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Hey there! I’m Kate. Thanks for stopping by my site! I just wanted to put together a little navigation page to better help you in exploring all of the stuff I have here on Real Food RN

I created this website as a tool for people to use to find a path to wellness through the proper health support. I believe the real pillars to good health are: REAL FOOD, exercise, sleep, and detoxification. I have written blog posts on all of these topics.

But, you will find much more on my website. I wanted to create a healthy home for my family, so over the years I have developed a love of DIY everything. I make everything from deodorant to laundry detergent. One of the biggest players in my ability to get toxic chemicals out of my home was when I added in essential oils. We use them daily! I even use them in my homemade personal care products.

I get lots of emails and questions, so I thought I would answer them here in my FAQ section:

  • Where do you buy all of your food (especially the unusual food items)? I primarily buy our food from our local co-op (we are blessed to have an amazing local co-op!), Trader Joes, Whole Foods and online. I buy some of the more unusual items online and have put together a SHOPPING LIST page that has links to where I find all of these.
  • What are your favorite kitchen gadgets?  I have been collecting kitchen gadgets since I was in college. As soon as I would get enough spending money, the first thing I would buy was tools to cook with! So, over the years I have built up quite the collection. I listed my favorites and linked to the best prices I could find online on my SHOPPING LIST page as well.
  • What are your favorite supplements and what does your family take daily? While I do not believe that you can supplement your way our of a poor diet and inactive lifestyle, I do think certain supplements are great for filling in the nutritional gaps. I actually teamed up with a great supplement company that carried everything that we took! They were nice enough to offer my readers an exclusive coupon code: REALFOOD. Use that code at checkout to save 10% off your entire order! Visit my SUPPLEMENT page to check them out.
  • Where do you buy your household supplies and non-perishable items? I have three kids and even a trip to Target seems like a tremendous task these days. So, more and more I have turned to online shopping. I found an amazing place called Thrive Market. Think of it as the convenience of Amazon, the selection of Whole Foods, the prices of Costco, plus free shipping! Yeah, it’s pretty awesome. Check out THRIVE MARKET here. We buy everything from chlorine free diapers to gluten-free graham crackers. They seriously carry just about everything you need!
  • Do you offer meal plans? No, I don’t offer meal plans. But I have lots of recipes! However, I do contribute my recipes to an amazing Meal Prep service. You can learn to prep a week’s worth of healthy (Paleo, AIP, Low FODMAP) meals in less than one hour! These women are brilliant! Check out 20 DISHES to learn more.
  • Where do you buy your mushroom coffee? I talk about my morning coffee a lot and so many people are curious about the “mushroom coffee” that I drink. It’s amazing! I do not tolerate the caffeine in regular coffee, but I can drink this kind because of the adaptogenic mushrooms in it. Give THIS COFFEE a try! (use the coupon code “REALFOODRN” to get 10% off your order)
  • What are your best pregnancy/motherhood resources? I get this question all the time! I think a healthy pregnancy and healthy babies are the most important health issue that we can address today! We NEED to focus on keeping pregnant Mama’s healthy so we can keep our population healthy even before birth. So, I compiled a resource page of all of my favorite resources that I wish I had known about when I was pregnant with my first child, I put it all up on my MOTHERHOOD page. Please share this resource with others, it truly is my passion!

Finally, if you haven’t already, then subscribe to my weekly email newsletter. Don’t worry, I won’t spam you or sell your email address. I just send my favorite recipes, tips and healthy living tricks to your inbox every week.

So jump come on in and stay for a while, look around. Let me know what you think. I am always open for a chat, feel free to email me directly with questions at any time. kate [at] realfoodrn [dot] com

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