Preventing Mercury Toxicity After Amalgam Filling Removal

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Preventing Mercury Toxicity After Amalgam Filling Removal | Real Food RN

WARNING: Any heavy metal program should be done under the close supervision of a medical professional.  This post is not intended to be taken as medical advice, it is simply a recount of the protocol that I used in my own personal heavy metal detoxification. I wanted to avoid mercury toxicity at all costs. On with the program…

After doing my homework on Amalgam fillings, I decided that I wanted to have them removed. However, if you do not have them removed properly by someone who knows how to protect you from the mercury, there can be adverse health consequences. Some people have suffered serious ills after having their fillings removed from the high level of mercury they were exposed to during the removal causing mercury toxicity. I did not want this to happen to me, so I began to research yet again.

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How did I personally prepare for the removal? Glad you asked! Here is what I did:

  • gallbladder and liver cleanse (once per month) to amp up the livers detoxifying abilities (find out how to here)
  • coffee enemas (daily), again to help my liver, as well as, to get my colon in good working order to eliminate toxins. I only use THIS BRAND of coffee in my enemas though, because it is specially formulated for coffee enemas and does not contain mycotoxins.
  • drank lots of water to help keep the kidneys up to par
  • what I ate: a nutrient dense diet filled with lots of organic vegetables, properly sourced grass-fed and pastured meats, pastured eggs, organic raw milk/kefir/yogurt, homemade kombucha, small amounts of fruit, healthy fats (coconut oil, avocado, grass-fed butter, ghee) and fermented veggies
  • what I did NOT eat: pasteurized dairy, processed foods (anything in a box), grains, legumes, sugar, large amounts of fruit, large amounts of nuts, processed oils (corn oil, soybean oil, canola oil), juice or soda.
  • made sure to take a high quality whole-food vitamin to keep my body nourished
  • continued taking my daily fermented cod liver oil, increasing the dose slightly before my dental appointment

The day before the procedure I consumed my usual healthy diet and doubled up on the dose of my cod liver oil.

The morning of I did not take any of my vitamins because vitamin C can adversely react with anesthetic (think waking up during surgery!!!). I drank 2 scoops of bentonite clay mixed in water. I also took chlorella and activated charcoal pills right before going into the dental office.

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Immediately after the procedure I took additional activated charcoal, a zinc chelating pill, more chlorella, and zeolite. I went home and did a detox bath and drank lots of water to flush the toxins out. For dinner that night I made a liver detox smoothie. I went to bed early.

Here is why I chose the supplements that I took to chelate:

Activated Charcoal: it absorbs metals like mercury and other heavy metals so that they can be passed out of the body. The charcoal can be consumed orally for effective treatment of heavy metal poisoning. Our bodies do not digest or absorb activated charcoal so it is not possible to overdose on activated charcoal when it is consumed.

Chlorella: I took chlorella when I was pregnant with my children to protect them from any mercury in my system from my fillings. You have to make sure that it is “broken cell wall” chlorella because the key to its detoxing abilities lies within the indigestible membrane. A typical dose of chlorella for heavy metal detox is about 20 – 30 grams per day.

While some detoxifying supplements simply release toxins from cells and tissues, chlorella is particularly adept at binding to toxic metals and ushering them out of the entire system. Chlorella contains proteins and peptides which are designed to bind to these substances and carry them out of the body. The chlorophyll in chlorella also aids heavy metal detoxification. (source)

Bentonite Clay: Bentonite clay helps to absorb and bind the heavy metals and help our body eliminate them via our bowel movements. You have to be sure that you are drinking enough water and having regular bowel movements so you are getting rid of everything, otherwise it will sit in your GI tract and reabsorb back into the bloodstream.

Much of Bentonite clay’s effectiveness is derived from its negative ionic charge, which pulls positively charged particles from the body via the bloodstream and then eliminates them via the kidneys and bowels. Heavy metals, pesticides, harmful bacteria, etc. all have a positive charge, and essentially get hovered up by the calcium bentonite clay. (source)

Zeolite: Zeolite is a common chelator used to remove heavy metals and was recommended to me by a holistic health professional.

Zeolite is a natural volcanic mineral, formed as lava rocks ash were altered in alkaline groundwaters and crystallized over millions of years. The mineral has a unique structure, honeycomb in shape, with a negative charge that traps positively charged metals….zeolites are being used to trap and remove the heavy metal elements that the human body is exposed to on a daily basis. The zeolites themselves, having picked up the metals and toxins, leave the body soon after consumption, within 6-7 hours, in the urine, as well as in the stool sometime later. The cleansing structures and properties of liquid zeolites work to remove many toxins from the body, not only the toxic metals. (source)

Zinc Liver Chelate: This one was recommended to me by my chiropractor as an effective chelator. It is only meant to be taken in the short term for the initial detox. I only bought one bottle. Read more here.

What did I notice after removal?

  1. I had developed TMJ in my left jaw that actually got so bad at one point I even developed a transient facial droop! The TMJ was gone immediately after my fillings were removed…that day! Hasn’t come back yet!
  2. I CRAVED fat after the procedure, like I wanted to eat copious amounts of butter. My theory on that is that my body needed some place to put the toxins that were being released. We store toxins in our fat tissue after all.
  3. I have a more even mood, no more blow-ups when I am at the end of my rope.
  4. My digestion seems better, not as much bloating!

For more information on oral health and how to take care of your teeth, please check out the following books:

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  1. Regina Cunningham says

    You did a great job! I love it when people take their health into their own hands. Just one little, thing. Huggins protocol of mercury amalgam removal uses IV Vit. C during the process. Not sure what sources you were citing to decide otherwise. Thanks for taking the time to note and post your experience. I hope it helps a lot of people.

  2. says

    I just re-read this article because I am preparing for mercury removal. I have a wonderful biological dentist in the Denver, CO area, but I’d still like to do as much as I can to prevent the mercury toxicity before and after the procedure. You made everything very clear in your article above except for telling us how long before your removal you started your protocol? I see that you did the gallbladder and liver cleanse once a month, but for how many months before and did you continue with it after the procedure? Or do you just do that once a month all the time? Also, how long before the process did you start this protocol (the daily coffee enemas and the daily increase in your FCLO dosage)? And did you continue any detoxing the next day? Or did you feel detoxed enough?

    Thank you so much for posting this!

    • says

      I had been doing regular liver cleanses for a few years before. But that was just for general health maintenance, not in preparation for the filling removal. But, it does help you get ready to detox the heavy metals so I was happy that I had already been doing it! I increased the FCLO a few days before the removal. I have been doing regular coffee enemas for about a year now….since I first heard how beneficial they are. They are awesome!!! I had very little negative detox symptoms after the removal and I am still tapering down. Still taking activated charcoal, chlorella, and zinc daily. I will stop taking the zonc when the bottle runs out but I will still take the chlorella regularly for a while.

      Good luck!

  3. Brian says

    What type of filling did you get to replace your amalgam fillings? The best option I found for strength and durability in a filling is a white resin BIS-GMA but it is said to release BPA. Also not a good option for someone wanting to live a toxic free lifestyle.


  4. amy says

    Which chlorella did you buy? I am reading this a bit late, as I had my two fillings removed one week ago by a “biological” leaning dentist. I am now almost out of the chlorella.
    The procedure was much more difficult than I expected and now my gallbladder hurts. The dentist told me it was unnecessary to do more than chlorella, and I opted to pay another dentist for VitC drip. I wish I had used a different dentist who could have explained things more thoroughly—I felt like my dentist transformed into a conventional dentist during the procedure who was completely casual about the mercury, and even remarked during the procedure that he was nonchalant because he does this every day. I have not felt the same since having this done.

    • says

      I am sorry you had such a rough experience! I linked to the chlorella I used in the post above. If I were you I would consider seeing a naturopath just to make sure you don’t have heavy metal overload after the removal.

  5. Brandi says

    Thank you so much for documenting this process. I am having issues understanding why chelating would be necessary if the dentist follows all the correct protocols. If the dentist follows strict protocol for safely removing the filling, is chelating only necessary to rid your body of the stored mercury?

    I hope that makes sense. I am asking because I wonder about if you HAD to get the filling removed while pregnant or breastfeeding (due to decay or a crack, etc.). Would this in itself cause your mercury levels to rise even if the dentist followed procedure, or would they only rise if you used chelating agents to try to rid your body of the already present store of mercury?

    • says

      I would never try to actively chelate metals while pregnant. If you have to have a filling removed then just make sure your dentist follows a safe protocol.

  6. Robin Morris says

    Hi, i had all my amalgam fillings removed at once. A total of six plus a root canal. I had them replaced by the ‘white fillings’. My dentist didn’t even mention mercury poisoning. Not a peep! Since then (about 5 years now-) I have felt a constant decline in my homeostasis. Now my mouth feels like it would after putting a 9 volt battery on my tongue… that kind of vapory tang feeling-taste. My gums, mouth, cheeks feel burn-e, but itchy at the same time.

    You can still see the dark color from the old fillings around the outsides of the white fillings. I have felt for so long that my fillings are putting of a vapor. I have practically all of the systems as described in the article including infertility, chronic sinusitis, brain fog, and mixing my words up or have a hard time saying a word although I am thinking it.

    My goodness. It seems hard to believe that the culprit could be mercury poisoning.
    It is so overwhelming I can’t make sense of it. I don’t have a clue what the best course is to see if in fact this is it!

    Please help to decipher and assist.

  7. Rebecca P says

    We’re you nursing when you removedthem? If so did you pump and dump for a while? Any adverse reactions in baby?

  8. Shana says

    Hi Kate
    Please advise how soon after following your protocol did you feel better after removing amalgams and for how long did you continue to take the supplements. Also can you please specify how much (quantity) per day is recommended of each supplement for after and before removal of amalagams. Thank you so much for your help.

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