if YL Oils sends a 1099 on the commission? My understanding is that IRS taxes commission at 40% on commissioned-based income. Is that accurate?

  12. Hello Kate I am interested in this Co. but I would like to purchase a bottle of your Lavender to compare it with other brands I have. As a new beginner I would love a price to purchase this product as I am very interested in teaming with you. Thank you Melissa Waits.

  13. Hi there, my sister was thinking of starting in the oil business. I told her I’d research it for her. It all sounds so interesting, I might even want to do it, but right now is not a good time for me. Would it be worth it for me to sign up and have my sister sign up under me? Would I get commissions off her business and future downline?

    1. Hey Elizabeth. Yes! Now is a great time and getting your sister to sign up under you will generate commissions. In fact, if you invite three people to sign up under you then you will receive enough commissions to cover the cost of your starter kit! I have a great team and we really support our members to grow their businesses. I have all kinds of free resources to make it easy for you to grow. I would love to have you and your sister on my team!

      Let me know if you have any questions!
      ~ Kate

  14. Hi Kate,

    I am interested in the essential oil business but I haven’t been using them for years so I am still considered a newbie to essential oils. I feel like I still have so much to learn and don’t know if it’s right for me to start selling yet. I’m also quite confused about all this as I am not a business person. But regarding this blog post, it says that I will earn 24% on any orders of people that are customers that I enrolled. How will Young Living know that this person is a customer that was enrolled by me if this customer only orders without signing up as a member?

    1. When they sign up as a member, they enroll under someone. Then any time they order their enroller gets credit. Whether they sign up as a customer or a distributor, you get credit for their purchases.

  15. Hi Kate, I signed up in September of 2015 and have wanted so much to do this as a business. I found your site here by wondering how to start up a business with YL. I did sign up with a group and I honestly never here from them. Its frustrating. I want to do the business but am made to feel like they don’t think I am really trying since I don’t have any sales. I did sell a kit and am trying but need help. Is it hard to switch to a different group? do you help your group? If you request to switch at YL is it a long drawn out process? Just curious. Thanks

  16. If someone orders from me as a customer do they get the 24% off? Or would I need to order for them to offer the product at the discount? Your site in inspiring and so informational, Thank you.

    1. Customers do not get 24% off, only distributors. So you would have to order it for them with your discount, or have them sign up as a wholesale member.

  17. Hello, I am currently a consultant for Norwex and I LOVE EO’s!! I am wondering about starting with YL, but are you able to sell it in stores? (If I had my own) Also, I don’t feel I have the time to blog :/ How else would you suggest? Thanks!

    1. Yes, you can create a business account and sell them in stores! You certainly do not need to have an online presence. I know many successful leaders in Young Living who do not have a blog or really do anything online. We support our members to build their businesses online and offline with tons of resources!

  18. I want to know who gets credit if I purchase oils for the first time. I want to buy from my daughter. Her brother-in-law is the one who got her involved. Due to the pyramid scheme which one would receive credit for my purchases toward bonuses?

  19. Hi Kate, I am very interested in starting a business with Essential Oils. Are you still blogging as I see the last question that is shown is from February 2016. I am looking for a extremely supportive sponsor, since I am very new in selling such products. thanks!

    1. Hello Susan!

      Yes I am a very supportive upline! I have tons of resources to help you grow your business fast, resources that I made and you can use for free. I have a Google Drive filed with graphics and class notes for you to use, and a bootcamp that you can go through that teaches you all that you need to know to rocket launch your business! I also have business groups that you would be a part of so you have even more support from my whole team! Would love to have you on board!!! We have a wonderful group.

      Let me know if you have any questions.

  20. I love this article! So informative. I already am a Young Living distributor and love the idea of putting a link in my blog. How did you save your sponsor and enrolled ID number so when someone clicks on the link, it’s already filled in for them? Thanks!

    1. You have certainly found the answer to this by now, but in case new members are reading these comments, this is how to do that:

      Log in to your Virtual Office.
      Under “Member Resources” click on “Link Builder”
      The link you need with your numbers inserted is right there for you to copy and paste wherever you want to encourage people to sign under you.

  21. I am a new distributor (late June 2016). I signed up under a woman who owns a local business in my town. I am getting what I feel to be no support and I am at a loss as to how to get things rolling. Do you happen to know if there is a way to switch and sign up under you? I believe I would get a better start if I had access to your resources.

      1. Hi Kate,
        I’m very keen on starting a business in essential oils and would be interested in more information as to sign up with you. The only major thing that could be preventing me from doing so is that I reside in New Zealand and the shipping costs can be expensive. Do you distribute in NZ?

    1. Hi Bianca,

      Well my oils business is about 10-15 hours per week, sometimes more if I am teaching more classes. I am a Gold rank. My blog is anywhere from 5-20 hours per week, again, depending on what I am doing. That’s the beauty of it, I can choose my hours. I could definitely work less if I wanted to, but I really love what I do. I have a blogger friend who has an oils business and is a Royal Crown Diamond, she only works 15 hours total per week.

  22. Hi
    I am from the Caribbean, St.Lucia. I am interested in creating an EO’s business, selling it in stores, will I get a 24% discount?

  23. Hello,
    Thank you for all the great information. I love essential oils and lately been making my own lotions, creams, soaps and hair growth oil. However, I am still confuse on what is needed to start an online business (such as certain permits for homemade proucts) making homemade products with essential oils. If you can please help me with any advice at all.

  24. Hi kate this looks very interesting i have a couple of qustions:

    1) i hope i am not intruding but how much can i make when i am silver like you?

    2) how many people do you have signed up to get to silver?

    3) do i get info about teaching a class and different promotional stuff from the company with my starter kit?

    thank you

  25. Hi Kate,
    Couple of questions…
    1. I see several ads/links on this page for Miracle Essential Oils. Are you selling that brand as well as Young Living?
    2. I would like to sign up under you, but am wondering if there are “Young Living specials/incentives” for signing up in April or would it be better to sign up in May,,,depending on the incentives (if any)…I hope that makes sense.

    I have looked at many websites for selling essential oils online (yours was the first) and I keep coming back to your page.

    Thank you for your help!

    1. Hi Kelly, those are ads on my site that Google puts up unfortunately, I am not selling that brand. I only promote Young Living because they are the best oil company on the planet! I would love to have you on my team! There aren’t any sign up incentives right now. But, when you enroll under my sponsorship I will send you a welcome kit in the mail and you will have access to all of my resources. That’s so great you keep coming back to my page. I appreciate that! Let me know if you need any help signing up 🙂

  26. Hello-I am very interested in sighing up for YL- I currently use essential oils now and I LOVE them. I would like more information. I am currently a full-time nurse and will be going back to school for my BSN. I want to make some extra money on the side and so far this is what I have became interested in. Will this be worth it for me- will I need to put a lot of time into it to make extra money? Thanks!

    1. Hi Shelby,

      I would be happy to help. If you want to sign up, you can learn how to do that here: I would also be happy to answer any additional questions that you have, it might be easier via email: [email protected]. If you sign up under my sponsorship you will have my full support as well as access to my team and all of my resources. Would love to have you on my team!

  27. Hi Kate
    I have been with YL since February. I have been trying to start it as a business. My problem is getting people interested enough to have a class or come to one I would love to do an online type of business. Problem is don’t know how to start. My upline just wants me to have classes. Can you help? Most the people I know are now trying hard to avoid talking about oil with me

    1. I always lead with value, become the person who really helps others and finds solutions to others problems. As you grow as a resource they will want to come to your classes too 🙂

  28. Hi! I’m looking for someone to help me grow a Young Living business. What kind of support & resources do you offer? I’m ready to jump on in. 🙂

    1. Hi Tracy, You are in the right place! My team has almost 2,000 members and we have tons of resources and support. I have graphics, class scripts, bootcamps, and all kinds of training material. I also offer personal mentorship, as well as my continual support for the life of your business (hopefully life long!). You will have access to my private groups. Our team is SO awesome, so you will make a ton of friends on this journey too. I would love to have you on board! You can learn more here: You can also email me directly here: [email protected]

  29. Hello.. I’m very interested .. can I enrol if I’m in Canada?? Thanks so much ? Nicole. I’m ready to join .

  30. Hi. I really appreciate the information you provided. I am new to all of this from a business point of view. Do you feel that this is still a viable new business or is it over saturated? How much does it cost to get started?

    1. It is definitely still a viable business and growing more every day! Not saturated at all! Actually I think this is one of the best career paths on the planet because it is a residual income that you can will to your children! The best way to get started is with a Premium Starter Kit, they start at $160. I would be happy to help you get signed up. If you are interested you can email me directly and I can help: [email protected]. Once you are signed up you will have full access to all of my resources, as well as my personal support to grow your business!

  31. Hi, I have realized and remains interested in becoming a distributor for the company as a part time job. I promise to work accordingly provided the market is well

  32. Hi! What if i wasn’t able to have 100 essential PV order every month but have some people get their own starter kits & as distributor? Will i still earn profit?

  33. Hi,I’m wondering how all this works. Is this a pyramid thing. What I would like to do is make a small home business selling essential oils and selling necklaces where you would slip a blotter into necklace and be able to apply a drop of essential oil whether for healing ,feel good purposes or simply because you enjoy the fragrance. Could I do that with you by joining your club. Is this something you offer. Thanks, Debbie. email is [email protected]

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