The Many Health Benefits of Emu Oil Explained

Emu oil has been used in several burn victim research studies and has been found extremely beneficial to both reduce pain and inflammation and to heal damaged skin.

The Many Health Benefits of Emu Oil Explained | Real Food RN

Isn’t it funny how, with all our advanced technology and industry, we are still “discovering” what native peoples have known for centuries? Emu oil is another one of those amazing resources that Mother Nature gave us long ago, but took us hundreds of years to notice.

The Aborigines have been using Emu oil for over 4,000 years. The Emu, that weird looking bird that’s related to the ostrich, has been a natural source they treasured since time began. They used it for healthy dietary fat, medicine, and lubricants.

Unlike any other bird, the Emu stores nutrient-rich fat to help it survive long bouts without eating or drinking—they can go for 54 days without consuming anything! That’s some good, healthy fat! What can it do for us? Tons! There are many health benefits of emu oil. 

It’s full of poly and monounsaturated fats, essential fatty acids 3, 7, 6, and 9, eicosanoids, carotenoids, flavones, vitamin D3, vitamin K2 ( as MK-4) and vitamin E, which combined do remarkable things for both the skin and the body.

My family and I take it internally as part of our healthy diet,  and we also use it topically when needed. Depending on your needs, you may want to do both on a regular basis. Let’s look first at ways Emu oil can improve your health from the inside out.

Health Benefits of Emu Oil

Improves Gastrointestinal Health

Emu oil does much more than providing relief to those with gastrointestinal issues. It delivers actual healing. All different types of gastrointestinal issues can be treated and healed with Emu oil, including Chron’s disease, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), ulcerative colitis, and even intestinal damage done by chemotherapy. All the anti-inflammatory properties of this oil soothe the system, giving relief from pain and discomfort while stimulating the healing of the GI tract.

Lowers Cholesterol and Improves Heart Health

The combinations of healthy fatty acids found in Emu oil prevent the buildup of plaque in the arteries. Already have plague in there? Well, most of us do, unfortunately, because of our Western diet. Emu oil is also able to get rid of the plaque build-up already in our arteries. Linoleic and arachidonic acids, both found in Emu oil, help prevent blood clots, and therefore heart attacks. Neither of these acids can be created by our bodies, but are so important to our health. Emu oil has been found more effective in lowering cholesterol and triglycerides than olive oil, which is often touted as the best oil to use for those purposes.

Arthritis and Joint Pain

Chronic inflammation is something many people live with. It causes a great deal of additional stress on the systems of the body, leading to many serious health issues. Emu oil has been medically proven to reduce various forms of inflammation when used topically and taken internally. It contains large amounts of linoleic and oleic acids which reduce inflammation. Due to its transdermal properties, it is able to sink deep into the skin to relieve inflammation on site. Sufferers of arthritis and other joint pain can find great relief by applying emu oil directly onto their joints. Once you reduce the amount of inflammation in the joints, the pain is naturally lessened. What’s more, Emu oil also contains eicosanoids, which trigger the body’s hormones to increase blood flow to that area.

Muscle Pain

Just as Emu oil works to reduce inflammation and pain in joints, it also works on muscles. It’s great to put onto sprains or strains to speed healing and reduce pain. I always keep it around to put on sore muscles when I’ve overdone a workout or done a lot of yard work that caused sore, tight muscles. Some massage therapists use it for this reason. If you’re lucky, you can get your significant other to massage the oil into your overworked muscles for you. If you have chronic pain throughout your body, you can take Emu oil internally also, just like it’s recommended for arthritis.

If the thought of drinking Emu oil makes you gag a little (or a lot), don’t worry. I use a brand that offers the same excellent Emu oil in a capsule too. I get mine here.

Now let’s look at some ways we can use Emu Oil to improve our skin.

Heals Wounds and Burns

Emu oil has been used in several burn victim research studies and has been found extremely beneficial to both reduce pain and inflammation and to heal damaged skin. This transdermal oil contains terpenes, which are highly antiseptic and provide relief from chronic pain throughout the body when taken internally. The powerful antioxidants, healthy fats, minerals, and anti-inflammatory compounds found in Emu oil heal skin more quickly than commercial products, whether used on burns, wounds or bruises. It also works great on sunburns.

Reduces Stretch Marks and Scars

The anti-inflammatory properties combined with the fatty acids and antioxidant compounds found in Emu oil greatly reduce stretch marks and scars. Emu oil is transdermal, meaning it’s deeply absorbed into the skin. This allows the oil to reach the source of the scars to make them all but invisible. Research shows that applying Emu oil several times daily to skin early in the healing process (and pregnancy) greatly reduces scars and stretch marks.

Moisturizes Skin & Erases Wrinkles

Emu oil may be the closest we can get to the Fountain of Youth. It moisturizes skin without clogging pores. Its fatty acids and antioxidant compounds make it tremendously effective at reducing the lines, age spots and wrinkles we experience as our skin matures. As we age, our skin tends to dry out, but in studies, Emu oil applied topically plumped the skin up and increased moisture retention by three times more than other anti-aging commercial products. I include Emu Oil in my Beautifying Bedtime Serum recipe!

Treats Dandruff and Healthy Hair Growth

The amazing moisturizing properties of Emu oil makes it the perfect remedy for dandruff, which is basically dry, itchy scalp. It also revitalizes hair follicles and replenishes the hair’s natural oils stripped out by harsh, commercial shampoos and conditioners. It even stops hair loss and reverses it. In clinical trials, Emu oil was found much more successful at improving hair growth than the top two commercial products (Rogaine and Propecia). It does this by nourishing the scalp and hair follicles. If you have fine hair, you can still moisturize by using Emu oil because it isn’t heavy, so it won’t weigh your hair down. It improves the elasticity of your hair too, so you don’t have to worry about breakage and split ends.

Relieves Psoriasis and Eczema

Skin irritations, whether they flair up occasionally or are chronic, are…well…irritating! Emu oil soothes and heals skin conditions such as rosacea, dermatitis, shingles, eczema, and psoriasis. It does this by providing moisture and macro-nutrients deep into the skin. Because most skin conditions stem from inflammation, obviously, Emu oil can radically improve them.

Even if you have sensitive skin, you may be able to use this fabulous stuff. Most people tolerate it better than many other natural resources because it comes from animal fat rather than a plant source.

You should be sure you are getting your emu oil from a credible source, that is pure and has the most health benefits intact. After much research, I decided on this brand and have been SO happy with the results! They also have capsules available. Such an easy way to experience the health benefits of emu oil!

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The Many Health Benefits of Emu Oil Explained | Real Food RN
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