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Shopping List

Welcome to my “Shopping List”!

I get a TON of questions about what I buy, what’s in my cupboard, and where I find some of the weird stuff that I include in my recipes. I put together this page so everyone can find these awesome foods, no matter if you live down the road from a great co-op or out in the middle of the woods. We should all have access to great ingredients!

Also, HERE is my favorite online Market, it has the wholesale prices of Costco and the convenience of Amazon Prime (free shipping) and it’s all healthy living food and products! 

Awesome Foods

Non-toxic Body Care

Now on to non-toxic body care! We are baraged with a ton of toxic chemicals in our modern world. There is no use in putting them onto our skin. We make sure there are no toxic chemicals in anything that we use, especially for the kiddos! Below are just a few of my favorites that we use every day!

Kitchen Gadgets

Next up is the list of my favorite kitchen gadgets. It’s near impossible to cook all of your own meals without the right tools. It is an investment in your health. We have built up our collection over the years, and I now feel confident that I have a fully stocked chef’s kitchen!


Okay, so I talk a lot about detoxification in my posts. I do this because I truly think our bodies are overburdened with our toxic modern world! Here are a few of the items that I use in my own personal detoxification protocols. You can read more about how I detox HERE.

Vitamins and Supplements

I get a TON of questions about which vitamins and supplements I take. While we do supplement, I do not believe that you can supplement your way out of a bad diet. Food first, supplements fill in the holes. We do have a few supplements that we always take (I have listed below), otherwise we experiment with different things. I have also listed the sites where we purchase our supplements because they save you a ton of money! None of these are meant to be prescriptive, it is simply a list of what I have personally found effective in my personal health routine. You can find my FULL LIST of favorites HERE

Favorite Books

I am always reading (or trying to read, if my kids let me!). My favorite books are nutrition books, with DIY and homesteading following close behind. I think it’s so great how we can take our health and homes into our own hands. Here are a few of my favorite titles. I hope you enjoy them too!

Optimal Health

I wrote a book called “The 5 Key Lifestyle Practices for Optimal Health”. In the book I mentioned a variety of supplements and products that I personally use to achieve an optimal level of health. Here is a list of what I mentioned in the book. None of these are meant to be prescriptive, it is simply a list of what I have personally found effective in my personal health routine. To read my book CLICK HERE.

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