What is Spring Water & Is It Better Drinking Water?

Since spring water undergoes a natural filtration process instead of purified water, which goes through an artificial filtration process, spring water offers plenty of health benefits.

What is Spring Water & Is It Better Drinking Water? | Real Food RN

It is no secret that drinking plenty of water is very important to hydrate your skin, flush out toxins, nourish your organs, and keep your body happy and healthy. As humans, we need water to survive. Yet today, wherever I go where bottled water is sold, I see so many different varieties available. There is alkaline water, purified water, spring water, artisanal water, glacial water, and even more. That begs the question, is one type of drinking water better than the other? It really comes down to personal preference with the bottled varieties, but some crunchy mamas swear by mountain spring water.

What is Spring Water?

Natural spring water, also called mountain spring water, comes from an underground aquifer beneath the earth’s natural water table. When water breaks through the earth’s surface (by slowly hollowing out rock), it forms a spring. You are probably familiar with pressurized hot springs or thermal springs. That is spring water too! If the water doesn’t naturally break through the earth’s surface, spring water can be collected from a borehole into the aquifer.

Most spring water in its natural environment is going to be clear. But sometimes, the minerals in the water interact with the environment, and then the water can appear red or “tea-colored.” Before scooping up water from a nearby spring, you want to be aware of the surrounding area to ensure the water is free of nearby artificial pollutants.

Spring water is unlike any other water. It passes through layers of natural filters, such as clay, limestone, and sandstone. These filters remove large particles from the water while leaving intact natural minerals, such as silica and magnesium. The earth’s natural filtration system makes this type of drinking water naturally pure as if Mother Nature cleaned it just for you!

Benefits of Spring Water

Since it undergoes a natural filtration process instead of purified water, which goes through an artificial filtration process, spring water offers plenty of health benefits:

  • The natural minerals found in spring water contribute to healthy bones and muscles.
  • Aquifers are naturally occurring, making spring water naturally sourced. This means there is no chlorine or fluoride present in the water. You may find trace (but safe) amounts of chlorine and fluoride in tap water. Contaminated tap water could contain aluminum or lead.
  • Spring water has been known to balance pH levels in your body, thanks to trace minerals like sodium and bicarbonate. So, if you suffer from any problems due to high acidity, spring water is excellent for personal hydration.
  • Considered one of the purest forms of water, spring water is naturally filtered, though the FDA analyzes bottled water to meet specific safety standards.
  • Spring water has been around since the beginning of time. Our ancestors survived on the stuff.
  • The naturally occurring minerals in spring water make it taste good!

What about Purified Water?

Purified water comes from groundwater or tap water. It usually goes through a filtration process which eliminates minerals and contaminants from the water. Essentially, it is mechanically filtered or “processed.” But purified water is still good water and safe to drink. Next time you are out shopping, take a moment to read the labels on bottled water. You’ll start to get a sense of the different types. Many purified bottled water says so on the bottle, but not all brands do this. You can also purify tap water by filtering it yourself with a faucet attachment or filtered pitcher. Some crunch mamas prefer spring water over purified water because it is naturally filtered and crisp.

Is Tap Water Okay?

This depends on where you live. Tap water is usually processed in a water treatment center with chemicals to kill bacteria and other harmful pathogens. It is tested routinely to make sure it is safe for drinking. The different quality of water between cities and states varies. The taste of tap water can vary by neighborhood! If you are concerned about the integrity of your tap water, consider buying a natural filter to purify it even more before consumption. But we all know that reusable water bottles and tap water are great for eliminating waste in the environment!

Is Spring Water a Better Drinking Water?

Well, crunchy mama, that’s up for you to decide. Many factors probably contribute to your water consumption choices, including availability, eco-friendly awareness, and even the price of water. Spring water has naturally occurring minerals, and many say it tastes better, but the latter is purely subjective. Good, clean, delicious water is beneficial no matter where it is sourced. Just remember to drink plenty of it so you can look and feel your best.

If you find drinking plain water, even spring water, boring, consider mixing things up with some lemon and cucumber or make some delicious herb water with rosemary, sage, and basil. Fruits, herbs, and even some spices can transform plain water into a refreshing beverage. Have a little fun experimenting with different natural flavors! Strawberry basil water is another fun combination worth trying. Nearly all water is good water, and you need water to survive. Read the labels to determine where your bottled water is sourced, and be sure to drink the proper amount of water each day.

Our family gets this brand of spring water delivered in big jugs every couple of weeks. We used to filter our water with a Berkey filter, but we like the taste and mineral quality better with fresh spring water.

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What is Spring Water & Is It Better Drinking Water? | Real Food RN
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